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Yet to see one of these for Harlequins, so here it is.

Composition of the Masque[edit]

How many Players belong to the Masque? (d10)
1–3 Extremely small number of Players, with only the bare minimum in specialist actors and vehicles.
4–6 Standard sized. Enough Players for the traditional 3 Troupes plus a few specialists and vehicles.
7–9 Large. Enough Players to fill each Troupe many times over, and many specialists and vehicles.
10 Grand Masque. The Masque is so large that it is made up of several Masques.

How is the Masque composed? (d12)
1-4 A fairly standard composition, with the majority of its members being regular Harlequin Players.
5-7 Most of the Masque's Players are skilled pilots as well as performers, and each Troupe has far more vehicles than the average because of this.
8-9 There is an unusually large number of Shadowseers within the Masque.
10-11 Many of the Masque's Players play the role of the Death Jester.
12 For one reason or another, Solitaires are a fairly common sight within the Masque; sometimes, there are even several at a time.

Which Troupe is the most influential within the Masque? (d10)
1-3 The Troupe of Light. The Masque finds itself in the spotlight as heroes and saviours, always leading the heroic charge.
4-6 The Troupe of Twilight. The Masque's actions make little sense to the outside observer, as actions seem random, chaotic, and seemingly without reason - until each and every small act comes together to accomplish their bizarre goal.
7-9 The Troupe of Dark. The Masque is one of sinister and violent means, revelling in the fear and sorrow of their enemies, waiting in shadows until the cruelest of tricks is played on their targets.
10 The Masque's specialist actors. The specialists of the Masque are highly regarded, and the Shadowseers and Death Jesters of the Masque carry a great weight of responsibility.

Which Troupe holds the smallest number of Players? (d10)
1-3 The Troupe of Light. You will find few heroes and saviours within the Masque's ranks.
4-6 The Troupe of Twilight. The Masque is full of great deeds and sinister plots. Shades of grey are a rare sight within this Masque.
7-9 The Troupe of Dark. Honourable guardians and grandiose performances are a common sight. Rarely does this Masque take on subtler means.
10 The Troupes maintain relatively equal numbers. It is hard to say which Troupe outnumbers which, and it is easy to find all kinds of faces and personas.

The Troupe Master[edit]

Which Troupe did the Troupe Master previously belong to? (d12)
1–3 The Troupe of Light. A true hero and saviour to all.
4-6 The Troupe of Dark. A deceptive and sinister schemer.
7-9 The Troupe of Twilight. A mad genius, or simply a fool?
10 The Troupe Master was previously a Shadowseer.
11 The Troupe Master was previously a Death Jester.
12 The Troupe Master is of an unknown origin.

The Troupe Master's dramatic mantle (d12)
1 The Sun
2 The Star
3 The Shadow
4 The Void
5 The Sky
6 The Redtide
7 The Moon
8 The Highborn
9 The Leering
10 The Bladed
11 The Nightmare
12 The Sorrowful

The Troupe Master's ritual persona (d12)
1 King/Queen
2 Prince/Princess
3 Knave
4 Witch
5 Judge
6 Executioner
7 Seer
8 Fiend
9 Crone
10 Fool
11 Guardian
12 Herald

The Masque's performances[edit]

The Masque favours which location to perform? (d10)
1-3 The Craftworlds
4-6 The Dark City of Commorragh
7-9 The Exodite Worlds
10 Other (Imperium, Tau Empire, minor Xenos planets, etc.)

