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The hobgoblin and the orc have a rather conflicted relationship, with many asking "just what the fuck is the difference supposed to be, anyway?" Since at least 3rd edition, the general focus has been on hobgoblins being Lawful Evil and orcs being Chaotic Evil: both are conquerors, but whereas orcs will raze everything and just muck around in the resultant squalor, the hobgoblins are out to build empires. They'll crush you on the battlefield and demand you submit to them, but then, so long as you pay your taxes and don't rebel, they'll let you live a pretty normal life. Heck, they might even end up making things run better, since a good empire-builder understands the importance of things like decent roads, crackdowns on corruption, shit getting done when it needs to get done, etc...

So, with this in mind, you might wonder why half-hobgoblins aren't a thing. Mostly, it's because orcs get all the limelight. But, not always... in some settings, hobgoblins do get to strut their stuff more freely. Dragonlance did it first, although hobgob/human crossbreeding there just results in a cosmetically different Half-Goblin. But the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting... that's another story.

Sil-kargs, as their hobgoblin progenitors call them, essentially fill the classic half-orc niche in not really being accepted by either race. Hobgoblins believe them to be too inherently chaotic and dishonorable to trust, whilst humans tend to see them as products of evil or as conquer-craving monsters. This makes the typical sil-karg desperate to fit in, often struggling to find some way of figuring out who they are. Those who try to dwell amongst hobgoblins tend to become social martyrs, driven to any lengths to prove they can be as honor-bound as their progenitors. Those who dwell in human lands, conversely, tend to embrace their chaotic individuality, constantly trying new things and experimenting in order to discover themselves.

Sil-karg Stats[edit]

A sil-karg's stat modifier depends on whether its ancestry ties it to the Krangi (northern hobgoblin tribes) or Kargi (southern hobgoblin tribes): Half-Krangi get +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom and -2 Charisma. Half-Kargi get +2 Constitution and -2 Intelligence.
Medium size
Base speed 30 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Hobgoblin Blood: Treat as Hobgoblin for purposes of feats, spells, magic items, etc that check ancestry
+1 racial bonus to Fortitude saves
Favored Class: Fighter