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This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.

HYBRID is what you get when you combine the charts of FATAL, the pointless offensiveness of Racial Holy War, and the autism of VTNL schizophasia (the babble passing for speech in an untreated schizophrenic). The entire RPG is a mass of incomprehensible nonsense, with the needlessly complicated rules going off on bizarre tangents that have nothing to do with anything.

Example rule[edit]

"RULE # 0" is the first rule of the system, and instructs one on how to derive the current version/edition number of the system.

  • 1st version # naming rule: Rules or/and equations grow @ rate of 1 per month; but, Version # = [((year) – 2000) / 10], Version V, for the web-page version. So, in 2002, the Version # is @ V 0.2 by [(2002 – 2000) / 10] = 2/10 = Version V 0.2. So, % complete = (100*V), where % @ V 0.2 = 20% complete, < currently > for the web-page version. Then, in 1999, V = -.1.
  • Then, 2nd version # naming rule: based on the value of the sun, where V 0.3025 would place the sun @ 55 C1 DP or Default Psyche.
  • And, the 3rd version # naming rule: combination of the 1st & 2nd version # naming rule, where by the 1st digit “3” in 0.3 such as in 0.3025 after the decimal point would signify the sun @ 55 C1 DP, the 2nd digit “3” in 0.33 for the year 2033, and the last digit or 4th digit such as in such as “in 0.339, the month of the year, such as in start of autumn of 2033. But, V.34 should be done in 2034.
  • What follows these instructions is an enormous rant that makes even less sense than the above.

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