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Hearthguards are the elite Squat troopers and bodyguards of a Squat Warlord. Equivalent to Space Marine Terminators, Hearthguards were drawn from the Lord's most loyal retainers, who formed an aristocratic class in Squat Strongholds. Of high status, Hearthguard were lavishly decorated in ornaments, diamonds, and gold jewelry. Furthering their wealth, it was traditional for a Squat Warlord to present a Hearthguard with a gift in recognition for their loyalty, usually specially crafted by the Lord himself.

Because of their richly decorated equipment and trophies, Hearthguards were very individual in their appearance and did not usually wear any kind of standardized uniforms. They are sometimes mocked by their Exo Armor, which are as tough as Terminator Armor but more goofy. Expect lots of jokes on how Squats field power-armored eggs with legs.

For a more modern rendition spiritual lookalike, there is the Primaris Captain in its Terminator-esque Gravis Armor which resembles a Hearthguard put on a stretcher and is clearly a homage to these warriors. That or it must have been one heck of a 'coincidence'.


Hearthguards first and foremost, are equipped with Exo Armor that has the same stats as Terminator Armor. The extensive protection it affords the wearer is especially useful when fighting in confined spaces where movement is restricted and it is difficult to avoid concentrated enemy fire. Exo Armor has a saving throw of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

They are close combat specialists, often coming equipped with Power Axes and Power Shields. They are often a tough nut to crack (Quite literally in this case) and require powerful anti-tank weaponry to bring them down. Although the Hearthguard can swap the Power Axe with a Bolter.


Forces of the Squats
Command: Guildmaster - Living Ancestor - Squat Warlord
Troops: Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team
Commissar - Hearthguard - Mole Mortar Team
Squat Berserkers - Squat Thunderers
Squat Trooper - Tech Priest
Vehicles: Cyclops War Machine - Colossus War Machine
Land Train - Leviathan - Rhino - Squat Bike
Squat Trike - Tunneling Transport Vehicles
Flyers &
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter
Overlord Armoured Airship
Artillery: Heavy Quad-Launcher
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Goliath Mega-Cannon