Hammerfall Bunker

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Possibly the most out-of-character unit to ever come out of the Adeptus Astartes.

"Not only does it look incredible, but it’s tougher than grox-hide boots and armed to the teeth. Those side guns can be either heavy bolters or heavy flamers and the main weapon is a Hammerfall missile launcher, and in a move that will delight old-school fans, it comes armed with superfrag and superkrak missiles."

– Quote from Warhammer Community. Boy, they sure love to jack themselves off, don’t they?

"Disclaimer: Not an actual bunker"

– Small print

Resembling more like a bunker from Starcraft than something out of the Adeptus Astartes (I know I know, cue irony), the Hammerfall Bunker is a heavily weaponized, fortified emplacement used by Space Marines that is dropped from orbit to provide a beachhead or secure a landing zone. It is also a rarity in 40k in that it is one of the few structures that is faction specific and one of the few that actually fires back.

It is also a relatively strange structure, given that Drop Pods exist. While Cawl developing tech better than Big E himself could (or would be willing to) isn't new, presumably Drop Pods would always have sported guns worth a damn, or at least had doors that could reclose so its occupants could take shelter, were that appropriate to Space Marine doctrine and the realities of 30/40k combat.

Anyways, it is highly unlikely that the Hammerfall Bunker is automated, like the Tarantula Turret, as by definition a bunker's job is to contain occupants. So we must seriously contend that there are actual supersoldiers who want to hide in their hidey holes. So much for 'Cover is for the Weak'. Hell, speaking of which, there is no clear access port, so how the hell do these Primaris even get in and out in the first place? (Though in the first leak of this thing it was called a Drop Turret so who knows why every article calls it a bunker.)

If ever the Marines had a time to use their serfs (many of whom would have been Astartes had they passed their trials) for more than shining boots, this is that time (and crewing every vehicle and aircraft in the arsenal that isn’t exposed to fire).


Just so you know, the Hammerfal Bunker neither deepstrikes nor is it an actual bunker. It's basically a deathstorm drop pod that doesn't deepstrike, because GW likes to pretend FW does not exist. Which it doesn't, see Legends.

Ranting and confusion aside, the Hammerfall Bunker is a pretty mean piece of ceramite. First, let us start with the secondary weapons. The Bunker allegedly comes equipped with eight Heavy Flamers/Bolters, two on each side of the Bunker, but the Defensive Array ability mentioned below calls it "Hammerfall Heavy Bolter array" and "Hammerfall Heavy Flamer array", Which means that yes the thing may have 8 heavy Flamers/Bolters, but mechanically there all treated as one weapon array. in either case this immediately makes Horde armies rethink their tactics in simply just swarming around the structure. Second, there is that notable Hammerfall Missile Launcher on top of the Bunker. The missile launcher can shoot either Superfrag or Superkrak missiles. Each of them has an impressive 72" range, with the Superfrag being a Heavy 2D6 S6, AP0, D1 Blast weapon whilst the Superkrak is Heavy 2 S10, AP-2, D1d6. Its BS is only 4+ because it's manned by servitors.

But wait! There's more! The Bunker has a special rule called Defensive Array. Each time it is your Shooting Phase, the Bunker's secondary weapons can target and resolve attacks against EVERY. ELIGIBLE. ENEMY. UNIT. Each time it fires Overwatch, instead the Heavy Bolter array changes to Heavy 6 whilst the Heavy Flamer array changes to Heavy 2D6. As if it had 8 of either weapon this would be a serious nerf, the implication is that it has one HBolter or HFlamer, with the rule just given dialing their rate of fire up to 3 and 3.5 on average against every unit in range. That should end up being WAAAY more shots than a standard Heavy Bolter if your opponent brings MSU to the party.

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