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Helm symbol.jpg
Aliases God of Guardians, the Great Guard, He of the Unsleeping Eyes, the Vigilant One, the Watcher
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank 2E/3E/5E: Intermediate God
4E: Dead God
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Guardians, Vigilance
Domains 3E: Law, Planning, Protection, Strength
5E: Life, Light, Twilight
Home Plane Great Wheel: Everwatch (Mechanus)
World Tree: Everwatch (House of the Triad)
Worshippers Paladins, Bodyguards, Town Guards, People who need stuff guarded
Favoured Weapon Ever Watchful (BASTARD sword)
The aforementioned depiction of Helm

Helm is the Lawful Neutral (bordering on Lawful Stupid) God of Watchmen, Guardians, Soldiers, Duty and Loyalty in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons.

Helm sits in that unfortunate place where he's most known for being either really boring or for being a huge dickhead.

His holy symbol, however, is an armored pimp hand with an eye, and one of his common pictorial representations has him choking the ever-loving Abyss out of a marilith, so that's pretty badass.


Helm is one of those old "Dawn of Time" deities. He got involved with the Dawn Cataclysm, caused when Lathander tried to make all the gods more like himself. This unfortunately caused Helm's lover Murdane to be killed, despite this, whether or not he holds a grudge, Helm stoically spends his time watching and waiting for those who mess with the divine order. Says a lot that Helm let something like the Dawn Cataclysm happen though, and was just the first in a series of lapses of vigilance on the part of the Watcher.

During the Time of Troubles, he succeeded in not getting thrown out of the heavens by Ao simply because everyone knew that there was no way he could have been the one to steal the Tablets of Fate, after which he was assigned the role of guarding the doorways back and keeping the other gods from returning. In his heavy-handed zeal, when Mystra tried to order him to let her pass, he struck her dead, permanently damaging the Weave and creating the existence of wild magic and dead magic zones all over Faerûn. During 3rd edition, such places were often referred to as "Helmlands", a huge blot on Helm's record and one that his worshippers never quite got over.

Further compounding this is the infamous Maztica disaster, where a bunch of Helm-worshippers discovered Faerûn's South America expy and proceeded to turn into a band of psychos, committing acts of brutality, mass slavery, and attempted cultural and literal genocide. Even though he hadn't told them to do this, Helm's reputation was absolutely shot after news of this got back to the Sword Coast, to the point he had to found an entire new Paladin order to try and atone for the damage done and save his reputation.


Somehow, Helm got roped into delivering love letters between the gods: Tyr and Tymora.

Things went pear shaped when Tyr later accused Helm of stealing Tymora's heart (presumably in the figurative sense) and challenges Helm to a duel over the matter of honour. Then Tyr got the satisfaction of killing Helm.

The whole story smacks of contrived bullshit though, because Tyr is the Lawful Good of Justice, and a greater deity at that. So fighting over petty love letters is a bit beneath him. Also prematurely jumping to the fatal conclusion that the god of Vigilance who he trusted to deliver the letters would end up stealing his girl is a bit of an error in judgement.

Thankfully, Tyr noticed the flaw in his logic and felt he could no longer function in his position as god of Justice. He would later abdicate his position and invest all of his divine power into his former servant and ally Torm.

One in-universe theory is that Helm wasn't actually killed at all, but merged with Tyr (or was an aspect of him all along), so Tyr absorbed Helm and then Torm absorbed Tyr... creating one super god of goodness, vigilance, duty, justice and paladins.

Then later Helm got better. They don't even try to explain it. He's not dead now, deal with it.



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