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A bronze rod held in tentacles
Aliases The Gas Giant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Beholder
Portfolio Gases, Obscurement, Deception
Home Plane Gzemnid's Realm (Outlands)
Worshippers Beholders, Wizards, Treasure Seekers

Despite all Beholders believing that they are the direct progeny of the Great Mother and therefore deserving of divine status, Gzemnid is a case of this actually being true, and is the only spawn of the Great Mother who has reached divinity themselves.

Also called the "Gas Giant", Gzemnid is the deity of mist, fogs and obscurement. He is a subtle creature, with no known priesthood. Beholders as a species tend to only acknowledge themselves and the Great Mother as worthy of veneration, though some of the older Beholders do know of him and carry tales of his exploits, so his legacy is maintained at the very least.

Gzemnid is more active with other races however; and has been known to send omens to mortal wizards, signalling that the spellcaster has some magical item that Gzemnid wants, then will follow by sending its avatar shortly afterward to parlay for it. Gzemnid is said to be particularly interested in illusion magic, but appears content to collect and hoard items and lore from all over the planes.

Gzemnid keeps his cache of magical treasures and lore hidden somewhere in his labyrinthine realm. Though he is not as aggressively direct as most Beholders, he constantly defends against intruders though the use of illusions and fog, eventually exhausting his opponent and forcing them to give up or tire to the degree that he can slay them. However he is also willing to enter negotiations with powerful intruders and trade with them to make them go away.


Gzemnid's realm is located in the Outlands, which is a patchwork of random underground tunnels that intertwine with the same realm as Ilsensine. It is thought that the two of them hold an alliance, though it is also thought that Gzemnid has purposefully mingled his realm with the lawful Illithid deity in order to keep the pair of them anchored in neutrality so that their respective realms do not drop into other planes.

The reason for this is suspected that Gzemnid is attempting to hide from some foe or another, perhaps the Great Mother herself. Though that is only conjecture, since Gzemnid isn't really forthcoming with information.

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