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Everyone has that one relative, the one who you love dearly but at the same time think is completely insane. That was my grandfather, an adventure who traveled the world seeking out all kinds of strange wonders. When he passed away, he left me with a farm out in the middle of nowhere. I was looking for my own place at the time; I figured this was a blessing. I was half right: it was a blessing and a curse. See, what nobody knew was that my grandpa had picked up a lot of....“pets” during his travels, and he was expecting me to take care of them. I know what you’re thinking “He left you with a man eating tiger, right?” Some days I wish that was it. You want to know what it’s like taking care of my “pets”? Let break down my day for you:


6:00 am I get up woken up bright and early by two intruders in my bed. I’ve long since learned that all the wet dreams I have are their doing, and sure enough I pull back the covers to find the twins Alice and Allie, a pair of werecats, already naked and lapping up every drop of my morning ejaculation. It takes them a minute to notice me, but once they see I’m awake they give out a happy purr, and as always they’re extremely pleased to get to me first.

“Good morning, master!” they chime in unison as they climb up the bed to me, snuggling against me and licking my cheeks. I like this part, they’re really affectionate, but soon it’s time to get down to business.

“Master, today you’re going to cum inside me, right?” Allie asks me, doing her best to sound innocent as presses her breast up against my face.

“No fair!” Alice pouts as she tries to yank her sister off me. “You got him inside you yesterday, I want him now!”

“Me? He filled you up yesterday and you didn’t save a drop for me. I get him this time.”

“Listen you slu-“

“Girls!” I tell them forcefully. I know siblings will be siblings, but these two are rapidly giving me a headache. “Be honest now or neither of you will get anything for a week. Now, whose turn is it today?”

They glance at each other before Allie pulls away and Alice moves up to straddle me. She rubs her tail up against my leg in a way that drives me wild and purrs contentedly, giving me my cue to plunge into her while moving up take one of her perky breast into my mouth. After all this time I know exactly what her weak spots are, and I immediately reached up to rub her ears. Soon she’s happily moaning and meowing and it only takes a few minutes of this before she reaches her peak and clamps down on me, setting me of inside her. She rolls off me, completely satisfied, and with that look of such pure bliss on her face I can’t help but lean over and kiss her.

Just before I head into the shower, I look back at the bed: Alice is spreading herself so that her sister can lick up the excess cum pouring down her thighs. Guess there really is nothing like family.


6:45 am

I like long showers, but these days I have a practical reason for them: If I smell too strongly of the twins, the next pet I see in the morning will majorly pissed. So after a long shower and a quick breakfast, I check on the twins one last time (to find them both snoozing in my bed as usually), before I grab some raw chicken and veal and head out to the back porch. As I expected, Brandy, my werewolf, is already up and waiting for me.

“’Morning. I brought you some breakfast.” I tell her as a set the meat down.

“I already had a nice hunt this morning,” she says, shifting her weight around. I already know what’s going to happen: there’s a flash of jet black fur before I’m on the ground, Brandy alternating between kisses and dog like licks on my face. “Today,” she tells as she pulls away panting, slowly making her way down to my jeans “I want master for breakfast!” My jeans and undies were down to ankles before I can blink, leaving my erection exposed to her. She says nothing as she leans down on it and starts to sniff, only to frown and let out a low growl. “The brats got to you first AGAIN?!” she barks at me with a glare. Although she’s much stronger than me and could, if she truly wished, rip out my throat with her claws, I know she has something else in mind. “I’ll just have to show you I’m a much better lover then they’ll ever be!” she tells me as starts to lick my balls and shaft before taking my length into her mouth. Inside there’s no escape from her large tongue, and combined with the engulfing warmth it doesn’t take long at all before I explode.

She gets off of me, panting with her tongue hanging out, my cum starting to dribble down her chin. She composes herself soon enough and removes the cloth covering her breasts and privates before moving over to the other side of the porch. She gets down on her hands and knees and finally putting her ass up in the air, ready to be mounted. This is her challenge to me: prove that I’m worth of being her alpha male. I slowly made my way over to her over, all the while she teases me by giving her ass the occasionally wiggle. Two could play at this game though, and as soon as I reached her I gave her a long and very slow lick, from her clit to her asshole. A shudder rippled across her body, and before she could recover I thrust into her. As I slammed into her opening, my hands roamed all over her body: squeezing and kneading her breasts, flicking her nipples, rubbing her clit. When I first arrived at the farm she told me it wasn’t enough to simply get inside her and cum: an alpha male shows his dominance by giving his mate pleasure. Her moans and barks became more frequent, a sign she was close to the edge. I was near release as well, and with a grunt I squeezed her left breast and clit as I came, which was enough to finish her as well. Her claws dug into the wood as she let a loud, pleasured howl the insured everyone else on the farm would also be awakened as let herself embrace orgasmic bliss.

Once I had cooled down enough to speak coherently, I scratched the spot behind her ears to get her attention. She was still panting when she turned to me. “If it really bothers you, I can talk to the twins and tell them I’ll do them after you, if you-“

She cuts me off with a kiss and then a lick to face. “Nah, it’s ok. Besides, I’ve got something no other girl here can possibly have.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“I’m the only one good enough to be your alpha bitch.”


7:30 am

Kate is the closest thing I have to a farm hand and she helps me out with some of the stuff that, being from the city, I have no clue about. It’s easy for me to forget some times that she’s a Holstaurus, were it not for the fact that she has certain needs. She’s in the barn organising a shelf of various small parts and nick-knacks when I find her. I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist and she jumps with a small yelp. Realising it’s me she turns around and presses me against her, squeezing her enormous tits against my chest before moving in to kiss me.

I return the kiss and move my hands up to rub her breasts through her shirt, and Kate started to moan into our kiss. We probably would have continued like this if her shirt didn’t start to get soaked through. She pushed me away gently, blushing red as tomato. “I’m s-sorry,” she stuttered out, completely embarrassed “I-I just-well...”

“You want me to help milk you?”

Somehow she manages to go even redder “Well, if you want to. I-I mean, you don’t have to, and the other girls are probably waiting for you, and, its n-not like I can’t milk myself and-”

I can’t help but laugh. Allie and some of the other girls have taken to calling Kate “Big Sis” because she’s always thinking of everyone but herself, as well as the fact that she has the largest bust out of everyone. “You say it like I don’t enjoy it. The other girls can wait a bit while I help you. Take off your shirt and I’ll go grab a bucket.”

10 minutes later I’m standing behind her, lightly massaging her breasts and giving them occasional squeezes to ease the milk out, with only the sounds of milk splashing in the pail and Kate’s gasps of pleasure filling the barn. Her shy nature would never allow her to admit it out loud but the wetness that was beginning to stain the fur on her inner legs told me she got more out of this then simple relief. One last squeeze seemed to get out all the milk, and as I let go of her breasts she tried and failed to stifle a disappointed moan. “Feel better?”

She turned around to face me, still blushing profusely. “Y-Yeah, but...” she looked away for a second, then flung her arms around me and pressed us together as tightly as possible. “It’s been three days since we last...um, you know...so could you”, she looked me right in the eyes and asked no louder than a whisper, “Please make love to me?”

How could I possibly refuse her? I nodded and drew her into short, sweet kiss which only ended as I needed to undress. Kate rested herself against a bale of hay, opening her legs and using one hand to spread her wet folds, never once taking her eyes off me. I made my way over to her and positioned myself. She nodded and with her consent I slowly thrust into her. As I moved in out of her, she began matching my thrusts and guided my hands up to breasts, which I eagerly began playing with, softly holding, stroking, pressing and squeezing them. She was already close and this added stimulation sent her over the edge. With a pleasured cry she came, and as her warm walls squeezed in on me I released inside her.

As the afterglow washed over us, I finally noticed that my hands were wet. I pulled them away from her nipples and saw they were covered in milk. “I guess we didn’t get all of it out.” she said. I simply smiled at her before taking one of her nipples into my mouth and began suckling gently. She was shocked for a second before she began smiling as well and calmly stroked my hair as I finished milking her.


