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Illustrated List of Templates[edit]

MediaWiki can generate an alphabetic list of all templates, but the names are not always self-explanatory, and if you're trying to find a template whose name you don't know, you will either have to view the source code of a page that has it (if you know of such a page) or check every template in the list. This section, by contrast, is sorted roughly by function and also has all templates transcluded into it, so you can see not only the names but also the appearances.

Article management[edit]

These templates say something about an article's content, and are generally placed at the top of pages. They may be used to inform readers (e.g. "this article is a story," "this article is not safe for work") or used to mark pages for editors and administrators (e.g. "this page is a stub," "this page needs to be deleted")


These templates are used to mark pages that have some problem requiring the attention of administrators or editors.

{{AoS-Stub}} creates:

Age of Sigmar Title.png This article related to the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a stub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{Cleanup}} creates:

Clean-Up.jpgThis page is in need of cleanup. Srsly. It's a fucking mess.

{{Delete}} creates:

Konata no redeeming value.gif This article is bad and may or may not require deleting.
Comment on the article's talk page.

{{Deletion}} creates:

Konata no redeeming value.gif This article is bad and may or may not require deleting.
Comment on the article's talk page.

{{Dnd-stub}} creates:

5e ampersand.png This article related to Dungeons & Dragons is a stub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{Editwar}} creates:

Skub fight icon.pngThis article or section is being fought over by people undoing each other's changes.
Please use the Discussion page for fighting instead of the article.


{{Flamewar}} creates:

Nuke Review.png This article covers a topic that, by its very nature, is a magnet for flamewars. Try not to get too assmad at what you're about to read.Nuke Review.png

{{Meme-copypasta-stub}} creates:

Copypaste.jpg This article related to Memes or Copypasta is a skub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{Merge}} creates:

Adeptus Mechanicus.jpg It has been suggested that this page should be merged with [[{{{1}}}]], let's discuss at discussion page.

{{Meta}} creates:

Rage-a.png This template is bad and you should feel bad.

{{NeedsImages}} creates:

Image.pngThis page is needs images. Help plz.

{{NotStub}} creates: This is NOT a stub, that's all there is to know.
{{Skub}} creates:

Big Gay Purple d4.png This article is a skub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{Stub}} creates:

Big Gay Purple d4.png This article is a skub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{Wh40k-stub}} creates:

Bolter.png This article related to Warhammer 40,000 is a skub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

{{WoD-stub}} creates:

WoD logo.png This article related to the World of Darkness is a stub. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it

Content marking[edit]

These templates are used to inform readers about the content of their articles. Try not to create templates of this kind willy-nilly (why put a tag about the type of content in the article at the top of the page when the reader can just read it for him- or herself?), and certainly don't use too many (e.g. more than two or three) of them on one page, as they will stack up in a massive centered column at the top of the page, making it difficult to read.

{{Abandoned}} creates:

Abandoned.png This article is about a homebrew that has been abandoned by its creators.
Prepare for broken rulesets, links, and promises.

{{American}} creates:

Muricafuckyeah.pngThis article is fucking 'Murican. Expect copious amounts of Freedom with an infrequent side of Awesome.

{{Awesome}} creates:

AIAaward.gif This article is awesome. Do not fuck it up.

{{Bad}} creates:

NotAwesome.png This article is bad, and you should feel bad about it.

{{Best}} creates:

Out of all the articles of this wiki, this one stands alone, comrade.
For the month of Eternity it was chosen by a popular
vote to be a shining example of all that is right about /tg/.
Ergo, this article is awesome.

{{British}} creates:

Teacup.png I dare say, this page is delightfully British. Spot of tea?

{{/co/}} creates:

COnrad.jpg This is a /co/ related article, which we allow because we find it interesting or we can't be bothered to delete it.

{{Fail}} creates:

This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.

{{Heresy}} creates:

Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

{{Heretic}} creates:

This user has been found guilty of heresy by the Imperial Holy Inquisition (which no one ever expects).
You can help 1d4chan by summarily executing him/her/it. Emprah protects!


{{HurfDurf}} creates:

Rage-a.pngThis article or section contains opinions shared by all and/or vast quantities of Derp. It is liable to cause Rage. Take things with a grain of salt and a peck of Troll.

{{MattWard}} creates:

WardSymbol.pngThis article or section involves Matthew Ward, Spiritual Liege, who is universally-reviled on /tg/. Because this article or section covers Ward's copious amounts of derp and rage, fans of the 40K series are advised that if they proceed onward, they will see fluff and crunch violation of a level rarely seen.

{{meh}} creates:

Shrug.jpg This article is probably off-topic, but tolerated because it's relevant and/or popular on /tg/... or we just can't be bothered to delete it.

{{Monstergirls}} creates:

LamiaMonstergirl.pngThis article or section is about Monstergirls (or a monster that is frequently depicted as a Monstergirl), something that /tg/ widely considers to be the purest form of awesome. Expect PROMOTIONS! and /d/elight in equal measure, often with drawfaggotry or writefaggotry to match.

{{Mosaic}} creates:

Rune-diagram.jpg This article is related to the Mosaic project.

{{Oldschool}} creates:

Oldschool.pngThis article or section is about something oldschool - and awesome.
Make sure your rose-tinted glasses are on nice and tight, and prepare for a lovely walk down nostalgia lane.

{{Plot Armour}} creates:

Plot-armour-plot-armour-aryas-plot-armour-56208058.pngThis article or section involves Plot Armor so asinine, that its sheer bullshittery warps and breaks the very fabric of the setting's universe. Expect Rage, Butthurt and accusations of Mary Sue being flung around in an endless Skub debate. THEY MAKE IT HAPPEN. You have been warned.

{{Powergamer}} creates:

Timmypowergamer.jpg This article or section covers stupidly cheesy and/or broken crunch that gives powergamers and munchkins a serious hard-on at the expense of everyone else. It is extremely likely to cause Rage in whoever goes against it. So don’t use it, you dick.

{{Promotions}} creates:

PROMOTIONS-small.pngThis article contains PROMOTIONS! Don't say we didn't warn you.

{{Sc-fluff}} creates:

This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

{{SectionalPromotions}} creates:

PROMOTIONS-small.png This section contains PROMOTIONS! Don't say we didn't warn you.

{{Sick}} creates:

Chaos star.jpg This article contains something widely considered by /tg/ to be absolutely disgusting, like pedophilia, rape porn, or any other disturbing topic, like bathing in your allies' blood.

{{Spoilers}} creates:

Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

{{Story}} creates:

Small Book.pngThe following article is a /tg/ related story or fanfic. Should you continue, expect to find tl;dr and an occasional amount of awesome.

{{WTF}} creates:

AwesomeWTF.gifThis article contains something which makes absolutely no logical sense, such as Nazi Zombie Mercenaries, Fucking Space Orangutans, anything written by a certain Irish leper or Robin Crud-ace, or Wizards of the Coast hiring the fucking Pinkertons over a children’s card game. If you proceed, consider yourself warned.

{{/vg/}} creates:

Pacman boardgame 75x75.jpg This is a /v/ related article, which we tolerate because it's relevant and/or popular on /tg/... or we just can't be bothered to delete it.


These templates have lots of links to articles that are related to each other (e.g. all of the vehicles used by the Imperium of Man). They can be placed at the bottom of these articles, which allows them to link to each other without requiring editors to make massive "See Also" sections at the bottom of each. They also make it easy to add new articles to the group -- rather than add a new link to every related article's "See Also" section, it only needs to be added once to the group template. As these templates grow, they should be made collapsible.

{{40k-DEldar-Weapons}} creates:

Weapons of the Dark Eldar
Ballistics: Splinter Pistol - Stinger Pistol - Terrorfex
Directed-Energy: Drukhari Blast Pistol - Fusion Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Shardcarbine - Shredder - Splinter Rifle
Directed-Energy: Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Tormentor Helm - Splinter Pods
Chemical: Destructor - Liquifier Gun
Warpcraft: Eyeburst - Tormentor
Other: Hexrifle - Ossefactor
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Phantasm Grenade Launcher - Splinter Cannon
Directed-Energy: Dark Lance - Haywire Blaster - Heat Lance
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Horrorfex - Implosion Missile - Cluster Caltrop Pod
Directed-Energy: Disintegrator Cannon - Monoscythe Missile - Pulse-Disintegrator
Storm Vortex Projector - Void Lance - Dark Scythe
Chemical: Necrotoxin Missile
Other: Shatterfield Missile - Spirit Vortex - Stinger Pod
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Scythe Missile Launcher - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Phantom Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons Dark Eldar Combat Weapons - Dark Eldar Power Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Void Mine

{{40k-Eldar-Weapons}} creates:

Weapons of the Eldar
Ballistics: Shuriken Pistol - Harlequin's Embrace - Harlequin's Kiss
Directed-Energy: Fusion Pistol - Mandiblaster
Sonic: Banshee Mask
Warpcraft: Neuro-Disruptor
Other: Neural Shredder
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Avenger Shuriken Catapult - Death Spinner - Gatekeepers Bastion
Reaper Launcher - Shuriken Catapult - Shuriken Rifle
Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack
Directed-Energy: Cloudsweeper - Fusion Gun - Lasblaster
Laser Lance - Prism Rifle - Ranger Long Rifle
Incendiary: Eldar Flamer
Exarch Weapons:
Ballistics: Spinneret Rifle - Tempest Launcher
Directed-Energy: Fire Pike - Hawk's Talon - Prism Blaster - Star Lance - Sunrifle
Incendiary: Dragon's Breath Flamer
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Eldar Missile Launcher - Pack Grenade Launcher - Mirage Launcher - Shadow Weaver
Shrieker Cannon - Shuriken Cannon - Torrent Reaper Launcher
Directed-Energy: Bright Lance - Scatter Laser - Starcannon
Haywire Cannon - Firestorm Scatter Laser
Sonic: Vibro Cannon
Warpcraft: Wraithcannon - D-Scythe
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Doom Weaver - Phoenix Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Prism Cannon - Pulse Laser - Prismatic Cannon
Warpcraft: D-Cannon - D-Flail
Super Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Deathshroud Cannon - Phantom Missile Launcher
Revenant Missile Launcher - Void Spinner Array
Directed-Energy: Inferno Lance - Pulsar - Suncannon
Sonic: Sonic Lance
Warpcraft: Psychic Lance
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Naval Lascannon - Phantom Lance - Pulsar Lance
Shadow Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Eldar Chain Weapons - Eldar Power Weapons
Eldar Force Weapons - Miscellaneous Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Hallucinogen Grenade

{{40k-Faction-Creation-Tables}} creates:

