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The Ecclesiarchy's personnal tabloid newspeakers.

The Hagiolater are Sisters who serve a role within the Adepta Sororitas which records the deeds of other Sisters upon the battlefield. They are essentially scribes or historians for all intents and purposes. Although how they are able to afford to record these events down without getting their head blown off or disembowelled is anyone's guess.

Also, for those who don't know, Hagiolater is actually a real-world term, not some jumbled gibberish that GeeDubs pulled out of their ass. It is a term referring to someone who participates in Hagiolatry or the worship of saints. For the Sisters, that name fits thematically speaking.


The Hagiolater is a support unit first and foremost. She lacks any weapons so she will collapse like cotton candy from even the slightest breeze. Instead, when she plants her sacred standard at the right place and time, the tide of a battle can be turned in an instant which suggests serious leadership buffs. These holy Sisters also serve as great additions to a Crusade force. Not only do they fit in thematically, but they come with a pair of abilities that interact well with the bespoke Adepta Sororitas Crusade rules in the new codex.

Forces of the Sisters of Battle
Command: Triumph of Saint Katherine - Canoness
Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave - Imagifier
Ministorum Priest - Palatine - Dogmata
Sororitas Command Squad
Troops: Avenging Angel - Arco-flagellant - Battle Sister Squad
Celestians - Crusaders - Death Cult Assassin
Dominion Squad - Retributor Squad - Seraphim Squad
Sisters Repentia - Zephyrim Squad
Vehicles: Castigator Tank - Exorcist - Immolator
Paragon Warsuit - Penitent Engine
Repressor - Rhino - Mortifier
Special Vehicles: Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica
Flyers: Avenger Strike Fighter
Spacecraft: Aquila Lander - Drop Pod
Saints: Living Saint - Geminae Superia
Non Militant: Orders Dialogous - Orders Famulous - Orders Hospitaler
Orders Pronatus - Hagiolater
Allies: Black Templars