8:30 am

The farm’s driveway was a good few minutes’ walk away from the house proper, to help insure that my pets and I kept our privacy. Normally this was a good arrangement, but today I faced the problem of my car not starting. If you’re wondering why this a problem, it took me a good 15 minutes to convince the girls that, yes, it was necessary for me to go to university and I couldn’t just stay home so we could spend the whole day screwing, no matter how much they (and I) wanted to. I then spent another 20 minutes assuring that everyone I hadn’t spent the morning with would get a turn once I got back. If I headed back now, it would undermine what I had said, making the difficult task of keeping the girls in line outright impossible and if the girls I hadn’t been with yet thought I was trying to avoid them...let’s just say people who piss off black harpies and echidnas either don’t live very long or are never able to have kids. At the moment though, I really didn’t have any other choice. Sighing and praying that the girls would let me talk before they jumped me or killed me, I stepped out of the car into something wet.

It hadn’t rained in over two weeks so immediately knew it wasn’t a puddle, leaving one explanation. I looked down at the bright blue liquid beneath me in time to see the arms, hands and head of the slime emerge and cling to me like glue. “Master, don’t go!” she chirped happily with voice of teenage girl, befitting the appearance of the body the was rapidly emerging from the slime and inching up my body, her translucent eyes giving her best puppy dog look.

This was why my car wouldn’t start: the slime puddle was very large and already about half dozen slimes were clinging to the wheels, with more emerging by the second. I had completely forgotten that slimes can posses great strength and speed if they wish to capture their prey. Still, they were mostly obedient girls, and if I asked, they’d set me free. Unless...“Girls, I really need to get going. We’ll play later, ok?"

The slime around my waist responded by yanking my pants and underwear down, smiling at my erection before gleefully confirming what I feared, “No can do master, Queen’s orders!”

With that out of the way, she opens her mouth and takes my length inside her cool yet pleasant mouth as her sisters begin to swarm around me, clinging to my legs and rubbing against them. Two slimes moved up and partially merged with the one sucking me off so that they had access to my balls, and soon they were also engulfed to receive the loving treatment of their mouths. Another set of slimes took my hands and guided them to a slime with an especially large set of tits, placing my hands so that I could fondle them, which I eagerly began to do, and was rewarded with pleasure gasps and sighs from the now over two dozen girls around me. As strange as it was from my perspective, I understood; a slime is really a single organism and each girl shared in each other’s pleasure. The exception was the Queen, as while she shared the same hive mind as her subjects, she also maintained her own unique personality. My train of thought was severed when the three girls around groin began using their tongues to actively pleasure me, and the added stimulation set me off and I released my load, the girl around my shaft drinking it down while others moaned in pleasure or told how good it felt and how delicious it was.

Almost as quickly as it began, their pleasures died down, and pair of slimes took hold of my shoulders and forced me to sit on their laps, their breasts pressed against my back. The remaining slimes parted to create a clear pathway between me and the Queen who had silently demanded her turn. Unlike her servants, the Queen was a master at mimicking the human form, standing upon a pair of legs that drew substance from the slime puddle with each step. While she had the power to imitate clothes she chose to appear before me entirely “nude” so that I could admire her figure that was fashioned like the most enticing nymph, even its translucent quality only to excite me more. She stopped a few steps from me, shaking her head sadly at my half hardness, before smiling as two girls who arose at my sides. “I believe our master is going to need a drink before he can please me.” she said as the two new slimes bolted up to kiss me, forcing their tongues into mouth and making me drink them. The effects were immediate. A fire welled up inside me and I was made almost painfully hard. Satisfied with her servants work, the Queen dismissed the two and finally moved up to me. She wrapped her legs around mine and pushed her slit up against my member so that she could rub them together while denying me entry. With me now completely at her mercy, she laid her upper body against mine, bringing her mouth next to my ear so she could ask one simple question: “Ready to submit, master?”

This is her fantasy, while in reality she is only ruler over a tiny kingdom where her subjects had no choice but to serve her, when she dominates me she proves to herself that she has real power over something she cares about. As crazy as her, her servants and the rest of the girls I share my life with can drive me sometimes, I would never shut out the love we have for each other. Leaning forward to her ear, I give her my reply, “Your humble servant submits to your will, whatever it may be, my Queen.”

Her breath hitches in her throat and if she were capable I’m certain she would start blushing. She looks me right at me, her eyes a mix of happiness and disbelief: no matter how many times we join together, I think a part of her always fears that I’ll turn her away. She tries to reassert herself once again as the commanding Queen, but the smile refuses to leave her face. “What a loyal servant I have,” she tells me as she moves enough to align us perfectly, “and I reward loyalty with the greatest of pleasure!” With that she moves all the way forward and I’m once again surrounded by the strange but pleasant coolness of being inside her. She thrusts up and down on my length while her servants hold me in place; she dominates, she sets the pace, and asks only that I receive her pleasure. The combined effects of the slime fluid I ingested and her ministrations push me over edge in almost no time at all and soon a white fluid begins churning inside her clear stomach. This always gives her the most pleasure, and soon a cascade of pleasured screams goes off around me, the servants sharing in their Queen’s released. She then collapses onto me, totally drained, and we wrap our arms around each other. Only when we are sharing bliss am I allowed to touch her.

It takes awhile for the rest of the slimes to move away from the car and for me to get my pants back on. They’re sticky with slime fluid, and I’m sudden very glad I have a change of clothes in the trunk. I start to wonder if I’m going to have for a shower on campus before class when the Queen tugs at my hand. She only materialises her upper body from the slime puddle, and looks up at me with begging eyes. “I order you to stay.” she demands of me.

I kneel down so that I’m at eye level with before I start to talk. “I can’t do that. People think I’m as nuts as grandpa as it is, and what if they come here to try and find out why? I only have two classes and I’ll be back soon.”

“Then... I order you to always come back to me.”

I kiss her before I answer, “As you wish, my Queen.”


12:00 pm

The town where I attended university is fairly small, one of those “everyone knows everyone” types. This meant I already had a reputation for being the grandson of a man who was considered a bit odd at best and I was considered eccentric by association. Still, it wasn’t too bad, I was friendly to people and allowed them to think that whatever they liked about why I stayed up alone at a farm and only came into town for school or necessities. What was I supposed to tell them; that there was a small army of not exactly human girls waiting for me at home who wanted nothing more than to constantly fuck? I doubt anyone would believe me (I wouldn’t); but the reaction if anyone did was worrisome. Having the twins waking me every morning was infinitely preferable to waking up to the sound of torches and pitchforks outside my door.

So I continued the masquerade at school that my home life was normal. Today’s class was particularly boring as the professor once again expressed the important symbolism of the of the boys on the island killing the pig and I allowed my mind to wander to thoughts about being back home, just cuddling with the girls, playful kisses and touches leading to more...and my fantasy was broken by the sounds of my fellow students packing up their notes. I quickly ran from the building, hoping the erection wasn’t noticeable through my jeans. While the effects of drinking slime fluid are most noticeable immediately afterwards, it takes good couple more hours for the effects to fully wear off, causing my fantasies to become extremely vivid and making me highly aroused. I decided to walk off my boner before I headed home and turned into a deserted alley which led to a small park. I got maybe half way before a pair of talons griped my shoulders and I was lifted from the ground.

I look up at my captor, her features mostly blocked out by the sun, but her black wings are unmistakable. Damn it, she never listens. Before I can get a word out, she rudely drops me on the roof of one of the town’s tallest buildings before gently landing herself gracefully, her back towards me and her head turned just enough so I can see her smirk; she’s obviously pleased with herself. The opportunity to chew her out slips away when a much smaller girl with wings for arms half lands, half crashes in to my lap. She quickly straightens herself up, looking over me once before smiling brightly, giving off a happy squeak as she glomps me. “You found him Artesia!” she calls over happily to the taller black harpy as she buries her face in my chest. “Of course I did Ellen,” she tells the little harpy as she strolls over before firmly placing one of her talon feet on my crotch and firmly squeezing, “Now, we’ll get him all to ourselves.”

I knew this was what this was about. When Artesia wants something, she gets it, and doesn’t care about the rules she’s breaking, while Ellen just innocently follows along, only happy that she’s with me and her best friend. Still, I need to bring up my concerns, even though I know it’ll fall on deaf ears, “You’re not suppose to fly out where people can see you unless it’s an emergency Artesia.”