Warhammer 40,000 Faction Creation Tables
Imperium Adeptus Custodes Shield Host - Grey Knight Brotherhood - Imperial Guard Regiment - Imperial Guard Regiment Commander - Imperial Knight House - Inquisitor - Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest - Legiones Skitarii - Legio Titanicus - Renegade Space Marine Chapter - Sisters of Battle Order - Space Marine Battle Brother/Chapter Master - Space Marine Chapter - Tempestus Scions Regiment - Underhive Gang - Noble House - Rogue Trader - Sister of Battle/Living Saint
Chaos Chaos Space Marine Warband - Chaos Space Marine/Daemon Prince - Chaos Warband - Heretical Cult - Lost and the Damned Regiment - Renegade Knight House - Dark Skitarii Force - Traitor Titan Legion
Xenos Creature Creator - Dark Eldar Kabal - Eldar Craftworld - Harlequin Masque - Genestealer Cult - Necron Dynasty - Ork Warboss - Ork Klan - Tau Cadre - Tyranid Hive Fleet - Wych Cult
Planets Forge World Generator - Dark Mechanicus Forge World Generator - Planet Generator - Solar System Generator
Misc. Power Armour

{{40k-Imperial-Regiments}} creates:

Regiments of the Imperial Guard
Armageddon Ork HuntersArmageddon Steel LegionAthonian Tunnel RatsAttilan Rough RidersBrontian LongknivesCadian Shock TroopsCatachan Jungle FightersDeath Korps of KriegDieprian Mountain MenDrookian Fen GuardElysian Drop TroopsGilead GravediggersHarakoni WarhawksIndigan PraefectsKanak Skull TakersJopall Indentured GuardLast ChancersMaccabian JanissariesMordant Acid DogsMordian Iron GuardNecromundan SpidersPhantine Air CorpsPhantine SkybornePraetorian GuardRoane DeepersSavlar Chem DogsScintillan FusiliersTallarn Desert RaidersTanith First (And Only)Terrax GuardValhallan Ice WarriorsVostroyan FirstbornVentrillian Nobles

{{40k-Imperial-Vehicles}} creates:

Vehicles of the Imperium of Man
Walkers Brutalis Dreadnought - Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought - Contemptor-Incaendius Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought - Deathwatch Dreadnought - Dreadnought - Nemesis Dreadknight
Doomglaive Dreadnought - Furioso Dreadnought - Ironstrider Ballistarius - Invictor Tactical Warsuit
Librarian Dreadnought - Mortifier - Mortis Dreadnought - Onager Dunecrawler - Penitent Engine
Redemptor Dreadnought - Sentinel - Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought - Sydonian Dragoon
Telemon Heavy Dreadnought - Throne of Judgement - Wulfen Dreadnought - Paragon Warsuit
Arachni-rig - Ballistus Dreadnought - Eldthursar - Hrimthursar - Ridge Walker
Auto-Gurney - Ambot - Castellan-class robot - Cataphract-class robot - Colossus-class robot
Conqueror-class robot - Crusader-class robot - Cyclops Demolition Vehicle - CATs - Nuncio-Aquila
Robot Crawler - Sanctioner Pattern Automaton - Servo-Automata - Servo-skull - Scyllax-class robot
Thanatar-class robot - Thunderfire Cannon - Vultarax stratos-automata
Transports Aurox - Chimera - Coronus Grav Carrier - Crassus Armored Assault Transport - Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler
Freight Train - Goliath Truck - Gorgon Armored Assault Transport - Hades Breaching Drill - Immolator - Impulsor
Macro-Hauler - Pegasus AAV - Razorback Transport - Repressor - Rhino - Road-Wheeler - Taurox - Testudo
Titan Train - Trojan Support Vehicle - Triaros Armoured Conveyer - Tunneling Transport Vehicles
Atlas Recovery Tank - Achilles Ridgerunner - Bane Wolf - Bike Squad - Cargo-8 Ridgehauler - Centaur Utility Vehicle
Devil Dog - Field Ordnance Battery - Galvanic Servohauler - Goliath Mauler - Heavy Quad-Launcher - Hellhound
Invader ATV - Land Crawler - Outrider Quad - Pegasus AFV - Salamander Reconnaissance Tank - Samaritan
Scylla Light Tank - Siegfried - Squat Bike - Squat Trike - Tauros - Tectonic Fragdrill - Venator - Wolfquad
Castigator Tank - Caladius Grav-Tank - Gladiator Tank - Kratos Heavy Assault Tank - Krios Battle Tank
Land Raider - Leman Russ Battle Tank - Predator - Ragnarok - Repulsor Tank - Rogal Dorn Battle Tank
Sabre Tank Hunter - Sicaran Battle Tank - Spartan Assault Tank - Vindicator
Ordnance Basilisk Artillery Gun - Colossus Bombard - Deathstrike Missile Launcher - Exorcist
Goliath Mega-Cannon - Griffon Heavy Mortar Carrier - Hunter - Hydra Flak Tank
Legion Arquitor Bombard - Manticore Launcher Tank - Medusa Siege Gun
Rapier Armoured Carrier - Stalker - Whirlwind - Wyvern Suppression Tank
Astraeus - Baneblade - Capitol Imperialis - Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer - Fellblade
Leviathan - Macharius Heavy Tank - Macrocarid Explorator - Malcador Heavy Tank
Mobile Cathedral - Mastodon - Ordinatus - Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
Skimmers Dawneagle Jetbike - Escher Cutter - Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike - Imperial Jetbike
Javelin Attack Speeder - Grav-Cutter - Grav-Rhino - Kharon - Kyzagan Assault Speeder
Land Speeder - Land Speeder Vengeance - Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica
Skorpius Hover Tank - Stormrider - Storm Speeder - Pallas Grav-Attack - Abeyant
Flyers Archaeocopter - Ares Gunship - Caestus Assault Ram - Container Transporter - Corvus Blackstar
Fire Raptor - Iron Eagle Gyrocopter - Nephilim Jetfighter - Orgus Flyer - Orion Gunship - Overlord Gunship
Sky Talon - Space Marine Landing Craft - Storm Eagle - Stormbird - Stormhawk - Chiropteran
Stormraven - Stormtalon - Stormwolf - Thunderhawk - Whispercutter - Valkyrie - Vendetta - Vulture
Fighters &
Avenger Strike Fighter - Lightning Fighter - Marauder Bomber
Stormfang - Thunderbolt Fighter - Xiphon Interceptor
Seacraft Harvester Submersible - Lava Barge
Spacecraft Aquila Lander - Arvus Lighter - Boarding Torpedo - Devourer Dropship - Drop Pod
Faustus Interceptor - Fury Interceptor - Gun-Cutter - Shark Assault Boat
Starhawk Bomber - Tetrarch Heavy Lander - Galaxy Troop Ship
Titans Imperial Knight - Warhound Scout Titan - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan - Reaver Battle Titan
Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Warlord Battle Titan - Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan - Emperor Battle Titan

{{A40k-Imperial-Weapons}} creates:

