Heroic Fantasy

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Heroic Fantasy is one of the various Setting Aesthetics you see in... well, pretty much everywhere you look for fantasy media, especially on /tg/. Sharing basic roots with Sword & Sorcery, Heroic Fantasy is generally thought of as the middle point between High Fantasy and Low Fantasy; the world is big and stable, not directly caught up in a battle between good and evil (or order vs. chaos), but also magical and strange. Generally speaking, it's a world that focuses on the individual stories of a given adventurer, or party thereof, whilst making it clear that their story is not the only story going on in the world.

Wuxia is the Oriental Adventures equivalent of Heroic Fantasy.

Dungeons & Dragons is generally considered to default towards Heroic Fantasy, although this depends a lot on both edition and setting - in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Greyhawk is more Sword & Sorcery and the Forgotten Realms are more Heroic Fantasy, whilst 4th edition defaulted to this genre and emphasized it with its Nentir Vale core setting.

Warhammer Fantasy is a weird blending point of Heroic, High, Low and Dark Fantasy. Whilst mostly associated with Dark Low Fantasy in the form of the actual Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the setting itself is more Dark Heroic to High Fantasy in the lore. The Gotrek & Felix novels are unabashedly Dark Heroic Fantasy, with the emphasis on the Heroic, which is one of the reasons why they are either loved or hated.