“Well, no one saw us and it was an emergency. Poor Ellen was sooo sad that you left, so I just brought her to see you. Now,” she squeezed me for emphasis, “the three of us can play together.”

I sigh heavily in frustration, causing the little harpy on my lap to bolt up, tears starting to well up in her eyes. “You don’t want be with us master?” she asks fighting back sobs, covering her nearly flat chest with her wings in embarrassment. “I know I’m not as pretty as all the other girls, but Artesia is so beautiful and she wants to be with master so badly.” The black harpy behind her starts to blush, but doesn’t say anything as Ellen continues, “So please, at least give her your love.” That snaps something inside and I go forward and kiss her, silently trying to quell her fears and assure her she’s just as lovely as all the other girls. After a shocked squeak she begins to return the kiss, and although I can’t see her I’m certain Artesia is smiling.

I undressed myself before removing the wrap around cloths that serve as the only clothes the two have. Ellen tries to cover chest again, until I begin to rub her small breasts while kissing and sucking on her nipples, and soon I’m lying flat while she straddles my hips, preparing to plunge down on me. “Wait you two, something isn’t right.” interrupts Artesia, who until now seemed content to kneel by the side and watch. The next thing I know her wet slit is pressed up against my face, telling me to lick before assuring her young friend to continue and my shaft was wrapped in her tight wet walls. I moan into the hot snatch on top of me before darting my tongue inside her folds and both girls began writhing in pleasure. Young and inexperienced, Ellen lacked the stamina and control the other girls had achieved, and it wasn’t long before she hit her climax, and with a shrill pleasured cry she released. Now drained, she began to nod off, so the elder harpy guided her to rest on the side, and the young girl fell into contented slumber.

Artesia then turned her gaze to my hardness, on edge and begging for release. She turned around and, back facing me, inserted me into her. I fight back the urge to cum right then, and can only barely make it out when she tells me, “If you want to, you can hold me.” I for second I did nothing, and then I pulled myself up and wrapped my arms around her waist as she began to bounce herself on me. I moved my hands up to her breasts and fondled them. Though they were among the smallest of the girls’, they are also were also the most sensitive, and soon she was gasping and moaning happily. It wasn’t long before I came, and giving her one last firm yet gentle squeeze, she found her peak as well, and we both fell back totally spent.

“Fly straight home, understand, and make sure no one sees you,” We were back in the alley I had been in when I was caught. Ellen wanted me to fly home with them and Artesia told me that she certainly had the strength to do so. I had to turn them down; as fun as that sounded, leaving my car abandoned would look too suspicious, so I needed to drive home. “And make sure you keep an eye out for airplanes as well, I’m not sure just how low they fly around here.”

“Sure, yeah, fine, whatever.” Artesia pouted, as she was clearly looking forward to the three of us flying together and was disappointed now that it wasn’t going to happen. I decided to make it up to her: I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss before she could protest. She resisted at first, but soon began returning the kiss with equal passion. We pulled away at last, both blushing and panting, and she probably would have taken me again right there if Ellen had decided to remind us of her presence.

“Master and Artesia, sitting in a tree,”

“Stop that.”


“I said quit it!”

“First comes love, then comes marriage,” Ellen continued happily as she took off into the sky.

“Get back here!” Artesia yelled after her as she took off as well. I smiled and watched them soar off until the disappeared from view.


2:00 pm

I’m feeling much better as I pull into the driveway, the effects of the slime on my body now only producing a warm feeling in me when I thought about what awaited me at home. Locking up the car, I ran through a mental checklist of everything we had in the house. Tomorrow was Saturday, and as long as the house was fully stocked, it gave me one more reason not to leave and spend the whole weekend with the girls. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the arms around me until her rabbit ears began to tickle my chin. “Did you miss me that much Zoey? I wasn’t gone that long.” I tell the wererabbit gripping my waist as I drop down a little to return her hug.

“I always miss you lots and lots when you go away master. Whenever I can’t see you, I feel so empty in my heart.” she tells me, and I feel a pang of guilt for having made her worry. The only humans the girls have ever really know are me and my grandpa, and he passed away while visiting my family, telling the girls he’d only be gone for a week. No matter how much I reassure them that I’ll be fine when I head out, I know they’re still scared that one day I’ll just leave and never come back. I tighten my hug around her as she continues, “But when you’re here, safe and sound with us, I’m always happy as can be.” She gives me a cheery smile before kissing me on the nose. “You’re it!” she proclaims as lets go of me and dashes of into the tress around the farm. I don’t stand a chance of catching her, she can move faster with her rabbit legs than an Olympic sprinter. I don’t have a chance of catching her, but I see her smile in my mind...and I find myself running.

The white fur of her legs and tail make her a bit easier to follow as we zigzag through the trees, she’s slowed down now to just above normal person levels of speed, laughing giddily every time my hands reach out to grab her and miss. I stop to catch my breath and in seconds she’s disappeared. As I said, I don’t have a chance of catching her if just run, so I’ll just have be a little sneakier instead. I move into the denser areas of the tree line and allow them to cover me. It’s only a matter of time before I see her, having retraced her steps to try and find me. I waited until she had her back to my hiding spot before I ran at her as fast as my legs would carry me and I dived at her and caught her with something between a tackle and a hug. Her strong legs kept her from losing balance, but she let out an ‘oomph!’ from the impact. “Are you alright?” I asked. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her in my excitement.

“I’m just fine,” she tells me as she turns her body to return my embrace and kiss me once again on the nose, “you’re here.” We stayed like that for a few minutes, as I became more and more aware of the wetness staining her exposed thighs. She rubbed her long ears against my chin to get my attention and I looked down at her face to see that her eyes were clouded with love and lust; our little chase had put her in the mood. “You won master,” she tells me breathing heavily, “what are you gonna do now?”

“Now,” I tell her as I remove her top and gently lay her on the ground, “Now I’m going to make you feel great.” I ease her legs apart and move my head up to her opening, taking a sniff before diving my tongue into her folds. I eagerly moved around inside, enjoying the fur rubbing against my skin and the sounds of her pleasure. Pulling back just enough so that I could lick her outer lips, I took her clit into my mouth, playfully sucking and nipping it. She yelped happily as her pleasure mounted, and I was about to bring her to orgasm when her hands gripped the sides of my head and pulled me away.

She brought me up to her face and gasping from near release, made her intent clear: “Please, I want to become one with master, I want master to be buried deep inside me, I only want to come together with master.” She grabbed hold of my shirt and yanked it off while I did away with my pants before repositioning myself, ready to enter, but waiting for her to do what she wanted. First she circles her legs around and locks them behind me, then holds me tight in her arms, running her hands up and down my back before pushing me down slowly inside her. Once we’re connected, she pressed her breasts tightly to my chest and deeply kisses me as I start to thrust in and out of her. It’s always like this with the two of us; she wants to be as close to me as possible, as much of our bodies touching as possible, to be totally connected to one another, and I’m more than happy to do that for her. I try to move slowly to keep her from reaching her climax before me, attempting to build up my release but making sure she’s pleasured as well. Even so, it isn’t long before she’s at the brink, and she releases our kiss only long enough to plead, “Deep inside, please give it to me deep inside!” Immediately after saying that she hits her peak, screaming into my mouth, and I bury myself to the hilt inside her to release my load.

A few minutes later we’re still wrapped together in the afterglow, panting heavily as we try to regain ourselves. Once I’m recovered, I try to move away from her to start redressing, but she grips me tighter when she feels me pulling out. “Can we please stay like this for a little longer master? I don’t want to share you just yet.” she says, with her indigo eyes adding their own silent plea. I just smile in reply and set my head down on her soft breasts, reaching up stroke her long ears. I’m rewarded with a happy sigh and an affectionate hug, as two of us rest together, content in each other’s company.