Weapons of the Imperium of Man
Ballistics: Absolvor Bolt Pistol - Archaeotech Repeater - Archeotech Revolver - Assault Grenade Launcher - Autopistol
Belasco Galvian Needler - Bolter Cane - Bolt Launcher - Bolt Pistol - Condemnor Stakethrower - Exitus Pistol
Flechette Blaster - Flechette Pistol - Flintlock Pistol - Grenade Discharger - Handbow - Hand Cannon - Heavy Bolt Pistol
Kinetic Destroyer - Needle Pistol - Radium Pistol - Radium Serpenta - Ripper Pistol - Sawn-Off Shotgun - Shotgun Pistol
Stub Gun
Directed-Energy: Arc Pistol - Blast Pistol - Digital Weapons - Disintegration Pistol - Electrostatic Gauntlet - Gamma Pistol
Helfrost Pistol - Hellpistol - Hotshot Laspistol - Inferno Pistol - Laspistol - Neo-Volkite Pistol - Photon Gauntlet
Bale Eye - Eradication Pistol - Plasma-Caster - Plasma Cutter - Plasma Pistol - Rad Beamer - Voltaic Blaster
Volkite Serpenta
Incendiary: Exterminator - Hand Flamer - Phosphor Blast Pistol - Phosphor Pistol - Phosphor Serpenta - Sulphur Breath
Chemical: Alchem Pistol
Gravitational: Grav-Pistol
Other: Chimera Pistol Sword - Grapnel Launcher - Neural Shredder - Reductor Pistol - Snare Gun - Web Pistol - Web Spinner
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Angelus Bolt Carbine - Autogun - Astartes Assault Shotgun - Bolter - Bow - Combat Shotgun - Crossbow
Gun Axe - Galvanic Carbine - Pump-Action Shotgun - Radium Carbine - Storm Bolter - Stubber - Musket
Blunderbuss - Stub Cannon - Stub Rifle - Longrifle - Macrostubber - Bolt Carbine - Imperial Boltgun
Stubcarbine - Sling - Solo Boltgun - Sororitas Boltgun - Special Issue Boltgun - Bolt Rifle - Concussion Carbine
Directed-Energy: Arc Rifle - Blast Rifle - Lascutter - Hellgun - Lasgun (Lasgun Patterns) - Phased Plasma-Fusil - Plasma Blaster
Plasma Incinerator - Suppression Laser - Hotshot Lasgun - Hotshot Volley Gun - Mining Laser - Lascarbine
Laser Gauntlet - Auxilia Lasrifle - Las-Lock - Mitralock - Rad Gun
Incendiary: Assault Flamer - Flamer - Pyreblaster
Gravitational: Grav-gun
Other: Webber
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Assault Bolter - Grenade Launcher - Flechette Carbine - Needle Sniper Rifle - Radium Jezzail
Sniper Rifle - Transuranic Arquebus - Mole Mortar - Galvanic Caster - Galvanic Rifle - Forge Bolter
Magnarail Lance - Vengeance Grenade Launcher - Purgatus Crossbow - Stake Crossbow
Exitus Rifle - Light Mortar - Mark IX Sniper Rifle - Guardian Bolter - Balistus Grenade Launcher
Lastrum Storm Bolter - Mk.III Shrike Pattern Bolt Sniper Rifle - Krumper Rivet Cannon - Nemesis Bolter
Executioner Shotgun
Directed-Energy: Conversion Beamer - Long-Las - Meltagun - Plasma Caliver - Plasma Gun - Adrathic Destructor
Plasma Repeater - Volkite Charger - Photon Thruster - Melta Rifle - Plasma Talon - Plasma Exterminator
Las-Fusil - Lightning Gun - Proteus Plasma Projector - Volkite Incinerator - Plasma Burner - Arc Lance
Eradication Ray - Hotshot Marksman Rifle
Incendiary: Incinerator - Phosphor Blast Carbine - Phosphor Torch - Immolation Rifle - Balefire Gun
Chemical: Alchem Flamer - Chem-Thrower
Sonic: Transonic Cannon
Gravitational: Grav-Amp
Warpcraft: Animus Speculum - Psilencer - Psycannon
Combi-Weapons: Magna-Needle Mk.X Pattern Pistol - Ultra-Needle Mk.IX Pattern Pistol - Stub Gun-Plasma Combi-Pistol
Combi-Flamer - Combi-Melta - Combi-Grenade Launcher - Combi-Plasma - Combi-Grav - Combi-Volkite
Infernus Heavy Bolter - Adrastus Bolt Caliver - Disintegration Combi-Gun - Combi-Needler
Condemner Boltgun - Executioner Pistol - Needlespine Blaster
Other: Chaff Launcher - Crozius Arkanos - Infernum Halo Launcher
SLHG Pattern Assault Ram - Stormcaller Stave - Tarantula Sentry Gun
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Autocannon - Assault Cannon - Scatterbolt Launcher - Harpoon Gun - Heavy Bolter - Heavy Stubber - Missile Launcher
Rotor Cannon - Heavy Mortar - Heavy Shotgun - Storm-Welder - Heavy Crossbow - Harpoon Launcher - Scatter Cannon
Ripper Gun - Rad Missile Launcher - Boltstorm Gauntlet - Maxim Bolter - Grenadier Gauntlet - Tempest Bolter
Mole Launcher - Salvo Launcher - Mauler Bolt Cannon - Cyclone Missile Launcher - Typhoon Missile Launcher
Skyhammer Missile Launcher - Grenade Harness - Cerberus Launcher - Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
Deathwatch Frag Cannon - Auto-Launcher - Ravenwing Grenade Launcher - Thunderfire Cannon - Icarus Rocket Pod
Ironhail Heavy Stubber - Lucius Pattern Heavy Quad-Launcher - Tempest Salvo Launcher - Bombast Field Gun
Castellan Launcher (Superfrag Rocket Launcher - Superkrak Rocket Launcher - Vengor Launcher) - Charge Caster
Concussion Cannon - Kickback Scattergun - Malleus Rocket Launcher - Rad Grenade Launcher - Rumbler Grenade Launcher
Directed-Energy: Heavy Arc Rifle - Helfrost Cannon - Lascannon - Rad Cannon - Multi-Melta - Multi-laser
Plasma Cannon - Volkite Caliver - Volkite Culverin - Darkfire Cannon - Melta Destroyer
Las-Ripper - Irradiation Projector - Volkite Blaster - Plasma Culverin - Heavy Mining Laser
Volkite Cavitor - Volkite Falconet Battery - Corve Las-Pulser - Vultarax Arc Blaster
Heavy Lascannon
Incendiary: Atalan Incinerator - Heavy Flamer - Phosphor Blaster
Flamestorm Gauntlet - Incendine Combustor
Pyroclast Flame Projector - Infernus Firepike
Chemical: Alchem Heavy Flamer - Death Cloud Projector
Sonic: Seismic Cannon
Gravitational: Grav-Cannon - Heavy Grav-Cannon - Graviton Pulsar - Graviton Ram
Other: Firestrike Servo-Turret - Heavy Webber - Mancatcher - Sabre Weapons Battery - Torsion Cannon
Daemon Weapons:
Ballistics: Hellrifle
Ballistics: Anvilus Autocannon Battery - Anvilus Snub Autocannon - Battle Cannon - Conqueror Cannon - Demolisher Cannon
Hellstrike Missile - Hydra Autocannon - Eradicator Nova Cannon - Punisher Gatling Cannon - Punisher Rotary Cannon
Vanquisher Cannon - Ironhail Skytalon Array - Ferrumite Cannon - Onslaught Gatling Cannon - Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon
Icarus Stormcannon Array - Siegebreaker Cannon - Skyreaper Battery - Avenger Bolt Cannon - Iliastus Accelerator Cannon
Hurricane Bolter - Lastrum Bolt Cannon - Multiple Rocket Pod - Blackstar Rocket Launcher - Deathwind Missile Launcher
Hunter-Killer Missile - Bellicatus Missile Array - Hammerstrike Missile Launcher - Sabre Missile Launcher
Disruptor Missile Launcher - Frag Cannon - Hellfury Missile - Skystrike Missile - Stormstrike Missile Launcher
Aiolos Missile Launcher - Scorpius Launcher - Hyperios Missile Launcher - Hammerfall Missile Launcher
Ironclad Assault Launcher - Boreas Air Defence Missile - Skyspear Missile Launcher - Fragstorm Grenade Launcher
Arcus Launcher - Krakstorm Grenade Launcher - Blackstar Cluster Launcher - Macharius Battle Cannon - Taurox Battle Cannon
Taurox Gatling Cannon - Leviathan Storm Cannon - Vengeance Launcher - Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher - Kratos Battlecannon
Hellion Pattern Heavy Cannon Array - Terrebrax Rocket Battery - Castigator Gatling Cannon - Pulveriser Cannon
Ballistus Missile Launcher - Oppressor Cannon
Directed-Energy: Helfrost Destructor - Magma Cannon - Pulsar-Fusil - Volcano Cannon - Volkite Saker - Adrathic Devastator - Eradication Beamer
Las-Talon - Macro Plasma Incinerator - Volkite Demi-Culverin - Melta-Cutter - Siege Melta Array - Plasma Eradicator
Magna-Melta - Plasma Destroyer - Volkite Sentinel - Cyclonic Melta Lance - Plasma Storm Battery - Heavy Conversion Beamer
Thermal Spear - Hellfire Plasma Cannonade - Neutron Laser Projector - Neutron Laser - Arachnus Blaze Cannon
Arachnus Heavy Blaze Cannon - Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery - Arachnus Storm Cannon - Laser Destroyer Array
Laser Destroyer - Heavy Laser Destroyer - Omega Plasma Array - Sabre Neutron Blaster - Solex Heavy Lascannon
Melta Blastgun - Volkite Cardanelle
Incendiary: Heavy Phosphor Blaster - Incendium Cannon - Inferno Cannon - Flamestorm Cannon - Clearance Incinerator
Infernus Incinerator - Heavy Incinerator
Chemical: Chem Cannon
Sonic: Heavy Seismic Cannon - Laud Hailer
Warpcraft: Gatling Psilencer - Heavy Psycannon - Rift Cannon
Combi-Weapons: Cerastus Shock Lance
Ballistics: Apocalypse Missile Launcher - Basilisk Magnus - Colossus Siege Mortar - Deathstrike Cannon - Deathstrike Missile
Dreadhammer Cannon - Earthshaker Cannon - Griffon Heavy Mortar - Manticore Missile - Medusa Siege Cannon
Quake Cannon - Spicula Rocket System - Stormshard Mortar - Stormsword Siege Cannon - Tremor Cannon
Nemesis Quake Cannon - Doomsday Cannon - Exorcist Multiple Missile Launcher - Taurox Missile Launcher
Ironstorm Missile Pod - Stormspear Rocket Pod - Spiculus Bolt Launcher - Karacnos Mortar Battery
Praetor Multiple Missile Launcher - Morbus Heavy Bombard - Dominus Triple Bombard - Behemoth Cannon
Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Belleros Energy Cannon - Hellex Plasma Mortar
Gravitational: Graviton-Charge Cannon - Grav Flux Bombard
Warpcraft: Vortex Missile
Ballistics: Accelerator Autocannon - Ardex Defensor Mega-Bolter - Avenger Gatling Cannon - Doomstrike Missile Launcher
Gatling Blaster - Thunderhawk Cannon - Vulcan Mega Bolter - Trident - Thundercoil Harpoon - Castigator Bolt Cannon
Shieldbreaker Missile - Helios Defense Missile Pod - Hellion Missile - Accelerator Cannon - Baneblade Cannon
Stormhammer Cannon - Hellhammer Cannon - Macro-Accelerator Cannon - Revelator Missile Launcher
Cruciator Gatling Array - Stormsabre Cannon
Directed-Energy: Atrapos Lascutter - Hellstorm Cannon - Lightning Cannon - Melta Cannon - Plasma Annihilator
Plasma Blastgun - Plasma Destructor - Plasma Obliterator - Turbo-Laser Destructor
Vengeance Cannon - Arachnus Magna-Blaze Cannon - Thermal Cannon - Plasma Decimator
Volkite Veuglaire - Las-Impulsor - Volcano Lance - Volkite Chieorovile - Volkite Carronade
Defense Laser - Lightning Lock - Conversion Beam Cannon - Volkite Eradicator - Volkite Destructor
Conversion Beam Dissipator - Conversion Beam Dissolutor - Conversion Beam Extirpator
Incendiary: Acheron Flame Cannon - Conflagration Cannon - Inferno Gun
Sonic: Sonic Destructor
Gravitational: Graviton Destructor - Graviton Imploder - Graviton Ruinator
Graviton Singularity Cannon - Krius Grav Imploder
Warpcraft: Warp Missile - Warp Missile Rack - Psi-Cannon
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Annihilator Cannon - Bombardment Cannon - Doomstorm Missile
Hellfire Missile - Macro Cannon - Nova Cannon - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Lance Weapon
Sonic: Sonic Disruptor
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Chain Weapons - C'tan Phase Weapons - Daemonblade - Force Weapons - Power Weapons - Arc Close Combat Weapons
Transonic Weapons - Basic Close Combat Weapons - Imperial Miscellaneous Weapons - Grav Close Combat Weapons
Grenades & Explosives: Arc Grenade - Blind Grenade - Choke Gas Bomb - Colossus Bomb - Demolition Charge - Frag Grenade - Gunk Bomb
Haywire Mine - Heavy Bomb - Incendiary Charge - Krak Grenade - Melta Bomb - Mindscrambler Grenade - Phosphex Bomb
Poison Globe Grenade - Smoke Grenade - Shock Grenade - Stasis Bomb - Stasis Grenade - Psyk-Out Grenade - Rad Grenade
Tectomagnic Munitions - Vortex Grenade

{{40k-Tau-Weapons}} creates:

Weapons of the Tau Empire
Ballistics: Kroot Pistol
Directed-Energy: Pulse Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Kroot Scattergun - Kroot Rifle - Krootbow
Directed-Energy: Pulse Blaster - Pulse Carbine - Pulse Rifle
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Accelerator Bow - Kroot Bolt Thrower - Kroot Gun
Kroot Hunting Rifle - Londaxi Tribalest - Rail Rifle
Directed-Energy: Ion Rifle - Neutron Blaster
Other: Dvorgite Skinner
Ballistics: Airbursting Fragmentation Projector - Flechette Discharger - Heavy Rail Rifle - Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Burst Cannon - Cyclic Ion Blaster - Cyclic Ion Raker - Fusion Blaster - Fusion Cascade
Fusion Collider - Heavy Burst Cannon - Phased Ion Gun - Plasma Rifle
Incendiary: Tau Flamer
Heavy Battlesuit
Ballistics: Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher - High-Yield Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Heavy Burst Cannon - Ion Accelerator - Ionic Discharge Cannon
Long-Barrelled Burst Cannon - Pulse Submunitions Cannon
Pulse Submunitions Rifle
Incendiary: Phased Plasma Flamer
Ballistics: Railgun - Seeker Missile - Smart Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ion Cannon - Tau Plasma Cannon - Pulse Bomb Generator
Quad Ion Turret - Fusion Cannon
Ballistics: Cluster Rocket System - Destroyer Missile - Heavy Rail Cannon Array
Heavy Railgun - Nexus Meteor Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ar'Ka Cannon - Fusion Eradicator - Pulse Blastcannon
Pulse Driver Cannon - Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver
Tri-Axis Ion Cannon
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo - Starship Railgun - Heavy Starship Railgun
Gravitic Launcher - Warsphere Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Cutting Beam - Heavy Ion Cannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Bonding Knife - Equaliser - Honour Blade - Onager Gauntlet
Grenades & Explosives: EMP Grenade - Photon Grenade

