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A bird with plants for tail feathers
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Life, Nature, Hearth, Home, Plants, Animals, Compassion, Generosity, Good
Domains Nature, Community
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Farmers, Druids
Favoured Weapon Sickle

Hanera the Provider is one of the five Amaranthine associated with the Birdfolk races of the Humblewood setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Patron of the gallus race, Hanera holds dominion over all things that grow within the earth. Whilst the goddess Ardea embodies the animating force of life itself, Hanera is the embodiment of the guiding heart that gives life as purpose and meaning. She encourages birdfolk to see the world not only from the treetops, but from the loam and all the tiny living things beneath. Everything, Hanera teaches, is connected as part of a vast continuum of life stretching back to the earliest ancestors.

As a spirit of both earth and hearth, Hanera governs the bonds that connect people to one another and to nature. She is celebrated at feasts, and during ceremonies involving the sharing of food.

Her generosity and kindness are renowned, as is her intolerance for evil. It is Hanera’s will that evil be challenged wherever it is found. Not with violence, but with acts of compassion. Those who harbor darkness in their hearts require the warmth of friends, family, and shelter to heal, and so Hanera teaches birdfolk never to give up on each other. Even the most wicked among us can be healed with love.

Hanera is worshiped by farmers and druids, but many clerics tend shrines in her honor, mostly in modest woodland villages. Her holy symbol is often hung above the doorway, inside a home, to bless the dwelling and all those within.


Hanera is portrayed as a female pheasant whose feathers turn green and gradually morph into plants and flowers, especially at her tail.


Respect the earth and her gifts, share what you can with those in need, and always live with compassion in your heart.

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