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Hashut, the Father of Darkness is the patron of the Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar. He's portrayed as a great, blazing bull, wreathed in smoke and shadow. Bulls are a common theme for him, along with fire and oppression.


When the polar gates of the Old Ones were destroyed, the dwarfs of the Dark Lands were affected by the overflowing chaos energies more than their western cousins. Mutations ran rampant, with many gaining bull-like features and becoming bull-like monsters like the Great Taurus or Lammasu, and the dwarfs slowly losing faith in their Ancestor Gods. Eventually, Hashut offered the dwarfs his patronage and salvation in exchange for sacrifices and subjugation of others in their lands.

Got krumped by Gork & Mork during The End Times, but seems to be back in Age of Sigmar.

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