{{40k-Tyranid-Weapons}} creates:

Bio-Weapons of the Tyranids
Small Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Spike Rifle - Spinefists
Parasitics: Devourer - Fleshborer
Chemical: Blinding Venom
Other: Atomic Disassembler - Strangleweb
Medium Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Impaler Cannon - Shardlauncher
Incendiary: Tyranid Flamespurt Cannon
Chemical: Deathspitter - Spore Mine Launcher - Venom Cannon
Other: Barbed Strangler - Shock Cannon
Large Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Rupture Cannon
Directed-Energy: Bio-Plasmic Cannon - Tentaclids
Parasitics: Brainleech Devourer - Fleshborer Hive
Chemical: Acid Spray - Drool Cannon - Heavy Venom Cannon
Other: Stranglethorn Cannon
Titanic Bio-Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Bio-Plasma Battery - Bio-Torpedo
Chemical: Bio-Cannon - Seed Spore - Pyro-Acid Battery
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Inbuilt Bio-Weapons: Bio-Electric Pulse - Bio-Plasma - Cluster Spines - Flesh Hooks
Grasping Tongue - Ripper Tentacles - Spine Banks
Spore Mine Cysts - Stinger Salvo - Thorax Swarm
Toxinjector Harpoons
Melee Weapons: Tyranid Close Combat Weapons - Eradicator Glove

{{AoS-Gods}} creates:

The Grand Pantheon of Age of Sigmar
Alarielle - Gorkamorka (Gork + Mork) - Grimnir - Grungni - Malerion - Nagash - Sigmar - Teclis - Tyrion

{{AoS-Realms}} creates:

The Nine Realms of the Age of Sigmar
Ghur Chamon
Aqshy Realm of Chaos Ghyran
Shyish Azyr

{{Blood Angels}} creates:

Forces of the Blood Angels
Command ApothecaryBrother-CaptainBrother-SergeantChaplainChapter MasterLibrarianSanguinary PriestTechmarine
Troops Assault SquadDevastator SquadSanguinary GuardScout SquadTactical SquadTerminator SquadVeteran Squad
Death Company Death CompanyDeath Company ChaplainDeath Company Terminator
Great Crusade-era Angel's TearsCrimson PaladinDawnbreaker
Walkers Contemptor-Furioso DreadnoughtContemptor-Incaendius DreadnoughtDeath Company DreadnoughtDreadnoughtFurioso DreadnoughtLibrarian Dreadnought
Transports RazorbackRhino
Vehicles Baal PredatorLand Raider (Land Raider CrusaderLand Raider PhobosLand Raider RedeemerLand Raider Angel Infernus) • Predator TankVindicatorHunterStalkerWhirlwind
Flyers StormhawkStormravenStormtalonStorm EagleThunderhawk
Spacecraft Boarding TorpedoDrop PodSpace Marine Landing Craft
Allies Space MarinesPrimaris Marines

{{Board Games}} creates:

Board Games
Classics: Backgammon - Chess - Go - Tafl - Tic-Tac-Toe
Ameritrash: Arkham Horror - Axis & Allies - Battleship - Betrayal at House on the Hill - Car Wars
Clue/Cluedo - Cosmic Encounter - Descent: Journeys in the Dark - Dungeon!
Firefly: The Game - HeroQuest - Monopoly - Mousetrap - Snakes and Ladders - Risk
Talisman - Trivial Pursuit
Eurogames: Agricola - Carcassonne - The Duke - Settlers of Catan - Small World - Stratego - Ticket to Ride
Pure Evil: Diplomacy - Dune (aka Rex: Final Days of an Empire) - Monopoly - The Duke
Others: Icehouse - Shadow Hunters - Twilight Imperium - Wingspan

{{Board-tan Index}} creates:

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{{Card Games}} creates:

Card Games
Card Games:
Call of Cthulhu - Cardfight!! Vanguard - Fire Emblem Cipher
Force of Will - Jyhad - Magi-Nation Duel - Magic: The Gathering
Netrunner - Pokémon - Star Wars: Destiny CCG (Dead) - Yu-Gi-Oh
Card Games:
1000 Blank White Cards - 7th Sea - Apples to Apples - Bang!
Cards Against Humanity - Coup - Decktet - Dominion - Dvorak
F.A.T.A.L. - Keyforge - Mafia - Mag Blast - Mao - Munchkin
Race for the Galaxy - Sentinels of the Multiverse - Tanto Cuore
Card Games:
Bridge - Cribbage - Mahjong - Solitaire/Patience - Poker - Rummy - Tarot

{{Chaos-Marines}} creates:

Famous members of the Traitor Legions
Canon AbaddonAhzek AhrimanArgel TalCypherDoomriderEidolonErebusFabius BileHaarken WorldclaimerHonsouHorus AximandIskandar KhayonKharnKor PhaeronLheorvine UkrisLuciusLugft HuronLutherMadoxMaloghurstNecrosius the UndyingOccamSevatarShon'tuSvane VulfbadTalosTelemachon LyrasTyphusYgethmorZardu LayakZhufor
The Games Araghast the PillagerAzariah KyrasBaleCrullEliphas The InheritorFiraeveus CarronKainNemerothNerothSindri MyrVarius

{{Chaos-Official}} creates:

Forces of the Traitor Legions and Warbands of Chaos
Chaos Legions Alpha LegionBlack LegionDeath GuardEmperor's ChildrenIron WarriorsNight LordsThousand SonsWord BearersWorld Eaters
Legion Offshoots Apostles of ContagionBloodbornBroken AquilaForeswornMouldering ClawPlague FleetProdigal SonsThe ConsortiumWarband of Subsector Aurelia
Fallen Chapters (Including Judged) Adharon's ReaversBlood GorgonsCompany of MiseryCorpus BrethrenCrimson SlaughterDeathmongersDeath ShadowsInvocatorsLords of DecayOracles of ChangeRed CorsairsShrivenThe Brazen BeastsThe Flawless HostThe ScourgedSkyrar's Dark WolvesSteel CobrasVoidrippers
Unknown Other Apostles of MinthrasClaws of LorekDisciples of DestructionDragon WarriorsExtinction AngelsHakanor's ReaversPunishersThe CleavedThe PurgeThe PyreSons of MaliceSons of VengeanceThe RebornViolatorsWarp GhostsBleak Brotherhood

{{ChaosGods}} creates:

The Chaos Gods of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy
Four Main Chaos Gods: Khorne - Nurgle - Slaanesh - Tzeentch
Other Gods of Chaos: Archaon - Hashut - Horned Rat - Nuffle
Malal - Morghur - Necoho - Zuvassin
Chaos Gods of Law: Alluminas - Arianka - Solkan the Avenger

{{Custodes}} creates:

Forces of the Adeptus Custodes
Command Companions/HetaeronShield-CaptainBlade Champion
Troops Allarus CustodiansAquilon TerminatorCustodian GuardCustodian WardenSagittarum GuardSentinel GuardVexilus PraetorVenatariWarder
Walkers Contemptor-Galatus DreadnoughtTelemon Heavy DreadnoughtVenerable Contemptor Dreadnought
Transports Coronus Grav CarrierGrav-RhinoRhinoVenerable Land Raider
Vehicles Caladius Grav-TankDawneagle JetbikeGyrfalcon Pattern JetbikePallas Grav-Attack
Flyers Ares GunshipOrion GunshipStormbird
Titans Warlord-Sinister Pattern Battle Psi-Titan
Spacecraft Drop Pod
Auxiliaries Sisters of SilenceSolar Auxilia

{{D&D1e-Races}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Races
Basic Set DwarfElfHobbitHuman
Creature Crucible 1 BrownieCentaurDryadFaunHsiaoLeprechaunPixiePookaRedcapSidheSpriteTreantWood ImpWooddrake
Creature Crucible 2 FaenareGnomeGremlinHarpyNagpaPegataurSphinxTabi
Creature Crucible 3 KnaKopruMerrowNixieSea GiantShark-kinTriton
Dragon Magazine CaymaGatormanLupinN'djatwaPhanatonRakastaShazakWallara
Hollow World BeastmanBrute-ManHutaakanKrugel OrcKubittMalpheggi Lizard Man
Known World BugbearGoblinGnollHobgoblinKoboldOgreTroll

{{D&D2e-Races}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Races
Core DwarfElfGnomeHalf-ElfHalf-OrcHalflingHuman
Dark Sun AarakocraHalf-GiantMulPterranThri-kreen
Dragonlance DraconianIrdaKenderMinotaur
Mystara AraneaEe'arEndukLizardfolk (CaymaGurrashShazak) • LupinManscorpionPhanatonRakastaTortleWallara
Oriental Adventures KorobokuruHengeyokaiSpirit Folk
Planescape AasimarBariaurGenasiGithyankiGithzeraiModronTiefling
Spelljammer DraconGiffGrommamHadozeeHurwaetiRastipedeScroXixchil
Ravenloft: Broken OneFlesh GolemHalf-VistaniTherianthrope
Complete Book Series AlaghiBeastmanBugbearBullywugCentaurDuergarFremlinFirbolgFlindGnollGoblinHalf-OgreHobgoblinKoboldMongrelfolkOgreOgre MageOrcPixieSatyrSaurialSvirfneblinSwanmayVoadkynWemic
Dragon Magazine Half-DryadHalf-SatyrUldraXvart