When he came here and accepted his role as master of the house hold, the rules mostly remained the same: keep on the farm property, avoid contact with other humans, try not to kill each other; sensible things. One change he made was with dinner, where once we would each have taken our meal when and where we please, he insisted that we all have it together, like a family, he said. Family; once I knew exactly what that word meant even as it changed over time: it meant me and the man I loved, soon growing to include the children he blessed me with, and expanded as he brought more and more children he saved from harsher fates into our home, each one as much a daughter to me as ones I had given birth to.

Now that man was gone, and this young man, a mere boy in my eyes, came into our lives, and despite the early awkwardness he soon grew to enjoy his new life greatly, for more reasons than the purely sexually pleasures we need from him. He was falling in love, but strangely for a human this love did not just focus on single girl who captured his fancy, instead it reached out to all of them, his love equally pure and devoted to all the girls and they were only too happy to return these affections again and again. Seeing my daughters’ infatuation with him was amusing, and watching my daughters coil around him and give their virginity to a boy they loved and who loved them back filled me with a kind of joy that only a mother can experience. But this boy’s love truly did extend to all of us, even me. And the thought of any man but the father of my children caring for me in such a way sent terrified chills to my very core.

I watched him from the entrance to the kitchen as he tried to coordinate Kate, Zoey, Brandy and Allie with making dinner, running back and forth to help each girl as needed, but it was clear half their “mistakes” were intentional, just attempts to bring him closer to them. It wasn’t long before such a plan backfired: Allie, over-energetic kitty that she is, cut her hand open peeling potatoes and started bleeding quite badly. The mother in me wanted to scold her for being so careless before bandaging her wound and telling her it would be ok, but I knew she wanted someone else’s care. The young man diverted all his attention to her, frantically searching for bandages as Allie played up the severity of her cut, crying and wailing that she was going to die, certainly not fooling Brandy who promptly told her with a bark to “put a sock in it, cry-baby”.

The boy tended her as though her cut hand was some life threatening wound, wrapping the bandages far more carefully and gently that was required, all while comforting her fears with a soothing voice. He even kissed her cut better when he was done, to her delight, and it was only now that her playfulness had returned that he seemed to suspect her over exaggeration. He shook his head in defeat and got up to return to work, but noticed me as he did. He flashed me a warm smile, but it wasn’t him I saw right then; it was a different man who once gave me smiles like those before telling me things would be alright because we had each other, and that he loved me more than anything. My heart drops into my stomach as the anger wells up inside me; how dare he *ever* smile at me that way. I can’t even hear my own voice as I scream something at him that shocks everyone in the room before storming off to my room.

I like to think that I understand the girls fairly well, despite how differently they can think and act from humans. Helena is the exception: she’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle that just happens to look like an echidna. A part of that is because she’s so different from all the other girls and that has nothing to do with being her being half snake. She’s the oldest both in being the first girl my grandpa found and brought to live with him as well as her actual age (No, she won’t tell me how old she is, ever.) though she looks just as young and beautifully as all the other girls. She’s also a mother, and her kids, a lamia named Victoria and a medusa named Elizabeth are roughly the same age as the other girls. She was also very close to my grandpa, though she never directly says just how close, I suspect they were quite intimate; her kids had to come from somewhere. She’s also a mother to rest of the girls since they’ve grown up with her raising them, and they love and respect her deeply for that. That’s why they’re even more surprised than I am when she screams at me: “You liar!” she accuses me before angrily slithers away.

I’m too stunned to even move for a good minute after that and once I’m able to I ask the girls if anything happened with her while I was gone: Zoey hadn’t seen her before now, Brandy says she was frustrated around noon from pent up need, Allie saw her looking out the front windows for me during the afternoon, and Kate saw her take a picture from the living room table down to her room after I left in the morning. The last one tips me off to why she might be so pissed, and I realize I’m going to have talk to her. I tell Kate she’s in charge and hope everyone will listen to ‘Big Sis’ for a bit before a head over to basement door, glancing quickly at the living room table to confirm what picture was taken.

When this house was built the basement became a private room for me and my daughters. It was more of a cave really than a part of a building, cold and damp with the walls carved straight out of the earth and a concrete ramp leading up to main floor. I made my way down there to find my daughters, arguing over something I can’t bring myself to care for, though I can make out “blindfolded”, “he won’t like it”, and “master” clearly. Having him brought up again does nothing to improve my mood, and I snap at them to get out of my sight before moving off to my own corner of the room. For just a little while, I want to be alone with my memories.

If you value your life, you do not enter the room Helena shares with daughters unless she invites you in, ever. Given her current temper, no matter what my intentions were she would be even more pissed if I just barged in. She once threatened to eat me if I got on her bad side and right now I’m praying she was joking. Still, nothing is going get solved if I just stand here. I take a deep breath before knocking on the basement door and entering while explaining myself. “Hey, can we talk? I know you’re ticked at me, but I want ma-” I never get to finish, part way down the ramp I slip and land flat on my back.

My scales have a better grip than his shoes, so when he inevitably slips and falls I’m not surprised, I’m pleased. This makes it that much easier for me kill him for trespassing. I start to get up, but Victoria intercepts me, as her younger sister moves over to him, the smaller serpents in her hair squirming excitedly. “Mother, wait! Let the two of us give him his punishment!” she tells me, trying to keep a stern expression on her face. I’m not fooled for a second, but I motion to him with a nod and give her my silent permission. As she hurries off I coil myself into a seating position and reflect on just how well my daughters know me. I do so love to watch, after all.

“Silly master needs to be more careful where he’s walking in the dark!” Elizabeth teases me while her snakes hiss in agreement. It turns out the medusas are completely in real life from the legends. Elizabeth can best be described as bubbly and just a bit of an airhead. She loves to chat and gossip with anyone willing to listen and is constantly seeking out the other girls to do so. Even her fabled gaze works differently than what the old tales say, only inflicting a crippling paralysis to any living thing that meets her golden eyes, though her mother and sister are immune. I think I’d rather be turned into a statue since coming out of the paralysis can take a few days and is extremely painful as I’ve found out first hand.“I can see you...” she taunts and waits until my eyes are closed tightly before finishing “...even though you can’t see my eyes!”

Another thing that the stories never mention is that a medusa can see trough her snakes, so even when her main eyes are covered, she’s far from blind. She starts giggling like crazy over my panic and I bolt up to tell her off, but the words die in my throat. She’s nude save for the cloth covering her eyes, and my eyes lock on to her breasts and perky nipples, not even noticing her sister until I feel naked chest her pressed my back.

Victoria’s personality is so different from her sister’s that it sometimes only seems natural that she ended up a lamia, a totally different species of snake girl all together. A quite yet assertive bookworm isn’t a combination you find often. She only talks when necessary and you will listen to her, entranced by her voice. That peculiar effect washed over me as she spoke, “Master isn’t just silly, he’s very naughty. He should know better than to just go into a girl’s room without permission. Mother is so angry she can’t even talk. But if master is willing to accept his punishment, all will be forgiven.”

The sisters stripped me in record time, only stopping to admire the erection I had been trying to hide. They began to wrap themselves around me, slowly but firmly and the gleam in their eyes was not unlike a predator that had cornered her prey. When they were done their positions were switched, Elizabeth was behind me and Victoria in front. “Now then master,” they said in unison, “are you ready for your punishment?”

Not trusting my voice, I nod. There’s a rustling behind me and my world goes black, both girls commenting how much nicer the blindfold looks on me then its intended owner. I’m used to rough sex with biting and scratching to the point where I somewhat look forward to it. This is something I’ve never experienced before and to be honest I’m a little scared, but I trust both of them completely and attempt to calm myself down. Despite this being ‘punishment’ both girls wait while my breathing slows and the tension leaves my body before they begin to move.

It was incredible. Everyone hears the stories about blind people whose other senses had been heightened because of it and I was starting to think it was true since my sense of touch seemed to have become incredibly acute. Every time they ran their hands over me or nicked me with their fangs it was amplified, feeling impossibly good. Even the feeling of their tails around me took on a new pleasurable dimension. If they kept this up, I would end up releasing in no time. Victoria noticed how close I was as well and with a hiss betraying her lamia nature took my hardness in her hand and dug her nails into it. Normally a light sting, I found that pain was increased along with pleasure. “No, no, no, master. You can’t come like this.” She scolds me as she and her sister start to loosen around me. “We want to play a game with you so you can tell us whose pussy is best.”

