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The band's logo.

HMKids or Heavy Metal Kids is a Russian band which composes music from Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy themes, in other words they are lyrically made of Awesome, one can certainly say it was about time as nowaday it seems only Touhou has fanbands making songs for their hobby.

Composition and Style[edit]

HMKids music may be qualified as metal, tending toward melodic, power and symphonic subgenres, their songs often feature voices and sounds directly extracted from the Dawn of War series which may remind of the Alfa Legion Steamgroup video works, while sometimes this brings truely epic compositions (like using the Dreadnought voice for a song about it) other times it ends in the narmy territory, which is actually a good thing if you have an acquired taste for some of the most strambotic /tg/ creations.

Some of the lyrics are recounts of important events of the Warhammer universe while others describe the nature and style of some of the factions, and then they have some songs based on mimetic creations such as the Angry Marines.

Links and songs[edit]