{{D&D3-Classes}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition classes
Player's Handbook BarbarianBardClericDruidFighterMonkPaladinRangerRogueSorcererWizard
Player's Handbook II BeguilerDragon ShamanDuskbladeKnight
Complete Adventurer ExemplarNinjaScoutSpellthief
Complete Arcane WarlockWarmageWu jen
Complete Divine Favored SoulShugenjaSpirit Shaman
Complete Psionic ArdentDivine MindEruditeLurk
Complete Warrior HexbladeSamuraiSwashbuckler
Dragon Compendium Battle DancerDeath MasterJesterMountebankSavantSha'irUrban Druid
Dragon Magazine Sha'ir
Dragon Magic Dragonfire Adept
Dungeonscape Factotum
Eberron Campaign Setting Artificer
Heroes of Horror ArchivistDread Necromancer
Magic of Incarnum IncarnateSoulbornTotemist
Miniatures Handbook Favored SoulHealerMarshalWarmage
Ghostwalk Eidolon (Eidoloncer)
Oriental Adventures SamuraiShamanShugenjaSoheiWu Jen
Psionics Handbook PsionPsychic WarriorSoulknifeWilder
Tome of Battle CrusaderSwordsageWarblade
Tome of Magic BinderShadowcasterTruenamer
War of the Lance Master
Wizards's Website Psychic Rogue
NPC Classes AdeptAristocratCommonerExpertMagewrightWarrior
Second Party MarinerMysticNobleProphet
Class-related things Epic LevelsFavored ClassGestalt characterMulticlassingPrestige ClassRacial Paragon ClassTier SystemVariant Class

{{D&D4-Classes}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Classes
Player's Handbook 1 ClericFighterPaladinRangerRogueWarlockWarlordWizard
Player's Handbook 2 AvengerBarbarianBardDruidInvokerShamanSorcererWarden
Player's Handbook 3 ArdentBattlemindMonkPsionRunepriestSeeker
Heroes of X Blackguard* • Binder* • Cavalier* • Elementalist* • Hexblade* • Hunter* • Mage* • Knight* • Protector* • Scout* • Sentinel* • Skald* • Slayer* • Sha'ir* • Thief* • Vampire* • Warpriest* • Witch*
Settings Book ArtificerBladesinger* • Swordmage
Dragon Magazine Assassin
Others Paragon PathEpic Destiny
*·: Non-AEDU variant classes

{{D&D4e-Deities}} creates:

{{D&D4e-Races}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Races
Player's Handbook 1 DragonbornDwarfEladrinElfHalf-ElfHalflingHumanTiefling
Player's Handbook 2 DevaGnomeGoliathHalf-OrcShifter
Player's Handbook 3 GithzeraiMinotaurShardmindWilden
Monster Manual 1 BugbearDoppelgangerGithyankiGoblinHobgoblinKoboldOrc
Monster Manual 2 BullywugDuergarKenku
Dragon Magazine GnollShadar-kai
Heroes of Shadow RevenantShadeVryloka
Heroes of the Feywild HamadryadPixieSatyr
Eberron's Player's Guide ChangelingKalashtarWarforged
The Manual of the Planes Bladeling
Dark Sun Campaign Setting MulThri-kreen
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide DrowGenasi

{{D&D5-Classes}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Classes
Player's Handbook BarbarianBardClericDruidFighterMonk
Tasha's Cauldron of Everything ArtificerExpertSpellcasterWarrior
Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft ApprenticeDiscipleSneakSquire
Unearthed Arcana Mystic

{{D&D5e-Deities}} creates:

{{D&D5e-FR-Deities}} creates:

{{D&D5e-Races}} creates:

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Races
Player's Handbook DragonbornDrowDwarfElfGnomeHalf-ElfHalf-OrcHalflingHumanTiefling
Dungeon Master's Guide AasimarEladrin
Elemental Evil Player's Guide AarakocraGenasiGoliathSvirfneblin
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide DuergarGhostwise HalflingSvirfneblinTiefling Variants
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Baatific TieflingsDuergarEladrinGithyankiGithzeraiSea ElfShadar-kaiSvirfneblin
Volo's Guide to Monsters AasimarBugbearFirbolgGoblinGoliathHobgoblinKenkuKoboldLizardfolkOrcTabaxiTritonYuan-Ti Pureblood
Eberron: Rising from the Last War BugbearChangelingGoblinHobgoblinShifterWarforged
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica CentaurElfGoblinHumanLoxodonMinotaurSimic HybridVedalken
Mythic Odysseys of Theros HumanCentaurLeoninMinotaurSatyrTriton
Plane Shift: Amonkhet AvenKhenraMinotaurNaga
Plane Shift: Innistrad Human
Plane Shift: Ixalan GoblinHumanMerfolkOrcSirenVampire
Plane Shift: Kaladesh AetherbornDwarfElfHumanVedalken
Plane Shift: Zendikar ElfGoblinHumanKorMerfolkVampire
One Grung Above Grung
Astral Adventurer's Guide Astral ElfAutognomeGiffHadozeePlasmoidThri-kreen
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Kender
Unearthed Arcana GlitchlingMinotaurRevenant

{{D&D-Dragons}} creates:

Dragons of Dungeons & Dragons
Albino WyrmArcane DragonAquatic DragonBeljuril DragonBrine DragonCatastrophic DragonCerilian DragonChromatic DragonCloud DragonCobra DragonCrimson DragonDeep DragonDragonetEpic DragonFaerie DragonFang DragonFerrous DragonGem DragonHalf-DragonLinnormMetallic DragonMinidragonMist DragonMoon DragonObsidian DragonOriental DragonPlanar DragonPrismatic DragonPseudodragonRadiant DragonRed Hawk DragonSand DragonSea WyrmShadow DragonSong DragonStellar DragonStone DragonSun DragonDragon Turtle

{{Dark Angels}} creates:

Forces of the Dark Angels
Command ApothecaryCompany MasterInterrogator-ChaplainChaplainLibrarianTechmarineDeathwing KnightDark Angels Grand Master
Troops Assault SquadDeathwingDeathwing StrikemasterDevastator SquadCompany VeteransScout SquadTactical SquadRavenwing Black KnightWatchers in the Dark
Great Crusade-era InteremptorsKnights CenobiumDeathwing Companion
Structures Fortress of Redemption
Walkers Dreadnought (Deathwing DreadnoughtContemptor Dreadnought)Contemptor-Mortis DreadnoughtMortis Dreadnought
Transports Land Raider (Land Raider PhobosLand Raider CrusaderLand Raider RedeemerLand Raider AresLand Raider Solemnus Aggressor) • Rhino
Vehicles: Bike SquadRazorbackPredatorVindicatorHunterStalkerWhirlwindLand Speeder VengeanceRavenwing Darkshroud
Flyers: Dark TalonNephilim JetfighterStormravenStorm EagleThunderhawk
Spacecraft Boarding TorpedoDrop PodSpace Marine Landing Craft
Hexagrammaton DeathwingDreadwingFirewingIronwingRavenwingStormwing
Allies Space MarinesPrimaris Marines

{{Dark Eldar-Forces}} creates:

Forces of the Dark Eldar
Command ArchonsHaemonculiKabalite TruebornLhamaeansMedusaeSslythSuccubi
Troops BeastmastersCommorragh SlavesGrotesquesHellionsIncubiKabalite WarriorsMandrakesScourgesWracksWyches
Beasts Clawed FiendKhymeraeRazorwing FlockUr-Ghul
Pain Engines Cronos Parasite EnginesTalos Pain Engines
Vehicles RaiderRavagerReaperReaver JetbikeSkyboardVenom
Special Vehicles Dais of Destruction
Flyers Raven FighterRazorwing JetfighterVoidraven Bomber
Spacecraft Impaler Assault ModuleRaptor FighterSlavebringer Assault Boat
Super Heavies Tantalus
Auxiliaries Harlequins

{{DaysOfTheWeek}} creates:

This is a Days of the Week article
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

{{Death Guard}} creates:

Forces of the Death Guard
Leaders Lord of NurgleDaemon PrinceSorcererChaos ChampionMalignant PlaguecasterPlague SurgeonTallymenLord of Virulence
Troops Biologus PutrifierBlightlord TerminatorChaos SpawnDeathshroudFoul BlightspawnNoxious BlightbringerPlague MarinesPossessed
Great Crusade-era Grave WardenMortus Poisoner
Structures Miasmic Malignifier
Walkers Helbrute
Vehicles Chaos Land RaiderPlaguereaperPredatorRhino
Flyers Storm EagleStormbirdThunderhawk
Spacecraft Dreadclaw Assault PodKharybdis
Daemon Engines Blight DroneContagionDefilerFoetid Bloat-DroneMyphitic Blight-HaulerNurgle Plague TowerPlague HulkPlagueburst Crawler
Daemons Beast of NurgleNurglingPlaguebearer
Auxiliaries CultistsCursemiteEyestinger SwarmNightmare HulkPestigorsPlague ZombiePoxwalkersPox HoundSludge-Grub
Allies Chaos DaemonsChaos Space Marines

{{Deathwatch}} creates:

Forces of the Deathwatch
Command Forge MasterKeeperDeathwatch ChaplainWatch CaptainWatch MasterDeathwatch EpistolaryDeathwatch Librarian
Troops Deathwatch First Company VeteranDeathwatch ChampionTerminator SquadVeteran SquadKill TeamKill MarineBlackshield
Walkers Venerable DreadnoughtDeathwatch Dreadnought
Vehicles Bike SquadRhinoRazorbackLand Raider (Land Raider RedeemerLand Raider Crusader)
Flyers Corvus Blackstar
Spacecraft Kill-ShipBoarding TorpedoDrop PodSpace Marine Landing Craft
Allies Space MarinesPrimaris Marines

{{Dive into the Sky/Hawaii Express}} creates:

Dive into the Sky | Hawaii Express | Characters of Hawaii Express

{{Eldar-Forces}} creates:

Forces of the Eldar
Heroes Eldrad UlthranIllic NightspearPrince YrielPhoenix Lords
Command AutarchAvatar of KhaineExarchYncarneFarseerSeer CouncilSpiritseerWarlock
Troops BonesingersGuardiansRangersStorm Guardians
Aspect Warriors Crimson HuntersDark ReapersDire AvengersFire DragonsHowling BansheesShadow SpectresShining SpearsStriking ScorpionsWarp SpidersSwooping Hawks
Eldar Corsairs Corsair PrinceVoid DreamerVoidreaverVoidscarred
Exodites Dragon KnightsEldar Knight
Structures Night Spinner PlatformPulse Lance PlatformWebway Gate
Wraiths WraithbladesWraithguardWraithknightWraithlordWraithseer
Support Support Weapon BatteryVyperWar WalkerWasp Assault WalkerWindrider Jetbikes
Vehicles HornetFalconFire PrismFirestormNight SpinnerWarp HunterWave Serpent
Flyers Hemlock WraithfighterNightwing InterceptorNightshade InterceptorPhoenixVampire HunterVampire RaiderVoid Dragon Phoenix
Superheavy Vehicles DeathstalkerCobraLynxScorpionStorm SerpentTempestVoid Spinner
Titans Revenant Scout TitanPhantom Battle TitanWarlock Titan
Spacecraft Darkstar FighterEagle Bomber
Auxiliaries Harlequins

{{Emperor's Children}} creates:

