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Cross our fingers and hope Marvel doesn't sue this units production line.

Hellions AKA Fucking Goblin Glider rip off, GeeDubs stealing Marvel's copyright, ahem...Marvel's Goblin in SPEHSS are a Dark Eldar unit dedicated in assaulting enemy units as quickly as possible before flying off. As you may know, in order to obtain such speed and maneuverability the Hellion squad was 'gifted' with Norman Osborn's Goblin Glider of Spider-Man fame. From a history of ripping off other franchises no matter how big or small, the Hellions are one of the worst examples of Games Workshops plagiarism since they're already "Eldar", a term invented by Tolkien, and it's not even fucking subtle. The glider is now renamed as the Skyboard, which is a flying platform equipped with underslung Splinter Pods and spiky bits to chop up some unfortunate persons. Hellions are comprised of outcasts, anarchists and wanted felons who are considered rebellious even by other Dark Eldar, so think of them as the equivalent of the Ork's Stormboyz.

Hellions form gangs that prey in the streets of Commorragh. They often maintain close ties to the Wych Cults, who provide them with various Combat Drugs and protection against other gangs and threats in exchange for performance in the bloody fights of the Cult's arena, as well as any realspace raids they may be hired out on. They're rarely part of a Kabal, unless it's the Kabal of the Slashed Eye run by the Green Goblin himself Baron Sathonyx, or they might don the colors if being hired by one. It is also rumored that there is a singular figure in the Darkness of Commorragh, one dressed in Red and Blue, who fights using web-like material. The Hellions fear this spider beast, and avoid him if at all possible.


Hellions typically wield Hellglaives or, if they are feeling a bit like Scorpion, a Stunclaw. Synonymous with street gangs, reprobates and miscreants without exception, Hellions perform mad races in the shady streets and between the spires of Commorragh as well as maintaining fierce rivalries with the Reavers and Scourges of the upper levels, as they hate those who flaunt privilege and status. Meaning that they aren't too thrilled of being ordered by the likes of an Archon so expect an Archon immediately missing his head if he has the audacity to boss them around. They often deploy ahead of the Dark Eldar army, or even during the battle.


Forces of the Dark Eldar
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