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Hala Holy Symbol.jpeg
Ring of 13 coiled snakes, each eating the tail of the snake in front
Alignment 2E: Neutral Good
3E: True Neutral
Divine Rank Unknown
Pantheon Ravenloft
Portfolio Magic, Healing, Compassion, Wisdom, Alchemy, Nature
Domains Healing, Magic, Plant
Home Plane Demiplane of Dread
Worshippers White Witches, Alchemists, Healers
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Hala is a benevolent goddess whose worship is native to the Demiplane of Dread, where her faith is found throughout the Southwestern Core. Unfortunately, the fact her faithful identify themselves privately as witches and warlocks earns them a fear and distrust they do not deserve, as their religion believes in the need to protect mortals and ease suffering. They have a particularly deep enmity for hags, who they feel are living embodiments of the corruption of Hala's teachings.

Hala's church was given its largest writeup in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook "Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume III", as part of the otherwise unprinted "Van Richten's Guide to the Witch" sourcebook. It later became an entry in the Ravenloft Campaign Setting for 3.0, and the Ravenloft Player's Guide for 3.5.

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