Harry Potter and the Tabletop RPG

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Harry Potter and the Tabletop RPG is a system made for playing as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The system is designed to have very quick character creation and streamlined play, with most of the crunch done between sessions of play. Second Edition is now available which improves many of the issues with the previous version and rolls all the books into one. 1st Edition is still available for those with ongoing campaigns.

2nd Edition Download[edit]

Last Update was 2.1 on 14th May 2019

Core Rulebook

1st Edition Downloads[edit]

Last Updated 28th November 2016

Actual Download Links

Core Rulebook

Book of Spells

Magical Drafts and Potions

Character Sheet PDF

Fan Generated Content[edit]

NPC Wizard Maker v1.0 by Liioadin

This can be used by the headmaster to create realistic NPC wizards. All of the stats progress pseudorealistically from year to year (including a complete seven year transcript). On the "CharacterCreator" page, you can see their stats for their entire time at Hogwarts. If you decide they should be a 4th year student, just use only the information in the 4th year columns and ignore those columns which correspond to older or younger years. To "save" a character digitally, copy all of the information and "Paste Values" into a separate spreadsheet. If you don't need a digital copy, simply print a copy of the page or print it as a PDF.

Notes: You must have Excel 365 2016+ for some of the functions to work. Wand creation is very simple at the moment. Expendable perks are not actually calculated, though the headmaster can do this very quickly given the information provided if they decide they want to.