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Hera symbol.jpg
Fan of peacock feathers
Aliases Bride, Flowery Hera, Matron of Heaven, Protectress
Alignment 3E: True Neutral
5E: Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Greek
Portfolio Marriage, intrigue, women
Domains 3E: Community, Nobility, Protection, Trickery
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Olympus (Arborea)
Worshippers Planners, spies, wives, women
Favoured Weapon Light mace

Hera is the Greek goddess of women, marriage, and family. She is the sister and wife to Zeus, and therefore also the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

In mythology, Hera's defining trait is her absolute, earth-shattering, shit-flinging, storm-raising, hell fuck of a temper tantrum that happens every time Zeus commits adultery- which is a lot, by the way, the guy is a real prick. The two originally got together after Zeus, having his previous attempts to woo her shot down, creates a storm, disguises himself as a bird (this happens again later too. Why does he transform into birds so often?) in order to capitalize on Hera's love for animals in order to grope her. For some reason, Hera finds this endearing and agrees to marry him.

The reason cited for Zeus' constant adultery is that he 'loved Greece' and wanted to make sure they had many heroes to rule them, but seeing as Hera made sure that almost all of those heroes met tragic ends, this claim loses some water. Hera made herself a constant antagonist in almost every bastard child of Zeus' life. A good example being Heracles, who despite literally being named after her spent his entire life avoiding pitfalls she created. Even when he was just a baby, Hera sent venomous serpents to clamp the little fuckers throat. In another myth, Zeus tricked Hera into nursing Heracles, but when she discovered who he was she ripped him off her titty. The resulting spewing of titty milk is said to have created the entire galaxy, hence the name 'milky way'. It's stated a lot in these God pages, but the Greeks were very, very weird.

GM's looking to use Hera will have a very fun time thinking of goofy ways to make Hera an antagonist, such as Zeus having a kid with the PC's Uncle's nephew's roomates first cousin, thereby causing Hera to dislike the PC. Alternatively, you could use her as a neutral or good goddess, if for instance you have characters with home lives and partners.

Hera is usually depicted as true neutral, and will generally leave you alone- so long as you stay away from her husband. Her worshippers are married people, women, midwives, and wetnurses. The only character classes that make sense for her would be certain flavors of Cleric, but even that feels somewhat out of place. Bonus points to any player who can write a convincing reason for why their character worships Hera. That being said, the Iliad has her drive her chariot out to battle, beat up Artemis on the Greeks' behalf in the Trojan War, and seduce Zeus so Hypnos can put him to sleep leave the other gods free to interfere with the war if anyone's looking for less bastard-murdering or basic-monogamy inspiration with her.

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