Which tales does the Masque most often perform? (d100)
1-10 The Fall of the Eldar, and tales of hubris and pride.
11-18 The tragedies of Isha, and stories of great loss.
19-26 The epics of Khaine, and fables of war and combat.
27-34 The legends of Asuryan, and the old history of the pre-fall empire.
35-42 The stories of Hoec, and tales of the webway's secrets.
43-50 The fables of Kurnous, and shows of the Eldar's greatest achievements.
51-58 The myths of Morai-Heg, and the stories of fate and destiny.
59-66 The tales of Lileath, and stories of mighty ambitions and hopeful dreams.
67-74 The legends of Vaul, and tales of confinement, punishment and weakness.
75-82 The epics of Ynnead, and tales of loss, suffering and new hopes.
83-90 The comedies of Cegorach, and performances of deception, trickery and of his Harlequins.
91-95 Personal tales of the Masque, and its victories against Cegorachs enemies.
96-98 Warnings of the Chaotic powers, and prophecies of doom and misfortune.
99-100 The Masques performances are far too abstract and metaphoric for those outside of it to gather any understanding of the plot or narrative, but those who know where to look and those in desperate need will find invaluable insight in critical matters.

What is the usual moral of the Masques performances? (d10)
1-2 Hope. So that they may know a better day.
3-4 Fear. So that they may change their course.
5-6 Sorrow. So that they may better understand their loss.
7-8 Joy. So that they may revel in their victories.
9-10 Guilt. So that they may suffer justice for their actions.

What shape do the Masque's performances often take? (d25)
1-4 Tragedies. Performances that end in death, suffering, and loss, and where all our heroes meet truly melancholic ends.
5-8 Histories. Performances detailing the countless ages of the historic Eldar past, and the lessons that may be learned from them.
9-12 Comedies. Performances that end well and true, where no matter the costs to get here, once the end has been reached, everything is where it should be.
13-15 Acrobatics and dance. Daring feats of agility and majestic ballets, using the body and its motion in order to create breathtaking shows.
16-18 Music. Operas, ballads and songs of the pre-fall empire. By using musical performances, the Masque can truly touch its audiences soul.
19-20 The Masque's performances are so unique they are unable to be placed into any other category.
21-24 Dark Comedys, nihilistic performances where everything either ends poorly for everyone involved or a despicible protagonist achieves a bittersweet victory all presented in a mocking fashion where the joke is the inevitability of death and the futility of existence.
25 Performance in mime, the Masque performs its shows solely through mime with out a single word spoken roll again on this table(rerolling doubles of this result) for the type of performance the troupe acts out in silence

What makes the Masque's performances truly spectacular? (d20)
1–5 Several audience members always find themselves playing a role.
6-9 At least one observer always ends up losing their life.
10-12 A certain number of audience members can never be found after a performance ends.
13-15 Each audience member remembers a different performance.
16-17 No one remembers the performance or its actors, simply that it happened and the feelings that the show left them.
18-19 The characters in the show are members of the audience, played by the Masque.
20 The show started long before the performance began, and continues long after the performance ends.

The Masque's history[edit]

The Masque has touched the heart and soul of one above all others, who is their biggest fan and ally? (d20)
1-4 A Craftworld Farseer
5-8 An Archon of Commorragh
9-12 An Exodite Monarch
13-15 A Mon-Keigh Governor
16-18 A Tau Ethereal
19 The Troupe Master of a different Masque
20 The most unlikely of fans (roll on enemies table bellow)

The Masque's acts have caused quite a bit of strife for a certain someone, who is their greatest critic and enemy? (d20)
1–4 A Chaos Lord
5-8 A Greater Daemon
9-12 An Ork Warboss
13-14 A Necron Phaeron
15-16 An Astartes Chapter Master
17-18 A Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
19 A Craftworld Autarch
20 A Dark Kin Haemonculus

Who is the Masque's favoured enemy? (d10)
1-3 The ruinous forces of Chaos
4 The Imperium of Mankind
5 The Tau Empire
6 The Orks Klans
7 The Necron Dynasties
8 The Tyranid Hive Fleets
9 The Dark Kin of Commorragh
10 The Craftworlds of the Asuryani

The Masque recently suffered a great tragedy. What was it? (d12)
1-3 The previous Troupe Master was recently assassinated during a performance.
4-6 The Masque has suffered catastrophic losses in a recent battle.
7-9 Cegorach has shown his dissatisfaction with the Masque in the most ironic of ways.
10-12 The Masque has recently splintered into several other Masques due to internal strife and conflict.

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