They just leave me alone for a few minutes after releasing me and I begin to become a bit disoriented in the total darkness and silence. One of them eventually grabs my arms and guides to where the pair lying. I’m moved into position above one of them, my legs running against one of their tails. Whichever one had me then pushed me into her before allowing my hands to roam over her human half, though she held my wrists firmly so that I couldn’t touch her hair and identify her too easily. After a few short thrusts I was passed over to the other sister and the process repeated itself. When they were satisfied that I had gotten a good ‘feel’ for each of them they sat me down between them and each of them took a hand and placed it at their now soaking wet openings. Again they spoke as one to further confuse me, “Pick which one feels good master.”

Still unable to tell which girl is which, I chose my words carefully as I inserted two fingers into the girl on my left. “This one is so warm and wet,” I begin before I insert my fingers into the other girl and continue, “but this one is so tight and soft. It would be wonderful to have both of them, but you’re so dedicated to my punishment that I guess one of you will be fine about not getting to be with me.” A medusa’s tail rattles to my right and a chorus of low hisses emits from that direction; she’s obviously unnerved on the possibility of missing out. It’s payback time for her early teasing, and I slowly drag my fingers out of her, knowing what she would assume my choice would be.

I don’t even get part way out of her before her tail is fully encircled around me and she’s pressing her upper body to mine. Even though I’m blindfolded, I can sense her withering glare. “Don’t even think about it,” she tells me before joins with me. “First, you’ll please me, then my sister, and then because you’re such a naughty master you’ll have to please mother. That’s the only punishment you deserve!” I’m unable to move myself as she begins moving her tail to force me in and out of her. All three of them take total control during sex and I’m more than willing to submit myself to them if that’s what will make them happy. Her movements speed up as she gets closer and closer, her and her serpent hair alternating between kiss and soft nips all along my chest. When she reaches her limit, she squeezes with her whole body around me, to the point that where the multiple bites she’s giving me are practically a relief. Overwhelmed by the sensations I released inside her and was rewarded with a moan against my skin before she lazily began to loosen around me and collapsing with an audible thud.

Her sister doesn’t miss a beat and soon I’m once again tightly bound by a desperate lamia. She doesn’t insert me into her right away, instead flicking the tip of her tail against my length to get me hard again as licks away the blood from her sister’s bites. Once I’m ready, she unites with me with no more than a soft grunt. Even during sex she’s extremely quiet and unable to look at her lovely face I find myself eagerly anticipating her rare gasps and moans to know that I’m pleasing her. I realize she’s getting closer as she begins make to make more and more sounds, finally ending in a passionate scream as we climaxed together. She holds tightly to me for a second before saying in a hushed tone, “He’s ready for you mother.”

My hands are covered with my juices from the little show my daughters have put on for me, but it’s not enough to get me off. I need the kind of fulfillment only a man can provide. This one will have to do. Victoria only takes as long to separate from him as it takes for me to remove my coverings. Once I’m stripped I silently curl my tail around him and pull him to me. I am not gentle and he nearly tumbles over his own feet before I entangle the end of my tail around his leg. He always did say he liked that...wait, no he didn’t, someone else did. I look down at the boy I’ve brought against my stomach, but I can only see a man there, one who told me he’d never leave me. The boy asks me if I’m okay, and those moving lips are same as those of someone precious that told me not so long ago that he’d be home soon with a surprise for everyone and that he was going to love me so tenderly when he returned.

Why did you lie to me?

Why did you let your heart, which I thought was strong with love, become weak and fail you?

Why did you have to die?

I take the boy into me, telling myself that it is purely for sexual pleasure with not even a hint of intimacy. But he caresses me tenderly to calm my fears, trying to overcome the awkwardness of being unable to see. His eyes, I’m suddenly desperate to look into them. I tear away the cloth covering before taking his face into my hands. The illusion is broken; his eyes are emerald green to your blue. He’s not you, never will be you. So why am I so happy to see love, pure love, reflected in these green eyes? Why does my passion rise in me when starts to move in and out, gently, only caring that I am pleasured, only caring that I am happy? Why is that when he kisses me, it just feels so right?

It’s because I’m a weak girl and I let myself fall in love again.

I fell in love again, I betrayed you. How can you possibly forgive me?

And now I’m about complete that betrayal by cumming with him, sharing bliss with him...and nothing in the world could make me happier. When I reach the point of ultimate pleasure, it’s your name I call out, uselessly trying to apologize. Then I bury my face in my hands and do something I swore I’d never do again: I cry.

When she screamed grandpa’s name at her peak she confirmed what I had feared. She misses him and she terrified that I’m trying to replace him. I realize then just how much I love her and just how much I love every girl I share my life with. I would do anything; make any sacrifice in a heartbeat, just to know that they were happy. And right I need to do something to make up for the fact I have made her cry. “Helena,” I tell her as I gently stroke her cheek, “I know I can’t replace grandpa and I don’t really want to try. I love you, and I want our love to be unique, so you can cherish both of us. I don’t want to take his place in your heart, I don’t want to deny what you had with him was one of a kind. I want to love you and make you happy, and if you let me have even the tiniest fraction of your heart in return, I’ll be satisfied.” I gently pull her hands back and wipe away her tears before kissing her once softly. “So I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you never cry again.”

She stares at me in shock for just minute before she smiles and pulls me into a tight hug. “You are far too sappy, little boy!” she scolds me while holds me tight. Maybe I am, but I don’t care. She’s smiling again, that’s what important.

On the living room table there is a set of pictures, our family portraits. He insisted on taking them every time he brought in a new girl into our home and soon it became a yearly tradition. I place back the picture I had taken: a young echidna smiles back at me while she holds a baby lamia in her arms and her stomach is swollen with promise of another child. The man who she shares her life with is behind her, holding her tight, and in the background is the farm where they will start their new life together. At the other end of the table a different young man is trying to keep a black harpy, a werewolf and a queen slime from screwing him like crazy in front of the camera, and the rest of us girls a torn between laughing at them and trying to join in. Both men are a part of my life, and eventually I think I will find a way to balance their love. So that way you’ll always be close to me and I can still love this young man. My thoughts are broken when the young man wraps his arms around me and ask if I’ll be okay. “Yes,” I manage to say, “I will be.”


10:30 pm

I have searched the entire house from top to bottom and I can’t find her. It’s odd because she’s so impatient; I can usually count on her always being two steps away from me and pestering me for her turn. I don’t mind her persistence too much though. I do love all the girls equally deeply, but it’s true that you never forget your first. She’s the one who showed me it was okay to love them and make love to them, even if they weren’t “normal” and for that I will always be indebted to her. Still, she’s nowhere to be found and I need to turn in early. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow since I’ll be home all day. I make a mental note that I will make it up to her in the morning, first thing. I say goodnight to everyone as I head upstairs and the twins tell me they’ll be waking me up as usual in the sexiest voices they can make. I adjust my mental note: it will be the second thing I do in the morning.

A long warm shower later and I’m feeling very relaxed and a little tired. I don’t bother with pajamas anymore, so after drying my body I wrap the towel around my waist and open the door to the connected master bedroom. What waited on my bed was a beautiful sight: the girl looked about 15 or 16, stretched out in her most seductive pose and clad only in her pure white bra and panties. Her eyes alone told me she wanted me and the exited swishing of her thin tail and twitching of the grey mouse ears peeking out of black hair is just icing on the cake. She tries so hard to prove she’s sexy, to prove she’s just as good for me as the other girls. She really is adorable. I let myself get distracted by my thoughts and her trademark impatience comes back in full force. “I knew it, I look stupid.” she tells me dejectedly, assuming the worst. She started to curl up, covering herself with her knees and arms before I took hold of her and exposed her to me again.

“No, you look beyond gorgeous. You take my breath away.” I say as I hover over her before moving down, our lips meeting. We stay like that for a good while before I pull away to ask her, “But this is very unlike you, you’re normally trying to get to me as soon as possible. What’s the special occasion?”

