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The Harbinger super-heavy bomber is the mightiest air vehicle of the forces of Chaos, brought to you by the same crazy Chaos Forge Worlds that brought you the Hell Blade and the Hell Talon. Not to be confused with the Harbingers and Imperial Harbingers loyalist chapters.

  • Length: 33-34m
  • Wingspan: 18-22.5m; approx
  • Mass: 240-300 tonnes; approx
  • Crew: 2-4 crew


This monstrosity of a bomber is something that everyone should avoid if they don't have some serious anti-air weaponry. The Harbinger first saw action while besieging Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. Usually dropped off high echelon-bases, aircraft carriers or other craft capable of fighter transportation directly at enemy forces. Of course, being a super-heavy means that maneuverability is a problem here, thus Harbingers are always escorted by Hell Blades and Talons.

The scary part about the Harbinger is that despite its limited maneuverability, the damn thing makes it up with some serious amounts of dakka in the form of four Twin-Linked Autocannons (two nose-mounted and one on each side of the craft) and if that's not enough, then the thing can take forty-eight bombs (that's like four twelves, and that's terrible). Most of the time it's incendiary bombs, but the bomber can also swap them for the even more rapetastic Hellstorm Bombs, nuclear payloads, or Nurgle flavored Blight Bombs.

Most of the time, Harbingers are piloted by four hardwired Servitors, but it can also be piloted by Daemons (via possession), or by a single pilot or two (normal cultists or Chaos Marines). These last ones vary in skill from complete amateurs to ace pilots (or even double ace pilots).

To finish this, the Harbinger can be also outfitted with Warp Rift technology that results in the sky blackening and causing severe storms that give enemy aircraft turbulence and the probability to get shot down by Warp Lightning. It’s big. A big boy plane!

It also looks so. Damn. COOL.


The Harbinger was produced by Forge World for their Epic-scale Aeronautica Imperialis game, and in 2013, production of the model (along with all other Specialist Games models) ceased.

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