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A blooming yellow rose flecked with dew, or a single dewdrop suspended by a vine over a flower.
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Nature, Life, Death, Rebirth, Plants, Animals, Balance, Kindness
Domains Nature
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Druids, Gardeners, Teachers
Favoured Weapon Unknown

Henwin the Kind is one of the five Amaranthine associated with the Humblefolk races of the Humblewood setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

This Amaranthine is to the humblefolk more or less what Hanera is to birdfolk; the incarnate spirit of nature, and the balance that preserves the cycle of life, death, decay, and rebirth. What differentiates the two is that Hanera focuses on coaxing life into being, whilst Henwin focuses on respecting all elements of life, including death. It is thanks to the sun that the plants grow, and because the plants grow, all living things have food. Decayed food turns into soil, which nourishes more life. The teachings of Henwin ask followers to take into consideration the many kindnesses which brought each of them into being and nourished them throughout their lives.

It is only fitting, then, that Henwin is said to be a hedgehog who spends their life in the forest. Storytellers say that they reside in an ancient part of the world, hidden from the eyes of most mortals, where they inhabit a tangle of roots from every forest that has ever grown. Here they tend to a garden of moss, fungi, and insects, helping to keep the living roots healthy. Henwin ensures that even the husks of withered plants can provide for the vegetation and creatures who rely on dead things for sustenance.

Henwin teaches understanding, and respect for the web of kindness that connects all life. If death is dealt indiscriminately, the web may become damaged. Although it is resilient, the web is still as fragile as one made from spider’s silk. It is the duty of all who follow Henwin to strengthen the web and to help maintain the balance which supports all living things.

Henwin is followed by druids, who take the message of nature’s web of kindness to heart. Henwin’s druids can be found protecting groves and leading communities, keeping both safe from those with harmful intentions. Priests of Henwin often invoke the Amaranthine Henwin’s name to protect the fauna, flora, and folk under their care. Gardeners honor Henwin by keeping plots filled with a diverse array of complementary plant and insect life.


Uniquely amongst the Amaranthine, Henwin is portrayed as an androgynous hedgehog, with traits of both male and female, to emphasize its status as the spirit of balance. They are often depicted carrying a yellow rose, which is their symbol. When a yellow rose blooms, it is said to be Henwin, blessing a forest with the beauty of their quiet grace. These roses are often given as tokens of friendship.


The rose only blooms thanks to the many kindnesses of the soil.

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