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The Herrimaults are an organization (of sorts) within the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, native to the land of Bretonnia. Introduced in (if not exclusive to) the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition splatbook "Knights of the Grail", the Herrimaults are basically Black Industries' answer to the question "how do you add a bit more thematic variety to a region based on grimdark Medieval Fantasy, namely the Arthurian Mythos?"

Their answer? You add Noblebright Robin Hood and his Merry Men to it.

No, seriously; that is literally the entire point of the Herrimaults. They are a completely untwisted, unironic pastiche of Robin Hood's noble outlaws who exist to try and alleviate some of the grimdark that pervades Bretonnia beyond the feasting halls of its self-important nobles.


Alright, now, if you're familiar with Bretonnia from 6th edition onwards, you'll know that life for the peasants is a pretty shit deal, made the worse by the fact that, according to their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay splatbook, peasants often hide their personal disputes from the nobles to avoid the brutish, hamfisted "justice" that tends to be dispensed when they get involved in commoner affairs. So, eventually, somebody is going to get sick of this and try to fix it. Thus, the Herrimaults; individuals who break the Law in order to serve Justice, most predominantly by stealing from the rich to give to the poor and trying to take down tyrants. The peasants love them, but the nobles loathe them... except for those few who actually live up to the code of chivalry's spirit and treat their peasants decently.


Herrimault career.png

Herrimaults seek to thwart injustice and right wrongs wherever they can. In practice, their primary occupations tend to be stealing unfair taxes and redistributing back to the people they were taken from, rescuing peasants sentenced to unjust executions, overthrowing the most tyrannical nobles, and protecting villages from beastmen and greenskins.


The ranks of the Herrimaults come from all over; whilst heavily peasant-based, there are a few nobles in their ranks, usually outlaws but some rare few actually are entitled nobles who lead double-lives to support the noble cause. All that matters is that the Herrimaults respect the Code and live up to it; they crack down harshly on both Code-breakers and people who try to exploit their reputation, since it's so integral to the work they do.

Individual Herrimaults are known as Merry Men (the literal translation of "Herrimault" is "Merry Man"), Hoods, Hoodies, Wood Hoods, Woodies and Herring - these mostly derive from the Herrimaults' unofficial uniform, a centuries-old hooded cloak also called a Herrimault. The leader of a Herrimault band is known as a Faceless, although common nicknames for them include Crownless Lords, Nameless Men, Him Out Back and Cods.

The Herrimault Code[edit]

  • Do not harm the innocent. You cannot fight for justice by unjust means.
  • Uphold justice where it has failed.
  • Take the excess from the wealthy to feed the starving. It is no harm to lose money that you do not need.
  • Be true to your fellows. Betrayal is a foul deed, worthy of Greenskins and Beastmen.
  • Ask no questions of your fellows' pasts. Every Herrimault has his reasons for fighting and should be judged on his actions now.
  • Reject the Ruinous Powers and fight against them even alongside tyrants.