She thoughtfully nibbled on her ring finger before answering, “No reason. I did it because, just because.” With a satisfied nod she pulls the towel off me to find I’m already getting hard, then motions for me to lie on the bed. Once I am, she gets up and moves in front of the bed, “And now I’m doing this because I want to please you.”

With that she begins swaying her body to her own rhythm and starts giving me a striptease. She moves her small hands all over her body while rocking her hips enticingly before undoing the clasp on her bra. It loosens but she turns around before I can catch a glimpse of her sweet tits. Tossing the garment aside she hooks her thumbs into her underwear and pulls them down just enough to expose her cute ass to me, giving it an inviting wiggle. She turns her head to wink before using her tail spank herself, each strike eliciting a small yelp of slight pain and excitement from her. Once her ass started to redden slightly she pulled panties up and used one arm to cover her chest before turning around again. By now her panties were soaked through and she began lowering her other hand slowly, making circles on her stomach as she did, before reaching her destination and playing with herself through the fabric. Once she was certain I was entranced by her actions she brought down her other arm and pulled her panties down, letting them slide to her ankles before inserting three of her nimble fingers inside herself. She flexed them to coat them in her juices before slowly dragging them out and bringing them up to her mouth, licking and sucking on them while keeping her violet eyes fixed on me. At last she kicked away her last article of clothing before giving one last erotic turn, exposing all of herself to me before climbing back on the bed and settling down between my legs. She kisses the tip of my member before rubbing it with her wet fingers and asking me, “Did you like that master? Did I make you horny?”

“Yeah...that was...incredible...Tiffany.” I manage to gasp out as she continues to pleasure and tease me. She giggles happily and then takes me into her mouth, sucking and licking while using her tiny hands to play with my balls. Her little show has already put me on edge but I try my best to hold out for her. Even so I don’t last long and soon she’s drinking every last drop of my release.

She pulls off my length with a satisfied smile. “Mmmmmmm! This is the best drink in the whole world! I want to have it every day!” She licks her lips and moves up so that our bodies are perfectly aligned. “So you’ll me drink you every day, right?”

“As often as you want.”

“And you’ll love me and the other girls forever and ever and ever?”

“For as long as I live.”

“And you’ll never go away for too long?”

“I’ll always come back.”

“And you won’t look at human girls, ever?”

“Like they could hold a candle to any of you.”

“And you’ll have sex with us every day, as much as we want and as often as we want?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

“Good!” she exclaims as she moves enough to get on her hands and knees and give her cute ass an inviting shake, “And don’t ever forget that! Now come love me!” It takes all of 10 seconds for me to completely stiffen up, get on top of her and bury myself deep inside. As I thrust in and out of her I run my hands along the soft grey fur on her lower legs before traveling up to her ass and give it a firm squeeze. My hands then circle around to her stomach and move up to capture her breasts. Just like Ellen, Tiffany is self-conscious about her small bust so I always take special care to play with them, showing I like them just as much as the bigger ones. Soon she starts striking me with her tail while she moans in passion. It doesn’t really hurt, but she needs to do it to set up the next part of her game. “Oh, I’m such a naughty girl, hitting master like that! Spank me, punish me master!” I comply, letting go of her tits and using one hand I start smacking her ass repeatedly. I always worry I’ll end up hitting her too hard when we do this but her passionate moans and shrieks convince me that she’s enjoying this. I know I can make her feel even better though, so I bring my other hand up to pinch and tease her clit. That really gets her going and soon she has the sheets in death grip, screaming as she climaxes. A similar tightness clenches my member and I release deep inside her before lowering us down onto the soft bed, both of us completely exhausted.

A half hour later we’re cuddling together with her nestled on my lap. Though I know I shouldn’t I can’t help but chuckle ever time she lets out a cute squeak of discomfort when her red and tender ass presses to hard against my skin. “That, Tiffany,” I tease, “is what you get for wanting to mix pain and pleasure.”

She rubs her sore bottom as she glares at me, though her smile tells me she knows I’m just joking around. “It’s not my fault that it feels good. You sleep around with a bunch of sex crazy creatures that people don’t know even exist; you’re in no position to question my kinks.” We give each other an angry look before breaking out into laughter. Fully contented, I start kissing her, but she pulls away quickly and looks me in the eyes, pleading for something. “You know, it’s late, and we’re expecting you to be up early tomorrow. But my room is so far away, so is it alright if I,” she chews on her ring finger nervously before finishing, “stay here with you tonight?” I say nothing, my actions speak for themselves. I pull back the covers and turn off the light before gathering her into my arms and laying her down with me. As I pull the covers over us she lets out a yawn and tells me, “I love you master.” before dozing off.

Smiling, I kiss her one last time before replying, “I love you too.” and drift off into contented slumber.


6:00 am

I’m probably the only guy in the world who panics when wakes up with morning wood. I’ve become so used to having it relieved before I’m fully awake that experiencing it now is almost painful. But an explanation presents itself when I feel a light weight on top of me: Tiffany woke up before I did and wants another go, the twins saw us together so they’re probable waiting for their turn. The only hole in my little theory is that that whoever is on top of me is too cold and wet to be a large mouse, instead it feels more like...“A slime.” I state as I pry open my eyes to find a smiling translucent blue girl lying on top of me. She says nothing as she brings her mouth to mine, forcing me to drink a part of her while playing with my tongue. My once painful erection has now become unbearable as my arousal soars to heights only slime fluid can bring. I’ve never been able to understand how the Queen can force herself to flow uphill, or in this case upstairs, but if she went to all that trouble to make me this desperate for sex I’ll gladly become her submissive slave. As the servant flows off me I raise myself up on my elbows, expecting to see, at most, Alice, Allie, Tiffany, the Queen and a few of her servants waiting for me. What I saw instead was infinitely better.

“Good morning master!” 13 girls greet me as the wait at the foot of the bed: all of them beautiful, all of them naked and all of them very, VERY aroused. It easy to see why as Kate wiped away a bit of blue fluid from her lips. If I though the effects of the slime were major on me, its effects on girls are at least 10 times that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the girls so wet before. My curiosity is piqued now and just like yesterday I have to ask the reason behind such special treatment.

“Well, we couldn’t help but over hear the end of your little session with Brandy yesterday, who couldn’t with the way she howls,” Alice beings, her voice somehow managing to convey her lust despite being a simple explanation. Allie finishes her thought in the way only a twin sister can, “So we invited her to join us in the morning! Now she can’t say we never share with anyone!”

The werewolf manages to mumble out a ‘brats’ before pulling her wererabbit best friend closer to her. “Zoey would have gotten lonely if she missed out, so I dragged her along too.”

“And I didn’t want anyone to get left out, so I told Kate and she told Helena and the harpies!” the little rabbit says as she bounces up and down excitedly.

The large echidna woman, despite being behind everyone else, is clearly visible, her face containing a mixture of amusement and anticipation. “Where I go, so do my daughters.”

“And since we’re going to be enjoying you for the next two days, we need her around for...the extra boost.” Victoria says with a nod in the direction of the blue slime woman.

Some days, I’m reminded just how lucky I am, surrounded by these girls and their love for me. I worry sometimes that I really don’t deserve this, that I can’t do a good enough job loving them they way they deserved to be loved. Ellen picks up on my hesitation and soon a little harpy girl is sitting on the edge of my bed. “You do want do it with us don’t you?”

“Of course I do, but I’m not sure I can satisfy all of you, even with-”

“Don’t be silly master,” Kate reassures me and I struggle to look at her face instead of her huge tits...and fail miserably. “You’ve never let us down before and you’re not going to start now.”

“That’s right, now just lay back and enjoy.” Elizabeth tells me as her snake hair hisses in agreement. With that the girls begin advancing on me, but I hold out my hands to stop them, if only for a moment.

“Wait a sec. There’s no way we’re all going to fit on this bed. Let me-”

“Is that a challenge?” Artesia asks with a ruffle of black feathers, clearly hoping it is.

“No, I’m just saying that-”

“I do so enjoy taming a master who challenges his Queen.” Several smaller slimes voice their agreement with their leader.