Forces of the Emperor's Children
Leaders Lord of SlaaneshDaemon PrinceSorcererChaos Champion
Troops Noise MarineChaos SpawnPossessed
Great Crusade-era KakophoniPalatine BladePhoenix GuardSun Killer
Walkers Chaos DreadnoughtHelbruteSonic Dreadnought
Vehicles Chaos Land RaiderChaos PredatorChaos RhinoChaos Vindicator
Flyers Storm EagleStormbirdThunderhawk
Spacecraft Dreadclaw Assault PodKharybdis
Titans Hell-ScourgeHell-KnightHell-StriderSlaanesh SubjugatorQuestor Scout Titan
Daemon Engines DefilerHeldrakeForgefiendMaulerfiend
Daemons DaemonetteFiends of SlaaneshSteeds of SlaaneshSeekers of SlaaneshHellflayer Chariots
Auxiliaries CultistsSlaangors
Allies Chaos DaemonsChaos Space Marines

{{Exalted-Classes}} creates:

Exalted Classes
Solars - Lunars - Sidereals - Dragon-Blooded - Infernals - Abyssals
Alchemicals - Liminal - Getimian - Exigents - Fair Folk
Jadeborn - God-Blooded - Mortals

{{Genestealer-Cult}} creates:

Members of the Genestealer Cult
Cult Leaders: Broodlord - Genestealer Patriarch
Specialists: Biophagus - Clamavus - Jackal Alphus
Locus - Magus - Primus - Nexos
Cultists: Abominants - Atalan Jackal - Brood Brothers
Genestealers - Genestealer Aberrants - Sanctus
Hybrids: Acolyte Hybrids - Hybrid Metamorphs
Neophyte Hybrids - Kelermorph Hybrids
Familiars: Alchemicus - Mindwyrm - Soulsight
Vehicles: Achilles Ridgerunner - Chimera - Dirtcycle - Goliath Truck
Leman Russ - Sentinel - Tectonic Fragdrill - Wolfquad
Allies: Tyranids

{{Gith}} creates:

{{Grey Knights}} creates:

Forces of the Grey Knights
Command: Brotherhood Champion - Grand Master - Librarian
Techmarine - Chaplain - Apothecary
Troops: Paladin - Interceptor Squad - Justicar
Purgation Squad - Purifier - Strike Squad - Terminator Squad
Walkers: Dreadknight - Doomglaive Dreadnought - Venerable Dreadnought
Vehicles: Land Raider (Land Raider Crusader - Land Raider Vortimer)
Rhino - Razorback (Razorback Vortimer)
Flyers: Stormraven - Stormtalon - Stormhawk - Thunderhawk
Spacecraft: Aquila Lander - Boarding Torpedo
Drop Pod - Space Marine Landing Craft
Allies: Inquisition - Sisters of Battle

{{Harlequin}} creates:

Forces of the Harlequins
Command High AvatarHigh WarlockShadowseerSolitaire
Troops Black GuardianDeath JesterMaster MimeMimeTroupe MasterTrouperWarlock
Vehicles Black Guardian War WalkerBlack Guardian VyperJetbikeSkyweaverStarweaverVenomVoidweaver
Allies Dark EldarEldar

{{Harlequin-Masques}} creates:

Harlequin Masques
The Midnight Sorrow - The Veiled Path - The Frozen Stars - The Dreaming Shadow - The Soaring Spite - The Silent Shroud - The Dance Without End - The Shattered Mirage - The Twisted Path - The Reaper's Mirth

{{Imperial-Guard}} creates:

Forces of the Imperial Guard
Command: Commissar - Enginseer - Imperial Guard Command Squad - Lord Solar
Ministorum Priest - Primaris Psyker - Regimental Advisors - Tank Commander
Troops: Armoured Fist Squad - Breacher Squad - Engineer Squad - Infantry Squad
Field Chiurgeon - Heavy Weapons Squad - Militarum Veteran Squad - Ogryn Squad
Penal Legion - Psyker Battle Squad - Ratling Squad - Rough Rider Squad
Scout Squad - Sharpshooter - Special Weapons Squad - Stormtrooper
Servo-skull - (Data Skull - Guardian-skull - Monotask-skull - Servo Commissar-skull)
Whiteshield Conscript
Structures: Aegis Defence Line - Aquila Strongpoint - Basilisk Anti-Aircraft Emplacement
Firestorm Redoubt - Fortress of Redemption - Hydra Flak Battery Emplacement
Imperial Bastion - Imperial Bunker - Imperial Defence Line - Imperial Fortress Walls
Plasma Obliterator Platform - Primus Redoubt - Sabre Weapons Battery
Skyshield Landing Pad - Tarantula Sentry Gun - Turret Emplacement
Vengeance Weapon Battery - Void Shield Generator
Transports: Aurox Armoured Transport - Chimera - Crassus Armored Assault Transport
Gorgon Armored Assault Transport - Hades Breaching Drill - Hellbore
Mole - Taurox - Termite - Testudo - Trojan Support Vehicle - Pegasus AAV
Light Vehicles: Atlas Recovery Tank - Bike Squad - Bane Wolf - Cargo-8 Ridgehauler
Centaur Utility Vehicle - Cyclops Demolition Vehicle - Devil Dog
Field Ordnance Battery - Hellhound - Land Crawler - Scylla
Salamander Reconnaissance Tank - Samaritan - Sentinel - Siegfried
Robot Crawler - Tauros - Venator - Pegasus AFV
Tanks & Ordnance: Basilisk Artillery Gun - Carnodon - Colossus Bombard - Deathstrike Missile Launcher
Griffon Heavy Mortar Carrier - Heavy Quad-Launcher - Hydra Flak Tank
Leman Russ Battle Tank - Manticore Launcher Tank - Medusa Siege Gun
Ragnarok - Rogal Dorn Battle Tank - Wyvern Suppression Tank
Superheavy Vehicles: Baneblade - Capitol Imperialis - Leviathan - Macharius Heavy Tank
Malcador Heavy Tank
Special Vehicles: Fortress of Arrogance
Flyers & Bombers: Avenger Strike Fighter - Lightning Fighter - Marauder Bomber
Thunderbolt Fighter - Valkyrie - Vendetta - Vulture - Chiropteran Scout
Spacecraft: Devourer Dropship - Galaxy Troop Ship - Tetrarch Heavy Lander

{{Imperium}} creates:

Imperial Eagle.png Institutes within the Imperium of Man Imperial Eagle.png
Adeptus Terra: Adeptus Administratum - Adeptus Astra Telepathica
Adeptus Astronomica - Senatorum Imperialis
Adeptus Mechanicus: Adeptus Titanicus - Explorator Fleet - Legio Cybernetica - Skitarii
Armed Forces: Adeptus Arbites - Adeptus Custodes - Planetary Defense Force - Sisters of Silence
Imperial Army: Afriel Strain - Adeptus Astartes - Gland War Veteran
Imperial Guard - Imperial Navy - Imperial Knights - Militarum Tempestus
Imperial Cult: Adeptus Ministorum - Adepta Sororitas - Death Cults - Schola Progenium
Inquisition: Ordo Astartes - Ordo Astra - Ordo Calixis - Ordo Chronos - Ordo Hereticus
Ordo Machinum - Ordo Malleus - Ordo Militarum - Ordo Necros - Ordo Sepulturum
Ordo Sicarius - Ordo Xenos
Officio Assassinorum: Adamus - Callidus - Culexus - Eversor - Maerorus - Vanus - Venenum - Vindicare
Great Crusade: Corps of Iterators - Legiones Astartes - Remembrancer Order - Solar Auxilia
Unification Wars: Legio Cataegis
Other: League of Black Ships - Logos Historica Verita
Navis Nobilite - Rogue Traders - Ambassador Imperialis
Abhumans & Denizens: Beastmen - Caryatids - Felinids - Humans - Nightsiders - Troths - Neandors
Ogryns - Ratlings - Scalies - Scavvies - Squats - Subs - Pelagers - Longshanks
Notable Members: God-Emperor of Mankind - Malcador the Sigillite
The Perpetuals - The Primarchs - Sebastian Thor
Erda - Ollanius Pius

{{ListDranonsDelight}} creates:

{{Marines-Forces}} creates:

Forces of the Codex Compliant Astartes
Command: Apothecary - Brother-Captain - Brother-Sergeant - Chaplain - Chapter Master
Command Squad - Honour Guard - Librarian - Techmarine
Troops: Assault Squad - Centurion Squad - Chapter Serf - CATs - Devastator Squad
Scout Squad - Servo-skull (Data Skull - Skull Probe) - Tactical Squad
Terminator Squad - Veteran Squad
Great Crusade-era: Breacher Siege Squad - Consul (Champion Consul - Consul Praevian)
Despoiler Squad - Destroyer Squad - Legiones Decurion - Legion Herald
Legion Outrider Squad - Legion Vigilator - Moritat - Master of the Signal
Praetor - Primus Medicae - Reconnaissance Squad - Seeker Squad
Sky Hunter Squad - Tactical Support Squad - Inductii
Structures: Armoured Bastion - Castellum Stronghold
Icarus Stormcannon Emplacement - Skyspear Missile Silo
Walkers: Dreadnought (Castraferrum - Contemptor - Deredeo - Leviathan)
Transports: Land Raider (Land Raider Helios - Land Raider Proteus - Land Raider Excelsior)
Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport - Razorback Transport - Rhino Transport
Spartan Assault Tank - Termite
Vehicles: Bike Squad - Javelin Attack Speeder - Jetbike - Kratos Heavy Assault Tank
Land Speeder - Predator Tank - Sabre Tank Hunter - Sicaran Battle Tank
Ordnance: Hunter - Legion Arquitor Bombard - Rapier Armoured Carrier - Stalker
Thunderfire Cannon - Whirlwind
Flyers: Caestus Assault Ram - Fire Raptor - Orgus Flyer - Storm Eagle - Stormbird
Stormhawk - Stormraven - Stormtalon - Thunderhawk - Xiphon Interceptor
Superheavy Tanks: Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer - Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank
Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
Spacecraft: Boarding Torpedo - Drop Pod - Space Marine Landing Craft
Allied Space Marines: Fallen Angel - Primaris Marine - Blood Angels - Dark Angels
Deathwatch - Grey Knights - Space Wolves - Black Templars

{{Marines-Official}} creates:

Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes
First Founding
Blood AngelsDark AngelsImperial FistsIron HandsRaven GuardSalamandersSpace WolvesUltramarinesWhite Scars
Second Founding
Angels of AbsolutionAngels EncarmineAngels PorphyrAngels of RedemptionAngels SanguineAngels of VengeanceAngels VermillionAurora ChapterBlack ConsulsBlack GuardBlack TemplarsBlood DrinkersBrazen ClawsCrimson FistsDestroyersDoom EaglesEagle WarriorsExcoriatorsFists ExemplarFlesh TearersGenesis ChapterInceptorsIron SnakesLibatorsLions SableMaraudersMortifactorsNemesisNovamarinesObsidian GlaivesPatriarchs of UlixisPurple StarsPraetors of OrpheusRampagersRaptorsRed TalonsRevilersSilver EaglesSilver SkullsSoul DrinkersStorm LordsWhite ConsulsWolf Brothers
Third to
Twelfth Founding
Astral ClawsAngels PenitentAngels RevenantCharnel GuardDark PaladinsExecutionersFlesh EatersHalo BrethrenHowling GriffonsIron KnightsMantis WarriorsMarines MalevolentNight SwordsSable Swords (initial) - Scythes of the EmperorSpace SharksSons of Guilliman
Thirteenth Founding
Death SpectresExorcists
Fourteenth to
Twentieth Founding
Angels of FireAvenging SonsCelebrants
Twenty-First Founding
Black DragonsBlood GorgonsFire HawksFlame FalconsLamentersMinotaursSons of AntaeusTiger Claws
Twenty-Second to
Twenty-Sixth Founding
Angels of VigilanceAngels ExcelsisCelestial LionsDark HuntersDisciples of CalibanEmperor's SpearsFire AngelsGolden SonsHospitallersImperial HarbingersIron LordsKnights of the RavenMarines ErrantMentorsFire Claws/RelictorsStar PhantomsSubjugators
Ultima Founding
(999.M41/000.M42 to 012.M42)
Angels of DefianceBlack VipersBlades of VengeanceCastellans of the RiftCovenant of FireDark KrakensFulminatorsKnights CeruleanKnights of the ChaliceKnights of ThunderNecropolis HawksNemesorsPraetors of UltramarPrime AbsolversRift StalkersSilver DrakesSilver TemplarsSons of the PhoenixStorm ReapersUmbral KnightsUnnumbered SonsValiant BladesVoid TridentsWolfspear
Unknown Founding AbsolversAccipitersAdulatorsAngel GuardAngels EradicantAngels of RetributionAstral KnightsBlood RavensBlood SwordsBrazen DrakesBringers of JudgementBrothers PenitentCarmine BladesCowled WardensCrimson CastellansCrimson ConsulsCrimson ScythesDark HandsDark SonsDeath EaglesDoom LegionDoom WarriorsEmperor's ShadowsFire LordsGuardians of the CovenantGraven SpectresHammers of DornHarbingersHawk LordsImperial StarsInvadersIron CrusadersIron TalonsJade DragonsKnights of BloodKnights UnyieldingMarines ExemplarThe NamelessNight WatchRainbow WarriorsReclaimersRed HuntersRed ScorpionsRed SeraphsRed TemplarsRetributorsSable Swords (refounded) • Shadow WolvesSolar HawksSons of OrarStar DragonsStormwatchersStorm GiantsStorm WardensValedictorsViper LegionVorpal SwordsWhite TemplarsStorm Wings
Unsanctioned Founding Consecrators (founding unknown, but likely after 2nd Founding) • Sons of Medusa (separated from parent Chapters, ratified by edict) • Steel Confessors (de facto 22nd Founding, de jure ratified by edict) • Ashen Claws (separatist Raven Guard Legion exiles, nominal loyalists)
Others Astartes Praeses (group of 20 Chapters including some above and the Ultramarines Honour Company deployed to special garrison, one Chapter went traitor) • Deathwatch (just before Fourth Founding, made up of veterans of all Chapters serving terms, technically not a Chapter) • Grey Knights (de facto 1st Founding as follow up to the Knights-Errant, became active just after 2nd Founding) • Judged (group of 30 Chapters including some above who were mostly lost to treason during the Abyssal Crusade, only one remained fully loyalist and one had companies that didn't participate and remained loyal alongside scattered other loyalist survivors) • Legion of the Damned

{{Mechanicus}} creates:

Forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Command: Magos (Tech Priest Dominus - Tech-Priest Manipulus)
Troops: Chrono-Gladiator - Combat Servitors - CATs - Electro Priest - Enginseer
Kataphron Battle Servitors - Lectro-Maester - Lexmechanic - Myrmidon
Pteraxii - Secutarii - Serberys Raiders - Serberys Sulphurhounds
Servo-Automata - Servo-skull - (Scryerskull) - Skitarii - Sydonian Skatros
Tech Priest - Tech Thrall - Technoarcheologist - Thallax - Ursarax
Castellan-class robot - Cataphract-class robot - Colossus-class robot
Conqueror-class robot - Crusader-class robot - Scyllax-class robot
Thanatar-class robot - Vultarax stratos-automata - Ambot
Walkers: Ironstrider Ballistarius - Onager Dunecrawler - Sydonian Dragoon
Vehicles: Chimera - Karacnos Assault Tank - Krios Battle Tank - Land Raider
Macrocarid Explorator - Minotaur Artillery Tank - Mole - Rhino Transport
Skorpius Hover Tank - Triaros Armoured Conveyer
Seacraft: Lava Barge
Special Vehicles: Abeyant
Flyers: Archaeopter - Avenger Strike Fighter - Lightning Fighter - Storm Eagle
Other: Galvanic Servohauler - Ordinatus
Titans: Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan - Imperator Battle Titan - Imperial Knight
Reaver Battle Titan - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan
Warhound Scout Titan - Warlord Battle Titan
Spacecraft: Fury Interceptor - Starhawk Bomber - Shark Assault Boat
Allies: Iron Hands - Solar Auxilia

{{Necrons-Forces}} creates:

Forces of the Necrons
Command: Cryptek (Chronomancer, Plasmancer, Psychomancer) - Lokhust Lord
Necron Lord - Necron Overlord - Phaeron - Skorpekh Lord - Royal Warden
Troops: Apprentek - Cryptothralls - C'tan Shards - Deathmarks - Flayed Ones
Hexmark Destroyers - Immortals - Lychguards - Necron Warriors
Ophydian Destroyers - Pariahs - Skorpekh Destroyers - Triarch Praetorians
Constructs: Canoptek Doomstalker - Canoptek Plasmacyte - Canoptek Reanimator
Canoptek Spyder - Canoptek Wraith - Crypt Stalker - Scarab
Seraptek Heavy Construct - Tomb Sentinel - Tomb Stalker
Triarchal Menhir
Vehicles: Annihilation Barge - Catacomb Command Barge - Dais of Dominion
Doomsday Ark - Ghost Ark - Monolith - Tesseract Ark - Triarch Stalker
Flyers: Canoptek Acanthrite - Doom Scythe - Lokhust Heavy Destroyer
Necron Destroyers - Night Scythe - Night Shroud
Structures: Convergence of Dominion - Necron Pylon - Sentry Pylon - Starstele
Abattoir - Æonic Orb - Doomsday Monolith
Megalith - Obelisk - Tesseract Vault
Necron Fleets: Tomb Blades

{{NWoD Clans}} creates:

The Clans of Vampire: The Requiem
Requiem Daeva.png Requiem Gangrel.png Requiem Julii.png Requiem Mekhet.png Requiem Nosferatu.png Requiem Ventrue.png
Daeva Gangrel Julii Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue

{{Orks-Forces}} creates:

Forces ov da Orks
Bosses: Beastboss - Big Mek - Boiler Boy - Meganobz - Painboy
Painboss - Pigdok - Warboss - Warlord - Weirdboy - Wurrboy
Boyz: Boyz (Huntas - Madboyz - Shoota Boyz - Slugga Boyz - Stikk Bommas - Wildboyz)
'Ardboyz - Brutes - Cyborks - Diggas - Gretchin - Nobz - Skarboyz
Oddboys: Burna Boyz - Flash Gitz - Kommandos - Lootas
Mekboyz - Rokkas - Runtherd - Stormboyz - Tankbustas
Feral Orks an'
Beast Snaggas:
Beast Snagga Boy - Boarboyz - Herda - Kill Rig
Squig Catapult - Squiggoth - Squighog Boy - Trappa
Stompy 'fings: Deff Dred - Gorkanaut - Killa Kan - Mega-Dread - Morkanaut
Transports an' Tanks: Battlewagon - Big Lugga - Big Trakks - Bonebreaka - Bonecruncha - Braincrusha
Flakkatrakks - Gobsmasha - Grot Tanks - Grot Trakbike - Gutrippa - Gunwagon
Looted Wagon - Lungbursta - Trukk - Spleenrippa - Weirdboy Tower
Speed Freeks: Boomdakka Snazzwagon - Bowelburna - Cuttas - Deffkilla Wartrike - Junka
Kustom Boosta-Blasta - Megatrakk Scrapjet - Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy
Shokkjump Dragsta - Speedsta - Warbikers - Warbuggy - Wartrakk
Flyboyz: Bomma - Dakkajet - Deffkoptas - Drilla-Killa - Fighta - Fighta-Bomma
Grot Bomms - Landa - Minelayer - Warkoptas - Wazbom Blastajet
Supportin' Dakka: Grot Bomm Launcha - Magna-Kannon - Mek Gunz
Splashy Noggins: Ship Smasha-class Maritime Destroyer
Nautical Kroozer - Ork Submersible
Zoggin' Big and Ded Killy: Battlefortress - Gargant - Kill Tanks - Grot MegaTank
Locomotive Battering Ram - Stompa
Warp Ulks: Ork Assault Boat - Rok
Huts'an Stuff: Big'ed Bossbunka - Dropz - Mekboy Workshop
Gubbinz an' Wots-its: Choppas - Fungus - Ork Gunz - Snotlings - Squigs - Warboars

{{OWoD Clans}} creates:

The Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade
Camarilla Camarilla Bloodlines
Brujah.png Gangrel.png Malkavian.png Nosferatu.png Toreador.png Tremere.png Ventrue.png Daughters of Cacophony.png Gargoyles.png
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Daughters of
Sabbat Sabbat Bloodlines
Lasombra.png Tzimisce.png Ahrimanes.png Blood Brothers.png Harbingers of Skulls.png Kiasyd.png
Lasombra Tzimisce Ahrimanes Blood
of Skulls
Independent Clans Fallen Clans
Assamite.png DanavaEscutcheon.png Followers of Set.png Giovanni.png Ravnos.png Cappadocian.png Salubri.png
Assamite Danava Setites Giovanni Ravnos Cappadocian Salubri
Anda.png AzanealiHeraldry.webp Baali.png Children of Osiris.png Lamia.png Lhiannan.png Nagaraja.png Noiad.png Samedi.png True Brujah.png
Anda Azaneali Baali Children
of Osiris
Lamia Lhiannan Nagaraja Noiad Samedi True Brujah
Mixed Heritages
Antitribu.png Caitiff.png Panders.png
Antitribu Caitiff Panders
The Antediluvians
Absimiliard - Augustus Giovanni - Arikel - Cappadocius - Ennoia - Haqim - Ilyes
Lasombra - Malkav - Saulot - Set - Tremere - Tzimisce - Ventru - Zapathasura

