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Pathfinder 2e[edit]

The Herbalist Archetype is for players who want to make healing elixirs without playing alchemist, which is understandable. It requires you to be trained in Nature and take the Natural Medicine skill feat, of course, but two of the twelve base classes already have Nature skill baked in, and Natural Medicine is easy to get at the same level.

Speccing into the Herbalist at level 2 grants you basic alchemy for the purposes of creating healing elixirs, antidotes and antiplagues. You get batches of infused reagents equal to your level, or half if you didn't make them in the wilderness (Sorry city herbalists). You also become an expert in Nature. Your advanced alchemy level starts at 1 and can't increase on its own.

Some additional feats include:

  • Fresh Ingredients, Level 2 Feat (even though you spent a level two feat to get the archetype already.)
    • When using Natural Medicine to Treat Wounds, you can spend a batch of herbs to gain the +2 circumstance bonus from having fresh ingredients, even if not in wilderness. If you spend a batch of herbs in wilderness, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus instead.
  • Expert Herbalism, Level 6 Feat
    • Your advanced alchemy level for herbalism increases to your level – 3. You gain the formulas for elixirs of life as soon as your advanced alchemy level is high enough to create them: lesser at 8th level, moderate at 12th level, greater at 16th level, and major at 18th level.
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