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Even before the Emperor graced ancient Terra with his steps, the maelstrom had corrupted men's minds to feel the taint of the dark pantheon.The following is a list of the traitor forces, excluding Space marines, that exist the serve their dark masters.

This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

Traitor Guard[edit]

Sveran Ravagers[edit]

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The Traitor Guard Army of Sver was once a PDF force loyal to Sver nobility. When Sver was utterly destroyed by The Sons of Fire Legion destroyed its capital and only hive. However, the operation was swift and left the shattered PDF forces with no leadership. Many, seeing the might of the Sons of Fire, decided to accept openly, the worship of the Blood God, imitating the Godlike beings that destroyed their planet. Sver was destroyed in the aftermath of the Heresy, but many regiments still march under their old banner, most in service with Sons of Fire warbands, many have since become stuff of legend, their ambush tactics accentuated by a hundred conflicts, first honed on their forested home.

Ostishi Plague Hawks[edit]

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The Ostishi Plague Hawks are a Nurglite warband that hail from the semi-feral world of Ostish, where myconid life dominates the landscape. Average Human settlement is restricted to the caps of the gigantic mushrooms that rise above the clouds of spores that hover above the ground, so it became necessary for colonists to master light air transport to get around. Mounting their gyrocopters, the Ostishi would don their gas masks and fly to the surface to tend their mushroom farms and shoot the living fungoid monstrosities that threatened their crops. Ostish was peaceful until a Nurglite cult infected several of the city mushrooms, causing the spores they released to carry a mind-altering sickness that permanently brought them into the Plague Lord’s embrace. The Plague Hawks now fly with the forces of Chaos, either striking fear with their beaked masks on the battlefield or by raining their poison spores onto their enemies as a Plague Vulture.

Brazen Circuit[edit]

The Brazen Circuit is a large band of rouge Hereteks and Heretekmarines who had banded together in the name of the Blood God, putting forth their collective intellects to design and craft horrid machines to spill blood as Khorne desires. Although a number of them do go down onto the battlefield to slaughter, most deign to remain on massive brass ships in orbit, shooting down orbital strikes and sending shipments of crazed AIs and twisted Daemon Engines to wreck havoc. Watching the skirmish from afar, they continue to plan out new contraptions and death machines to grease with blood. The Brazen Circuit has dozens of connections in high places, their weapons of war are known throughout the entire galaxy for their quality and efficiency. Every collection of heretics worth noticing in the galaxy has at least some kind of deal with them. Instead of currency, they take payment for their wares in both raw materials and odder commodities for them to study, so they may one day incorporate it into some kind of contraption. They make their base in an abandoned Space Hulk orbiting the planet of Ostish, watching the conflicts and tribes below and supplying each faction with personalized commissions in exchange for the stranger resources each of them can offer.

Night Fangs[edit]

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The Night Fangs are a Chaos Undivided warband hailing from the death world of Adalbarto Baptiste, where the inhabitants were forced to evolve themselves into panther-like felinid abhumans to survive. After nearly being purged, the Night Fangs defected to Chaos and now serve as the Lost and Damned's premier jungle warriors.

Traitor Titan Legions and Dark Mechanicus[edit]

Legio Olitiau ‘Fell Bats’[edit]

Hailing from the Night Forge World of Nerezza, lit only by the fires of a thousand forges, the Legio Olitau specialized in night attacks, their titans half-glimpsed dark shapes like primeval gods destroying all who stood before them. Even before the heresy it was said they had been stained by the dark, their use of Terror tactics like chaining dead foes to their Titans and occasionally cladding their titans in the flayed hides of enemies when the fight got particularly tough to break their spirits elicited note from those who fought alongside them. This would swell to encompass the Legion as the Heresy broke out, and soon the Titans of the Fell Bats wore twisted faces and living foes chained to their armour to act as human shields as the Dark Gods took them.

Legio Yache 'Snow Stalkers'[edit]

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Hailing from the Ice world Khellathe, the Yache, 'Snow Stalkers' are masters of percision tactics and feared for their inhuman tactical knowledge brought upon by Tzeentch blessings. Once a renowned for their knowledge and tactical prowess, the Legion fell during the Heresy, when their Grandmaster, Orthos Grulin, was confronted by a lord of change while in meditation. For three days they were locked in endless debate until, the Grandmaster came out and announced his decision, to join Tzeentch in an attempt to expand their power beyond human means.

The Legio Yache were oath-bonded to the Mastodontii Legion before the Heresy, with a Demi-Legion Maniple of 20 Engines permanently seconded to the Legion and carried in the hold of the Starspear, and would continue to operate alongside them through the Heresy including on Zhuko V.

Traitor Knight Houses[edit]

House Borgius[edit]

Oathbound to the Lions Rampant, the swift Knights of House Borgius fell along with the Legion, and are now the swift harbingers of the Lord of Pleasure and Excess.

House Castus[edit]

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House Castus is a band of renegades, formerly Imperial Knights, that worship Khorne. They are based in the Eye of Terror under the command of Chaos Lord Teutates.

House Drăcul[edit]

Feared for their utter ruthlessness and lust for power, House Drăcul once ruled an entire mini Empire before the Great Crusade cut them to size. Siding with Hektor to regain their power and status, the Household soon gained a dark and dire reputation as the Heresy spread.

The Four[edit]

Not a true Knight house, The Four are a group of famous renegade knights who became champions of the traitor cause. All four were killed at the Battle of Terra, multiple times if stories are to be believed, but they've been seen on thousands of battlefields in the millennia since.

Notable Characters[edit]