Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike

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Fly like a golden butterfly. Hit like a supersonic dildo.

The Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike are Jetbikes used by the Adeptus Custodes and are thus, 'Super Extra Special'. As with all things related to the Emperor's golden bros, the Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike is far superior to conventional Jetbikes; with an increased power of the design supporting not only the heavily armored (And shall I say...overweight?) Custodian Guard, but also allowing it to mount a powerful and we mean powerful Lastrum pattern bolt cannon as its on-board armament (Which can be upgraded with the ridiculous Adrathic Devastator). Furthermore, the Gyrfalcon is a heavy design akin more to an armored one-man speeder than a true Jetbike while also having a refractor field for added defense. In addition, it augments its grav-repellor systems with a plasma-thrust motor for huge temporary bursts of speed. Seems like Golden Jetbike also follows the same rules of GOTTA GO FAST!

The Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon pattern Jetbike operates under the standard rules for Jetbikes found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. In addition, it increases the rider's Toughness by +1 and failed Charge distances may be re-rolled when using the Jet bike. For those who don't know, this turns your fast attack unit into a squadron of flying Primarchs! Oh the cheese....

Custodians given the honor in riding on one of these pimped-out golden flying motorcycles are called the Agamatus Jetbike Squadron. The Agamatus Squadrons of the Legio Custodes exploit these war machines (And their natural Cheese...what? You wonder why the Custodes are golden? It's not for the Emperor's love of gold or anything....) to operate both as a rapid response and suppression unit in the field. The Custodians themselves wield a Power Lance to skewer the enemies of Man like a giant shish-kebab.

In this they operate much in the manner of the elite cavalry forces of ancient times, screening the main Legio Custodes force from potential encirclement, reacting quickly to blunt enemy attacks, and hunting down mercilessly any foe which breaks and flees before the might of the Legio Custodes, ensuring the utter extermination of the enemy. Like the Coronus Grav Carrier, trying to pop a wheelie is heavy discouraged from the Mechanicus.

Forces of the Adeptus Custodes
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