Hedonites of Slaanesh

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Hedonites of Slaanesh

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General Tactics

Hedonites of Slaanesh are the vast armies of hedonists that follow or once followed Slaanesh


Age of Myth[edit]

Slaanesh is imprisoned in the sub-realm Uhl-Gysh by the machinations of the aelven gods and Morathi.

All followers and daemons of Slaanesh feel a sense of loss in response. This malaise results in Slaanesh's worshippers dividing into three major factions; the Godseekers racing across the realms to find and free their missing god/dess, the Pretenders seeking to take Slaanesh's place as the Chaos God of excess and the Invaders who just want to revel in destruction.

One of the stronger candidates for a replacement for Slaanesh to emerge among the Pretenders is the Keeper of Secrets Luxscious. This was also a time when daemonic Heralds of Slaanesh called Bladebringers started spreading blades forged in Slaanesh's kingdom to the Mortal Realms, but the blades stoked their obsession to the point they wanted to bring in lots... leading to the invention of a new bladed chariot.

Age of Chaos[edit]

Slaanesh's followers took the more subtle route as their deity missing and Khorne and Tzeentch were in ascendancy across the realms (Nurgle was fixated on Ghyran, and who cares about the Great Horned Rat). As each god seemed to have a realm or two they focused on, Slaanesh's daemons spread out. In Chamon, the daemons known as Syll'Esske manage to take the dwarf city Karak Zorkai by corrupting a hedonistic dwarf into turning his fellow dwarfs into cyborg-esque war-golems and in Shyish a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord fights with a savage tribe called the Unmade. But the Hedonites focus their greatest efforts on Ulgu and Hysh (unsurprising, given aelves are the favorite target for Slaanesh's vore fetish).

In Hysh, they subtly manipulated the Lumineth aelves with whispers like a clique of gossipy high school girls (such as telling one how much taller their rival's tower is or how much prettier their newest artwork is) until the tensions erupted into the civil war known as Spirefall.

In Ulgu, their actions did not go unnoticed, because - whatever their flaws - the Daughters of Khaine were vigilant against Slaanesh and very warlike. But the Ulguites tendency for secret vices provides fertile ground for Slaanesh. But the Khainites manage to defeat Slaanesh's forces at great cost, with the Flayerhost being trapped in a magical maze and Luxscious being defeated in battle by Morathi herself and sent back to Slaanesh's realm.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

The Slaaneshi Chaos Lord Lascallion uses his supernatural senses to trace the hedonism of the Mortarch of Blood, Neferata. He becomes an obsessed fanboy of Neferata, and is able to pierce the illusions she used to hide Nulahmia, seeking to claim her as his consort. His first assault is repelled by her armies, the second by the intervention of the Stormcast Eternals and the third sees him fall literally into an uncertain fate (a pit of skeletons with no confirmation that he died).

Malign Portents[edit]

The weakening of Slaanesh's prisons allows Godseeker hosts to determine that Slaanesh is close to Ulgu. As a result, they invade the realm and come into renewed conflict with the Daughters of Khaine.

Soul Wars[edit]

The Slaanesh Chaos Lord fights against the Daughters of Khaine. Though his forces are repulsed, he gets a glimpse of the resources Morathi amassed for her plan to reach godhood. He didn't know that, but he knew Morathi was planning something big.

Broken Realms[edit]

A host of Godseekers travelled to Hagg Nar following a prophecy about Slaanesh. They arrived in time to see a fraction of Slaanesh's essence erupt from the city and fly across the horizon.

They followed it to a crater where it coalesced into a form so beautiful and terrible several of the Hedonites died. Soon the Newborn coalesced into two entities; demigods called Dexcessa, the Talon of Slaanesh and Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh, the two focused on the direct and indirect pursuits of pleasure respectively. Across the realms, followers of Slaanesh have found themselves surging with power. Dexcessa and Synessa are very good news for the Godseekers, could go either way for the Invaders and very bad news for the Pretenders (and everyone else, really).

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