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A sword laid upon an anvil
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Celestial Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Thought)
Portfolio Warfare, Strategy, Weaponsmithing, Strength, Willpower, Fighting humanoids
Domains Thought, Law, Strength, War, Nobility
Worshippers Traldar, Traladarans, Thyatians, Milenians
Favoured Weapon Shortsword

Halav, also called Red-Hair, is the patron Immortal of Traldar people, Traladarans (their descendants), and the Milenian Empire.


In legends, Halav was a maker of stone knives, until one day the Immortals told him how to craft weapons and armor from bronze, how to handle a sword, and taught him strategy. When he came to the village of Lavv with Petra and Zirchev, they showed to the villagers what they had been taught, and were promptly laughed at, leading to Halav killing their king and declaring himself as the new king. As they spread their teachings among the Traldar, an army of beastmen invaded their lands. In the final battle, that lasted for half a day, Halav and the gnoll-king slew each other. Petra and Zirchev carried Halav's body to the village where, during his cremation, the Immortals spirited the three away.

In reality, Halav was born to the Traldar people, in the village of Lavv. He learned there metallurgy and craftsmanship form the Hutaakan, who had been teaching them to the Traldar. In 1,000 BC however, a massive army of gnolls invaded the lands of Traldar, causing the Hutakaan to escape into their valley. Halav took over the rulership of his village, and along with his confidants, Petra and Zirchev, organized a defense against the gnolls.

Halav eventually died in the decisive battle, taking also the life of the gnoll-king, dispersing the invading army. After the battle, Petra brought Halav back to life, and along with Zirchev, they decided to seek the wisdom of the Immortals to help their people, with Halav eventually taking the Path of the Epic Hero, and ascending to Immortality in the Sphere of Thought with sponsorship from Odin.


Halav appears as a tall, well-formed, red-haired warrior, clad in ancient bronze armor, a simple gold crown on his head, carrying a bronze shortsword.


Halav is a tough warrior, a master strategist, and an inspiring leader. He's wise, thinks far ahead, and possesses a great hatred towards the warlike humanoids. He's allied only with his companions and hates most patrons of the humanoids, except Karaash, whom he sees as being professional, and Pflarr as he's never had issues with the Hutaakan. He also hates Vanya, who dislikes the Milenian culture.

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