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The tendency for humans to shack up with random races and produce viable halfbreed offspring out of it in Dungeons & Dragons is an infamous meme... and yet it's hard to say that the meme doesn't have its basis in reality. Definitely a contender for one of the least expected answers to "so, what did the human knock up now?" is the Githzerai, resulting in the Haragitu, better known in common as the Half-Githzerai.

Yes, that's right, Githzerai. As in the semi-reptilian elf people from the most chaotic part of the planes. Admittedly, they're not as cool as the Duthka'gith, which are Half-Dragon, Half-Fiend and Half-Githyanki, but they do make more sense when you remember that lore for the gith races (in certain edition at least) is that they're a human offshoot species engineered through generations of psionics fleshcrafting by the illithid, so... yeah, it's not totally out of left field.

Haragitu arose from the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting during its stint as a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition - like all of the more overtly D&D stuff, they had to be left behind when KoK switched over to the Hackmaster system. They made their debut in the Monster Manual for that setting, "Dangerous Denizens".

These rare humanoids are most commonly when the ruthlessly pragmatic githzerai are willing to make marriages of political alliances with humans. That's not to say that it's impossible for haragitu to arise from unions of love, but the githzerai are hard-hearted pragmatists, so most are born to seal pacts that secure allies in the eternal struggle against the githyanki. Such pairings mostly occur within Kalamar itself, although the military might of the nations of Brandobia, Svimohzia, Zoa and Traar means that they also show up in these nations.

Physically, haragitu have thin, muscular bodies with angular facial features and small, delicate noses. They typically stand at least half a head over 6 feet tall and weigh approximately 160 pounds; haragitu not of Svimohz lineage typically favor their githzerai ancestry in coloration, leading to a slight yellow tinge to their skin tone and eyes that are gray, light yellow, or light green. Some haragitu are taken back to Limbo to live with their githzerai parents; others are abandoned on the Prime Material to live completely cut-off existences amongst humanity. To better emulate their extraplanar parents, haragitu tend to be silent and serious in personality; they don't get on very well with any races, although the similarly tall and stoic grey elves do make them feel more comfortable than most.

Like githzerai, haragitu adventurers are particularly drawn to the monk class, although they also commonly appear as fighters, sorcerers or psions. Still, they inherit their human ancestor's flexiblity and so can take just about any class.

PC Stats[edit]

It bears mentioning that haragitu, like all KoK races, were created in 3.0 by a team that didn't really understand 3e's racial designing mechanics that well. So... yeah, they're less than mechanically impressive.

+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution
Base land speed 30 feet
Spell Resistance: 2 + 1/character level
Outsider Blood: Haragitu are considered Outsiders for all effects that key off of race, such as special abilities and magic item usage.
Favored Class: Monk
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