“Just wait a-”

“NO, NO, NO!” Tiffany shouts and strikes her mouse tail on the floor, what little patience she had is consumed by her lust. “We waited five minutes and that was six minutes too long! We’re all gonna get in bed with you and screw you until we all feel so good we never want to do anything ever again except fuck more and more and more, forever! Let’s get him!” And I’m engulfed in a sea of soft skin and endless pleasure.

This is what it’s like taking of my “pets”. They drive me insane and yet I never want them to change. The leave me unable to go on and yet I always want more. They always want my body and yet it’s my heart they desire more than anything. I don’t have a “one true love” like in the fairy tales my girls walked out of; I’m a strange man who has 13 true loves, the very monsters themselves from those tales. This is what my life is and you know what?

I wouldn’t want it to ever change for anything.

Hopping through the Forest[edit]

(This one is told by Zoey the wererabbit)

Monday’s are the worst days of the week. I have a different reason for disliking them from most people since I don’t go to work or school. I hate them because master is gone for so long. Every other day he comes home by 4’o clock at the latest, but tonight he won’t be home until 7. Even with the other girls here, I’m still lonely without him. Helena said it’s because I’m in love; before he came here I was never lonely as long as the other girls were around.

Today is an especially bad Monday. I’m still kinda scared of thunderstorms. Ok, I lie, thunderstorms still freak me out and the one that had rolled in this morning was really bad. Waking up to thunder outside my window is not something I enjoy. But master knows that I get scared, and soon I was in his arms, letting him rub my long ears as he told me it would be fine. Needless to say stroking lead to kissing and that lead to us making love right there. We stayed locked together after that until he told me he had to leave and that he would be gone almost all day...great, now I feel even lonelier. This is why, unlike some of the other girls, I try and hold off on us having sex, at least until he gets back from town, just so we can be together a bit longer.

I usually take a nice quick run during the mornings, but I sure wasn’t going out in this kind of storm. Maybe the other girls were doing something interesting. My first thought was to find Brandy, since she understands better than anyone how I get during thunderstorms because despite how much she acts like a tough girl, she’s freaked out by them too. I wish I could hide it as well as she does, because Elizabeth informed me she was out hunting despite the weather. She must have been bored, since her “hunts” usually meant “Stalk and catch whatever I can find but turn it loose unless I’m really hungry.” Well, all the other girls are sleeping or doing something boring, so I guess hanging out with Elizabeth wouldn’t be too bad.

That was an hour ago, and right now I’m wishing I had human ears because they’re so much easier to cover then my long ones. Lizzy isn’t that bad to be around, she really isn’t, but she’s only tolerable in small doses, otherwise she just goes on forever. How can someone talk for an hour but not say anything?! I’m so very close to slamming my head into the table to try and block her out when I feel light on my face streaming in from the window. “Oh look, the rain stopped. Well I was planning on taking a short run earlier. I think I’ll do that now, nice chatting with you Elizabeth.” I tell her quickly, hoping I don’t sound too desperate to get away. Before she can say anything else I practically leap out the back door and shut it behind me, breathing a sigh of relief. Well, since I’m out here, I will take that little run of mine. I jump off the porch on to the soft wet grass, enjoying the feel of it between my large toes as I do some warm up stretches before I set my eyes on the tree line and dash off.

That’s better. I won’t hesitate to say that I’m proud of my running speed and the amount of control I have over these legs. There is a feeling I get as I zip past the trees, only my own skill keeping me from colliding with them, for me it’s the third best feeling in the world. I once tried to explain it to master, but I don’t he understood: he compared it to having a fast car and driving with the wind in your hair. I don’t see how this could be anything like that. Cars are so small and noisy; they just end up cramping up my legs and hurting my ears when I ride in them. Well, I could make an exception if master was in the car with me. ARGH! No! I’m not going to think about him right now! I’m gonna enjoy my run! I need something else to help get him off my mind. Brandy usually does her hunting in the northern part of the farm, maybe I’ll go find her. She can always make me feel better when I’m down; after all, what are best friends for?

I get about half way across our property before I hear something that stops me dead cold. Gunshots. Really close too. When we were little, Papa never let us outside during hunting season. Given how small we were, I guess he was worried that we’d be mistaken for normal animals at a distance. Well I’m a big girl now and no hunter can catch me but...better safe than sorry. I’ll find Brandy and we’ll head back to the house, even if have to drag that stubborn puppy every step of the way. Focusing only on that I move again, blocking out everything else to my later regret. I really should have noticed that unusual patch of leaves, I should have heard the twinge of a tightening snare but typical me doesn’t notice anything until the wire tightens painfully around my ankle and I’m yanked up.

I’m surprised I don’t panic right away. First I try release the wire myself and succeed in cutting my fingers on it. Excuse me; I’m going to panic now. I thrash about wildly trying to get this stupid thing off me, but I don’t call for help. The last thing I want to do is attract whoever set this snare. I keep struggling until I can’t move anymore, it just won’t come off. As if someone decided I wasn’t miserable enough already, thunder booms right above my head and the next thing I know I’m soaked with rain. Great, wonderful. The hunter is gonna come back any minute and if he doesn’t kill me on the spot I’ll end up sold to some freak show. I’ll never see my home, my family or the man I love again. Brandy, Helena, master...someone, please save me. What pulls me out of my depressed thoughts is someone telling himself he’ll check the traps one last time. A middle aged man comes into view, but I don’t get a good look at him, my eyes are fixed on his hunting rifle and the large knife on his belt. I guess this is the end, but something compels me to croak out in a weak voice, “Hi. Can you let me down?”

The last thing I expected him to do was stutter out an apology before starting to loosen the wire and commenting on my weird pants. Right, weird furry pants that happen to be my legs. I’m finding myself being very self conscious of my exposed sex and hope this guy doesn’t want to inspect my “pants” too closely. Instead he asks how I ended up caught in this thing. “I was looking for my friend,” I tell him, not entirely untruthfully, “you accidentally set your snares up on my mast-I mean boyfriend’s property.” “Sorry about that. Knew there was a farm in the area, but I didn’t think I was on it. That boyfriend of yours ought to put up some signs or something...and you’re loose.” He tells me as lowers me to the ground. I immediately try to scoot away from the man, which only seemed to rouse his curiosity in me. I feel his eyes roam over me and I tense up: only master is allowed to look over my body. His gaze settles on looking at my head or more specifically my ears, which are starting to droop a bit in the downpour. “Are those real?” he asks me. All I can do is nod, shivering from fear and cold and trying not to cry.

Now that he knows I’m not human, I start going through scenarios. If he’s going to kill me, I hope he uses the gun. That way it’ll be quick and painless. But maybe he likes watching rabbits squirm when catches them so he’ll gut me with that big knife. I still think that’d be better than letting him take me away. I don’t to become a sideshow attraction or, way worse, a lab rat. If what Queen says they do to you in lab is true, I’d rather he kill me. And speaking of Queen...oh no, what he forces me lead him back to house? What he kills master and captures us all? Everyone will hate me! What did I ever do wrong to deserve this? I can’t fight back the tears anymore as I collapse on the ground and beg. “Please! Please j-just pretend you never saw me! I don’t wanna, hic, don’t wanna die! Please pretend this never happened!”

I never hear his answer, someone behind me barks “You get even ONE centimetre closer to her and I’ll rip out your throat!” He gets out all of a “Jesus Christ!” before a very angry werewolf pounces on the man. They struggle for a bit and end rolling closer to me, ending up with Brandy on top snarling at the hunter, his gun pinned between them. And maybe I’m crazy, but he seems more scarred that she gonna kill him than the other way around. It’s clear that Brandy has the advantage; she’s stronger than any human after all, but I don’t think she needs to ki-


The gun goes off and Brandy stiffens. What have I done?! My best friend tries to save me and she gets killed! If I had only I had paid attention to what I was doing, none of this would have happened. I go into auto-pilot at this point, only aware of a few things: My legs tense up and slam into something which sails through the air before hitting a tree. As I come back to reality, I notice a werewolf lying beside me. She must have rolled off, and that means, “Brandy, you’re ok!” I think I’m crying again.

“Of course I’m fine! That guy could never hit me.” she motions to a bullet hole in another nearby tree. Despite the bravado in her voice I can see her shaking, she’s just as scared as I am. “That was a nice kick though,” she continues, referring to the unconscious (I hope) hunter I guess I must have launched a good couple of meters away. “You o.k., Zoey?”

