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The new art for the Avalon Hill 2020 reboot/remake thing

HeroQuest is a board game made by Games Workshop and Milton Bradley with two rules:

  • Everyone wants to be the barbarian
  • No one wants to be the wizard

The basic idea of Heroquest is that you control a pre-built party of stock fantasy characters (Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard) running through pre-made or custom-made modules on a board while another guy plays the evil wizard and his armies of monsters of the greenskin, viking, Fimir, and undead varieties. It is, in essence, an extremely stripped down version of D&D made to be as simple as possible while still providing a dungeon-crawling experience.

Comes with awesome 25mm dungeon furniture.

HeroQuest is the not the first of it's kind, but it is considered the progenitor of a lineage of minis and dungeon-crawler games:

There's also this thing which seems to be Hasbro trying making a new HeroQuest which will no-doubt be copyright-named-changed to hell and back.

It's just a new HeroQuest by new Avalon Hill.

The Best Thing About HeroQuest[edit]

Symbol of Immortal Evil.
  • The miniatures, made in the days before GW had been destroyed from within
  • The gargoyle
  • The tiny furniture (it helps with mormons)
  • The cards - even in the local international poker tournament
  • The board, with its vibrant colours and square-ish shape
  • The quest book
  • The box art
  • The inside of the box - clear instructions of how to assemble the miniatures. With WORDS
  • The crrrracking screen. Prominently features the gargoyle
  • Rolling to move
  • Ignoring the roll to move rule
  • The combat dice
  • The BARbarian - look at the MUSCULAAARRRITEEEEEEEE
  • The dwarf
  • The expansions which you should immediately discard to obtain the Fortress o'peril or Gravityland

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