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Hellbred are an obscure Dungeons & Dragons race introduced towards the end days of 3rd edition, as part of the 2nd Fiendish Codex splatbook.

In essence, Hellbred are an alternative, more grimdark form of tiefling, with a dash of revenant in their backstory.

These individuals were evil souls in their last life who, at the very last moment, realized the truth of what they had done and sought to repent, but failed to completely atone. Bound by their own nature to give such individuals a chance, but suspicious that such a show of redemption may merely be selfish fear and an act to avoid just punishment, the powers of good allow these souls to reincarnate - but the baatezu will not give up their claims on such souls easily.

This has two effects; the first is that their reincarnation, known as the Scourging, leaves them physically or spiritually marked by their hellish taint, resulting in tiefling-like deformities, most commonly unnaturally colored skin and/or horns. But other marks, such as a glowing or bleeding diabolic sigil on their palm, wrist or forehead, are certainly possible.

The second effect is that, ultimately, most hellbred are doomed to Hell when they die again. Sin stains their very souls, and even if they are given a clean slate again, it dogs their very footsteps, making it so very, very easy for them to reach back to the diabolic powers they once bartered for. As such, only the most epic of heroic acts could possibly hope to redeem a hellbred and allow them to fully break the chains that bind their souls to Hell.

Thusly, even if they only possess a dim awareness of their damnation, all hellbred feel a calling to seek redemption, embarking on one seemingly doomed or impossible quest after another. After all, if they could singlehandedly save a city from invaders, destroy a duke or archduke of hell, or annihilate a potent artifact of evil, then that alone will free them from the clutches of their devilish masters.

Stat Block:

Humanoid (Hellbred)
Infernal Mien (Ex): +2 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.
Evil Exception (Ex): A hellbred does not act against its alignment by employing spells with the Evil descriptor, and is treated as Evil for the sake of using Evil magic items, irregardless of its actual alignment.
Hellbound (Su): A slain hellbred cannot be restored by Raise Dead; only Resurrection or stronger spells will work.
Devil's Favor: Gain the Devil's Favor feat (1/day per Devil-Touched feats you have, gain a +2 bonus on an attack roll, saving throw or ability check) as a bonus feat.
Infernal Aspect: Choose between either the Body or the Soul and gain powers as appropriate.
Infernal Aspect: Body (Ex): +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +4 racial bonus on saves vs. poison, bonus Devil-Touched feat at 4 HD and 14 HD.
Infernal Aspect: Soul (Su): +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, Darkvision 30 feet (60 feet at 6 HD, 120 feet at 9 HD) and +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive Checks. At 12 HD, can see even in Deeper Darkness spells. At 15 HD, gain Telepathy 100 feet.
Favored Class: Paladin

Devil-Touched Feats[edit]

Just because /tg/ is awesome at doing stuff like that, here's all of the bonus feats that a Hellbred with the Infernal Aspect of Body qualifies for so you don't have to go hunting down this stuff elsewhere.

  • Devil's Aura
Prerequisites: Cha 13, Intimidate 9 ranks, Devil's Favor Feat
Benefit: Once per day, plus 1 extra time per Devil-Touched feat you have, you can generate an aura of fear for 1 round as a swift action. All living creatures within 10 feet must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Cha modifier) or become Shaken for 1d3 rounds.
  • Devil's Flesh
Prerequisites: Con 15, Devil's Favor
Effect: You gain a bonus to Natural Armor and Intimidate checks equal to (1/2 the number of Devil-Touched feats you have). You also suffer an equivalent penalty to Diplomacy checks against Good creatures.
  • Devil's Sight
Prerequisites: Wis 15, Devil's Favor
Benefits: Gain Darkvision 60 feet (or increase existing darkvision range by +60 feet). 1 + Devil-Touched feat times per day, you can use a swift action to gain Blindsight 30 feet for 5 rounds.
  • Devil's Stamina
Prerequisites: Devil's Favor, base Fortitude save +3
Benefits: Gain +2 maximum hit points, and a further +2 hit points for each additional Devil-Touched feat you have. 1/day, grant yourself Fast Healing (total Devil-Touched feats number) for 5 rounds.
  • Devil's Tongue
Prerequisites: Cha 15, Devil's Favor
Benefits: As a standard action, attempt to beguil any creature within 60 feet, forcing them to succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Cha modifier) or be Dazed and Flatfooted for 1 round. You can use this 1/day, and a further 1/day for each additional Devil-Touched feat you have. By burning 2 uses at once, you can use it as a swift action. This is a mind-affecting, language-dependent, supernatural ability, so a target creature must be able to hear and understand you before they are vulnerable to it.