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The only time a Greenskin would not stand out like a sore thumb in the dense foliage.

The Feral Orks have their own answer to Kommandos and this time, they have literally gone commando (As in the butt naked type). Trappas are basically Ork Vietcongs or Catachan Devils, and they are as awesome as they sound.


Trappas are Feral Orks who are specialists at gathering meat and furs from their homeworld's native fauna for the rest of the tribe. Whilst certain Feral Orks such as Huntas prefer to hunt their prey face-to-face even if it is a monstrous creature, Trappas are more sneakier and cunning, preferring to ensnare them in a safe and cost efficient way. Of course this action is considered quite un-Orky, but it seems setting traps seem to gain more game rather than charging in and bonking heads, so the rest of the Feral Orks have to deal with it lest they starve to death.

In times of war, they are excellent at sneaking up on their enemies and set traps for them many solar days in advance. To a Trappa, there is very little difference between a non-intelligent and intelligent creature, all are considered as equal game, only that this particular form of prey just so happens to be capable of shooting your face to pieces from afar. They use three different basic yet often deadly traps, known as Bang Traps, Fire Bombs and Punji Pits.

Trappas often wear thick pelts of fur, skinned from particularly vicious animals they have caught as trophies. Trappas occasionally form a mob of five to ten and are as quiet and reserved as their space counterparts. Heck, Trappas maybe the only few Orks that is able to NOT stand out like a sore thumb as they usually inhabit extremely dense forests, in which their natural green-colored skin would help a lot.

All Trappas carry a large Choppa for some sneaky attacks from behind and forego any guns that might alert their position.



Some Trappas like to have some company that's not another Greenskin, some Trappas prefer the company of Squigs instead. This is where the Herda comes in, and boy are they an upgrade to the regular Trappa.


Herdas are skilled Trappas who decide to capture and train Squigs for their own use. Just like modern hunters training and using Dogs to hunt and track down game animals, Herdas follow a similar principle. They take these beasts who are only loyal to their master's whip, on hunting expeditions to track down prey or the occasional runaway Grot. The Squigs' large teeth and huge numbers eventually wear down the prey whilst the Herda finishes it off with a killing blow.

Because of the way that Herda's function, they forgo the covert hunting styles of the Trappa and use a more straightforward pursuit style of predation. This turns the Herda from an elite unit to a fast attack unit, due in part of the Squigs' natural agility and speed. The most common type/species of Squig that the Herda utilize is the reliable Squig Hound, a Squig Dog if you will.

Herdas usually like to operate alone, as one Herda is usually enough since he controls between ten to twenty Squighounds. Anymore and it would either be competition between rival Herdas or there would be so much Squigs that they well end up devouring their prey rather than leaving anything to the Boyz.

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