No, I’m not. I’m cold, I’m wet, I’m tired, and I’m scared. I wanna go home, and I want you and everyone else to be there so I’ll never be alone, and I want master to be there and I want him to hold me tight and kiss me and tell everything will be just fine. But more than anything, I need to cry, and latching on to my best friend for dear life I bawl my eyes out.

The next thing I’m aware of is that it’s much warmer and drier, and someone above me is humming a lullaby, the same one Papa use to sing to us when we ran to him, crying for whatever reason. When I finally manage to get my eyes open I see Helena above me, stroking my cheek while humming softly, and realize the comfy pillow I’m on is actually her tail. She never wanted us to call her mom or mommy, aside from her daughters doing it I think it felt too weird to her. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t a mother to me all the same and just like all moms she picks up on me being awake despite my absolute silence. “Feeling better?” I nod in response, “Good. You gave us all a bit of fright when Brandy dragged you back. Oh, and don’t worry: she went back to check on him and make sure he left. He’s alive but badly shaken. There’s going to be a few more “Bigfoot” sightings for the next couple of months.” She wiggles one of my toes to playfully prove her point, but I don’t feel like laughing.

“He got a g-good look at me and- and...” I stutter through sobs before she gently hushes me.

“It’s fine. With the fright Brandy gave him and the concussion he likely has thanks to you I doubt he’ll recall anything too clearly besides running into a pair of “somethings”. Hardly convincing evidence, I think.” She reassures me, and reminds me of something that just makes me sob more.

“-Didn’t mean to hurt him. He j-just looked, looked like he was, *hic*, curious, not like he wanted to hurt me.”

“Be that as it may, I still find this preferable. Some of the curious types can forget that we have feelings and aren’t merely savage animals. For every human like your father or your master there are a 100 who will try and dissect you because they are “curious” and 1000 who will try to kill you because you exist.” There’s anger rising in her voice as uses her free hand to examine an area of slightly miscoloured scales on her tail and her eyes go out of focus. I guess it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t talk about your life before coming to the house if you’re not comfortable with it. I’m not sure what experiences some of us had with humans before, but I can guess they aren’t good ones. “But that’s irrelevant,” Helena’s eyes focus back on me, “what is important is that my daughter here is safe and sound. Whatever happens next we will deal with as it comes. So no more tears, understand?”

I don’t care if she didn’t give birth to me or if she’s a giant snake; Helena is still the best mommy I could ever ask for. I startle her just a little when I bounce up and hug her, but soon I feel her hug me back just as tightly. Now if only one other person was here, I’d be beyond happy.

“Hey girls! Sorry I’m a bit late, the weather out there is-WOAH!” I hear from the front door as someone tackles master, though it impossible tell who exactly over the 11 voices trying to say hello while also trying to seduce him. I get up and almost make it out of the room when it dawns on me I’m going to have to tell about what happened. I’m going to single-handedly ruin his good mood; he probably won’t even be able to look at me for screwing up this bad.

I hear Helena move up behind me as she picks up on my unease. “Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to him and he will listen.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be fine telling him.” I say as much to myself as to her. I guess it’s time to face the music, and my heart drops into my stomach as I head to the front door.

Everyone else must know about what happened, because they’re willing to let master go when I say I need to talk to him. Now on top of everything else he’s weirded out since he normally couldn’t beat us off with a stick. Wonderful, he’s going to hate me for sure after this. Still, I somehow manage to get him into the bedroom I share with some of the other girls and even get the door shut to allow us some privacy. He takes a seat on my bed and asks what’s wrong. Wondering how angry he’ll be, I tell him everything that happened as fast as I can. Not knowing or caring if he actually understood a word I said I snap my eyes shut and wish the ground would just swallow me up. I hear a rustling on the bed and before I can get out another apology I feel master’s strong arms around me, his lips pressed to mine. “I’m just thankful you’re safe,” he tells me as he pulls away, “I’m sorry I let you down. Can you forgive me?”

“Master, you didn’t do anything wrong! If I had just been paying more attention-”

“You shouldn’t have to be on your guard here. I’m supposed to keep you all safe and look what happened. I was careless because this place was so out of the way, so if anyone is at fault here, it’s me.” He tells me looking right into my eyes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so scared. Scared of what nearly happened and scared that he’s proved to himself that he doesn’t deserve us. This isn’t what I wanted at all.

“You have nothing to be sorry for master. “I tell him with a kiss on the nose, “What happened today was an accident, I guess. So I won’t blame myself if you don’t blame yourself. Deal?”

“Deal.” He agrees as he starts kissing me again. This is the second best feeling the world, the two of us close together like this. But I know it can be even better. I wanna be even closer to master, every part of our bodies touching. I start clawing at his shirt trying to get it off him and sensing my intent he pulls away. “You’re sure?”

I lift off my shirt and plant another kiss on his nose to answer. He lets me help remove his own clothes, allowing my hands to brush his chest and legs. I have to fight the urge to stroke his hardness as soon as it’s free. I need to feel that buried inside so bad it almost hurts. Still, I somehow control myself enough to make over to my bed and lay down, spreading my legs open to invite him in. He didn’t hesitate for even a second before climbing in after me, kissing me with a lot more desire this time as he slowly pushed inside me.

He waited as I wrapped my legs and arms around him and pulled us together, wanting to be as close as possible, my pleasure mounting as he gets deeper and deeper inside. I give him my permission before he starts slowly thrusting in out, rubbing his hands all over my body. Yes, master, touch me everywhere; you know how good that makes me feel. He’s always so devoted to making sure I’m enjoying it, but I want him to feel good too. I start bucking my hips to match his movements and whisper in his ear that I want him to cum as deep in me as he can, just as he always does. We start moving faster and faster, I’m so close and he’s nearly there too. I pull him as close to me as possible and scream so loud my ears hurt when I reach my limit and the increasing tightness between my legs brings his release as well.

This is bliss. This is perfect. This is the best feeling in the world and I never want it to end.

Like all good things it does end, but master and I still stay locked together. Master gathers enough strength to lift himself up and look me in the eyes. “You’re not going to let me go anytime soon, are you?”


“Good.” He smiles then rests his head on my chest and starts affectionately stroking my long ears. He always focuses on making all of us happy, how could he ever think he wasn’t good enough for us? When I was caught the one thing I wanted more than anything was for master to hold me just like this, to chase away all my fears and reassure me just how loved I was. I think it’s time I did the same for him. I take his face in my hands and firmly kiss him, and as I pull away he asks me, “What was that for?”

“That,” I tell him with a giggle and a soft kiss on the nose, “is so you never forget that I love you, master.”


(And this bit is the master)

It takes me and the girls most of the next two days to find all the other snares and traps that were placed on our property. No matter how much they try and tell me that it isn’t my fault, I still feel it is. I’m just thankful there weren’t any steel foothold traps out here. If Tiffany or Ellen, with their smaller legs, were to get caught in one of those...I don’t want to think about it, I couldn’t live with myself if any of them got seriously hurt. There’s no fence around the farm since we’re an hour and a half from the town and in the middle of nowhere, but I’m going to give some serious though to putting one up. In the mean time however, I’ll have to do with putting up many “Trespassers will attacked by dog” signs just outside the farm boundaries. Brandy’s still pissed about the whole incident and wanted the signs to say “beware of werewolf”, but I negotiate with her to keep it as it is, in return she’ll get me first in morning for the next two weeks. Needless to say she likes this arrangement a lot.

A few days after our close call I was rushing to my class, cutting it dangerously close to being late as usually. When a lamia and a large mouse ambush you at the front door and demand you satisfy them right then and then, you can’t exactly say no. I was lucky though, as the professor hadn’t arrived yet either despite normally being a very punctual man. It was even more surprising that he hadn’t shown up 15 minutes later. A few students had already left when the professor came in nearly 20 minutes late, apologising and holding his bandaged head in obvious pain. There was no way he could...and yet, my curiosity wouldn’t be satisfied until I knew. “Professor, what happened?”

“I had a bit of a hunting accident. Let’s leave it at that.”