{{OWoD-Tribes}} creates:

The Garou Tribes
Black Furies.png
Black Furies
Bone Gnawers.png
Bone Gnawers
Children of Gaia.png
Children of Gaia
Get of Fenris.png
Get of Fenris
Glass Walkers.png
Glass Walkers
Red Talons.png
Red Talons
Shadow Lords.png
Shadow Lords
Silent Striders.png
Silent Striders
Silver Fangs.png
Silver Fangs
White Howlers.png
White Howlers

{{Planeswalkers}} creates:

Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering
Original Five: Ajani Goldmane - Chandra Nalaar
Garruk Wildspeaker - Jace Beleren - Liliana Vess
Alara: Elspeth Tirel - Nicol Bolas - Sarkhan Vol - Tezzeret
Zendikar: Gideon Jura - Nissa Revane - Sorin Markov
Scars of Mirrodin: Karn - Koth of the Hammer - Venser
Innistrad: Tamiyo - Tibalt - Davriel Cane
Return to Ravnica: Domri Rade - Ral Zarek - Vraska
Theros: Ashiok - Kiora - Xenagos - Calix
Tarkir: Ugin - Narset
Kaladesh: Dovin Baan - Saheeli Rai
Amonkhet: Samut
Other: Dack Fayden - Vivien Reid - Kaya
Commander 2014: Daretti - Freyalise - Nahiri - Ob Nixilis - Teferi
Pre-mending: Bo Levar - Commodore Guff - Jaya Ballard - Urza
Forgotten Realms: Ellywick Tumblestrum - Bahamut - Lolth - Zariel - Mordenkainen
Planeswalker Groups: The Gatewatch

{{Playable Factions in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar}} creates:

Playable Factions in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

{{Primarchs}} creates:

The Primarchs of the Space Marine Legions
Imperial Eagle.png Loyalist Imperial Eagle.png
Corvus Corax - Ferrus Manus - Jaghatai Khan
Leman Russ - Lion El'Jonson - Roboute Guilliman
Rogal Dorn - Sanguinius - Vulkan
Chaos star.jpg Traitor Chaos star.jpg
Alpharius/Omegon - Angron - Fulgrim
Horus - Konrad Curze/Night Haunter - Lorgar
Magnus the Red - Mortarion - Perturabo

{{Primaris Marine-Forces}} creates:

Forces of the Primaris Marines
Command: Apothecary Biologis - Helix Adept - Judiciar - Primaris Ancient
Primaris Apothecary - Primaris Captain - Primaris Chaplain
Primaris Librarian - Primaris Lieutenant - Primaris Techmarine
Vanguard Librarian - Vanguard Lieutenant
Troops: Aggressor - Bladeguard Veteran - Desolation Squad
Eliminator - Eradicator - Hellblaster - Inceptor - Incursor
Infernus - Infiltrator - Intercessor - Reiver - Suppressor
Structures: Firestrike Servo-Turret - Hammerfall Bunker
Walkers: Ballistus Dreadnought - Brutalis Dreadnought
Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Redemptor Dreadnought
Transports: Impulsor - Repulsor Tank
Vehicles: Gladiator Tank - Invader ATV - Primaris Outriders - Storm Speeder
Super Heavies: Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank
Flyers: Overlord Gunship
Spacecraft: Space Marine Landing Craft
Allies: Space Marines

{{Tau}} creates:

Forces of the Tau
Command: Cadre Fireblade - Ethereal - Ethereal Guard - Tau Commander
Troops: Drone Squadron - Fire Warrior Team - Pathfinder Team - Stealthsuit Team
Auxiliaries: Gue'vesa - Kroot (Great Knarloc - Kroot Carnivore Squad - Farstalker Kinband
Kroot Hound - Krootox - Lesser Knarloc - Shaper
) - Nicassar - Vespid Stingwing
Structures: Air Caste Communications Tower - Drone Sentry Turret - KV126 Skyfire Platform
KV129 Stormfury Platform - Remote Sensor Tower - Tactical Support Turret
Tidewall Rampart
Battlesuits: Battlesuits (XV02 Pilot Battlesuit - XV15 Stealthsuit - XV22 Command Suit
XV25 Stealthsuit - XV46 Vanguard Void Suit - XV-8 Crisis Battlesuit
XV86 Supernova Battlesuit - XV88 Broadside Battlesuit - XV9 Hazard Battlesuit
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit - XV104 Riptide Battlesuit - XV107 R'varna Battlesuit
XV109 Y'Vahra Battlesuit - KV128 Stormsurge Ballistic Suit
KX139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Armour
Vehicles: Devilfish - Hammerhead - Hover Chair - Piranha - Sky Ray - Tetra - Swordfish
Flyers: Barracuda - Razorshark - Remora - Sun Shark - Tiger Shark
Kor'Vattra: Manta - Orca - Automated Fighting Drone
Automated Barge Drone - Automated Bombing Drone

{{Thousand Sons}} creates:

Forces of the Thousand Sons
Leaders: Chaos Champion - Lord of Tzeentch - Chaos Sorcerer
Daemon Prince - Exalted Sorcerers - Infernal Master
Troops: Chaos Spawn - Rubric Marines - Rubric Terminators
Great Crusade-era: Hidden Ones - Khenetai Occult
Numerologist - Scarab Occult
Castellax-Achea Class Battle-Automata
Walkers: Contemptor-Osiron Dreadnought - Helbrute
Vehicles: Chaos Dreadnought - Chaos Land Raider
Predator - Rhino - Vindicator
Spacecraft: Dreadclaw Assault Pod - Kharybdis
Silver Tower of Tzeentch - Forgefiend - The Auruntaur
Heldrake - Maulerfiend - Defiler - Aether Ray
Fire Lord - Doom Wing - Mirrorfiend
Daemons: Flamers of Tzeentch - Horror - Screamers of Tzeentch
Mutalith Vortex Beast
Auxiliaries: Cultists - Prospero Spireguard - Thrall Wizards
Tzaangors - Tzaangor Enlightened - Tzaangor Shaman
Tzaangor Skyfire
Allies: Chaos Daemons - Chaos Space Marines

{{Tyranids-Creatures}} creates:

Tyrannic Bio-Organisms
Leader Organisms: Broodlord - Hive Tyrant - Neurothrope - Neurotyrant - Norn Queen
Parasite of Mortrex - Tervigon - Trygon Prime - Tyranid Warrior
Small Creatures: Barbgaunt - Gargoyle - Genestealer - Hormagaunt
Neurogaunt - Ripper - Spinegaunt - Termagant
Medium Size
Biovore - Hive Guard - Lictor - Neurolictor - Pyrovore - Ravener
Tyrant Guard - Venomthrope - Von Ryan's Leaper - Zoanthrope
Monstrous Creatures: Carnifex (Screamer-Killer - Stone Crusher - Thornback)
Dimachaeron - Exocrine - Haruspex - Malanthrope - Maleceptor
Mawloc - Psychophage - Toxicrene - Trygon - Tyrannofex
Gargantuan Creatures: Cerebore - Dactylis - Hierodule - Malefactor - Nautiloid
Norn Assimilator - Norn Emissary - Viragon
Bio-Titans: Dominatrix - Hierophant - Hydraphant - Viciator
Flying Creatures: Harpy - Harridan - Hive Crone
Floral Structures: Capillary Tower - Reclamation Pool
Spores: Meiotic Spore - Mucolid Spore - Mycetic Spore - Neuroloid - Spore Mine
Spaceborne Creatures: Ether-Swimming Brood - Tyrannocyte
Other Organisms: Bio-Weapons - Cortex Leech - Neurocyte - Sporocyst - Zoats
Unique Creatures: Deathleaper - Laius Horror - Old One-Eye - The Red Terror - Swarmlord
Auxiliaries: Genestealer Cult

{{Warhammer Tactics Races}} creates:

Warhammer Fantasy Tactics Articles
General Tactics: Magic Items
Forces of Order: BretonniaDwarfsEmpireHigh ElvesLizardmenWood Elves
Non-Aligned Forces: OgresTomb Kings
Forces of Destruction: BeastmenDaemonsDark ElvesOrcs & GoblinsSkavenVampiresWarriors of ChaosChaos Dwarfs

{{WoD-Conventions}} creates:

Members of the Technocratic Conventions
Iteration X.png
Iteration X
New World Order
The Progenitors.png
The Syndicate.png
The Syndicate
Void Engineers.png
Void Engineers

{{WoD-Traditions}} creates:

Members of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions
Akashic Brotherhood.png
Akashic Brotherhood
Celestial Chorus.png
Celestial Chorus
Cult of Ecstasy.png
Cult of Ecstasy
Order of Hermes.png
Order of Hermes
Sons of Ether.png
Sons of Ether
Virtual Adepts.png
Virtual Adepts


Information boxes are, as the name suggests, boxes that contain information. They are used at the tops of articles to provide information at a glance. For example, one of the first pieces of information that a reader would seek about a game is how many players can play it at once and how long a typical game lasts, so the Game Infobox template includes fields for that information.

{{Game Infobox}} creates:

The Game

{{Homebrew Infobox}} creates:

Unnamed Homebrew

{{Infobox Craftworld}} creates:


{{Infobox Necron Tomb Force}} creates:

{{Infobox Sister Order}} creates:


{{Infobox Spess Mahreen Chapter}} creates:


{{Infobox Traitor Legion}} creates:


{{Publisher Infobox}} creates:

Unnamed Publisher

Inline templates[edit]

These templates are used in line with article text, as opposed to hanging off the side or sitting at the top or bottom.

{{!}} creates:

  • |

{{Anchor}} creates:

{{Anonymous}} creates:

  • Anonymous

{{BLAM}} creates:

  • *BLAM*

{{Blam}} creates:

  • *BLAM*

{{Dot}} creates:

{{DotEmpty}} creates:

  • o

{{Dots}} creates:

{{Fact}} creates:

{{Fnord}} creates:

  • fnord

{{FWIP}} creates:

  • *FWIP*

{{Greentext}} creates:

  • > blah blah blah

{{KRUMP}} creates:

  • *KRUMP*

{{Main}} creates:

  • Main article: [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

{{Quote}} creates:

{{Spoiler}} creates:

  • the game

{{Tt}} creates:

  • {{{1}}}

{{Vote}} creates:

  • 180px-Symbol support vote.svg.png Vote

{{Withdrawn}} creates:

  • Symbol unsupport vote.svg.png Vote withdrawn


Miscellaneous templates that don't fit into any of the above categories.

{{Theory}} creates:

The Relativity Theory

{{Userbox}} creates:

PROMOTIONS-small.png This article contains PROMOTIONS!. Don't say we didn't warn you.

{{YouTube}} creates:

You re doing it wrong!!
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