Haarken Worldclaimer

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"Boo loyalist"

"Howling winds keep screaming round, And the rain comes pouring down, Doors are locked and bolted now, As the thing crawls into town"

– Night Crawler, Judas Priest

Haarken Worldclaimer is a Black Legion Chaos Raptor Lord. He was first introduced during the War of Beasts leading a Black Legion probing force of Heldrakes, Chaos Raptors, and Warp Talons to the upper spires of the hivesprawls of Vigilus. He proclaimed to the Imperial defenders that the world would fall to his forces in 80 days, and that Abaddon the Despoiler himself would come to claim the world.

Given Vigilus is still unclaimed by Chaos long after the 80 day deadline, Haarken has been conspicuously quiet, probably pending a name change.


Called the "Herald of the Apocalypse" and "Proclamator of Abaddon's Reign", Haarken commands a vanguard of the Black Legion known as the Raptor hosts. When Abaddon plans to invade a world, Haarken is sent ahead to announce the arrival of the Warmaster and spread fear and panic among the population and military personnel as a planet crippled by terror, is easier to conquer. And while it may seem counter intuitive to announce to a planet that a massive army is coming to invade it, an army that makes it's presence known long before it attacks can create a sense of doubt in the defenders or out right cause mass panic in the right circumstances.

Haarken continues to launch attacks and terror raids, even after Abaddon arrives helping drive home a sense of fear in the defenders and also because he gets the jollies from it. A scholar and collector of occult artifacts, he has read the Grimoire Nostromo of Konrad Curze, the Book of Magnus, and the Clotted Scrolls of Angron (that maniac actually wrote something?!), which means while he's nuttier than a fruitcake on Sanguinala, he is also well versed in terror tactics and how to abuse the warp in his favour.

It is not known if Haarken was part of the Night Lords, but it's likely as many of the 8th Legion have joined or sworn loyalty to the Black Legion over the millennia, and Haarken uses fear in battle as much as they do as well as taking pleasure in making people piss themselves in fear, with him broadcasting terrifying messages and sounds through his own custom vox array. In battle, he strikes at supply chains and defensive positions surrounded by dozens of Chaos Raptors while he wields the legendary Helspear.


Haarken is a bit of an odd duck, abilities-wise. He has a buff that works for any Chaos Raptor, allowing them to re-roll any hits in melee. Which he can't use on his own weapon, as it counts as a ranged attack. Which is useful, but doesn't affect Warp Talons who would really benefit from this, and as mentioned before he only re-rolls melee attacks so is not great when it come to a squad of Raptors using Melta or Plasma guns as dedicated Vehicle or TEQ killers.

His weapons are a bit odd as well as the Helspear, While statistically okay, it essentially acts as his only ranged attack (he has no gun, not even a pistol!), and what's worse, due to how its description is worded, he can't even use it in melee, with his only melee option being a single Lighting claw. So you have a Lord who re-rolls melee attacks for a unit that is better suited at shooting, has a single shooting attack he can't re-roll and while he isn't awful, can't really be trusted to carry fights like Kharn or Typhus. Welp.


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