Haven Spire

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Like an Imperial Space Station, but with more pixie dust.

The Haven-class Spire is a Eldar Space Station home to many Eldar Outcasts, a number of which become corsairs.

Although most Eldar live upon their vast floating Craftworlds, those that have followed the path of the Outcast are scattered to the far extremes of the galaxy. Many of these outcasts become knife-ear pirates we know and love, joining the Pirate Princes of the Corsair fleets.

It is unknown if they could move, although knowing the Eldar, it wouldn't surprise us if it did.

  • Height: 30km; approx
  • Length: 15-20km; approx
  • Mass: 120 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 100,000 crew; approx


The Haven Spire is a base from which these Eldar launch these raids and is just one of the identified structures used by the Eldar. They are distinctively Eldar with large solar sails for capturing solar energy and are usually buried deep within asteroid fields or nebulae and have formidable weaponry as well as the corsair fleet. The Imperium are keen to destroy any Haven Spires they come across in the hopes of stopping pirate activity.

Their model appeared in ye olde days of Forgeworld where Battlefleet Gothic was still a thing on tabletop.

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