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Another /tg/ request to fill the void of Dark Eldar related fapfics. This one involves the ever-fappable Lelith Hesperax breaking in an Acolyte. It contains humiliation, pet-play, and other BDSM elements, as well as a tantalizing look at the Queen of Commorragh's private life. (though, for the record, if you are of the sort who demand coherent plot in their porn then make sure to separate this from mainline canon in your head, as there are elements which will not mesh)


“…What in the actual fuck am I looking at?”

Ever since the trio of freighters had shown up on sensors, Lelith Hesperax had felt uneasy. They were too easy a target: undefended, no armaments, seemingly unmanned saved a few crew members and servitors. Plus, the vessels had seemingly been waiting for her small raiding fleet, drifting in space nearby one of their more commonly-used Webway exits. They reeked of a trap, but temptation got the better of the Succubus.

After ordering one of her smaller detachments of Bloodbrides aboard, Lelith had watched the entire breaching process from the bridge of her flagship. Again, it was too easy. No resistance offered, no mon’keighs scrambling about with their crude weapons, not even any alarms. The first two ships had been packed to the brim with various precious metals, raw materials, and other items which would fetch a high price back in Commorragh. In fact, upon entry, several servitors had rushed at her wyches, trying to offer out dataslates containing manifests. Of course, it wasn’t until after the fact, when the machines’ oily remains littered the floor, that said dataslates were even looked at.

None of that compared to what awaited them on the third vessel, however. Glaring at the viewscreen, Lelith repeated her statement, trying to maintain her composure in front of her subordinates. Before the Succubus were images of herself, all in picture frames adorning the walls. Most she recognized as being from pict-recordings in the brief moments where she was visible during raids, but there were a few that truly disturbed even her.

“Stop. Pick up that one there,” she ordered, biting her lip in anger as the Wych in question did as she was told. The Wych held up the framed picture so that it filled the viewscreen, causing those few on the bridge with Lelith to snicker. It was an extremely candid shot of her bathing, somehow obtained from her private residence. From the angle, Lelith guessed that the camera had to have been hidden in the mirror across from her bathtub, but that was the least of her concerns. Storming out of the bridge, she barked several orders as her underlings continued to fail at suppressing their laughter at the image of her having a bubble bath, complete with rose petals, candles, and topped off with a rubber ducky.

By the time Lelith reached the boarding party on the freighter, she had decided that she would be personally flaying every member of her former Security staff for allowing this to happen. She was still debating whether to maim those who had seen the picture, but that would come later. Striding past the lower-ranking Wyches, Lelith led the raiding party onwards down the corridor. Each additional meter served to increase her rage, which caused the women following her to shrink back. Finally reaching the entrance to the main cargo hold, Lelith planted her bladed heels into the deckplate, legs shoulder-width apart as she glared at a note left on the doorway:

“To my dearest Hesperax. Love, your secret admirer.”

Moments later, the door was ripped from its hinges and flung into the emptiness of the cargo hold. Lelith stood in the sheered door frame, fuming as she realized there was no trap waiting for her on the other side. Instead, all that was in the hold was a single man, bound spread-eagle and gagged against a metal slab elevated at a forty-five degree angle.

“LEAVE US!” barked Lelith, practically leaping over to the human in preparation to dismember him for being a part of this embarrassing affair. There was no glory in being given gifts, no honor in accepting prizes and affection that was freely given. She would burn this entire convoy, to make an example of those who thought they could tempt and insult her so easily. But first, she had to deal with the mon’keigh. Ripping the gag from the man’s face, Lelith flung back her razorflail, only to have her arm stopped by his words.

“Umm…Are you Ms. Hesperax? I…I’m Acolyte Avitus…and I’m here to…”

“I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR, ONLY THAT YOU SUFFER FOR MY AMUSEMENT!” shrieked Lelith, flinging the whip across his flesh and opening a rather nasty gash in his chest. Grunting in pain, the acolyte continued to stammer.

“I’m supposed to tell you…message from the Inquisitor…”

Another lash, as the fire in her eyes increased. So she was being mocked by one of the Corpse-God’s insane followers? “He…he says…I’m to be your p…personal slave…and…”

“I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SLAVE,” shot back Lelith, lowering her flail as she tried to calm herself. “What I NEED is a reason WHY I am being ridiculed in this way!”

Gulping, Avitus offered, “I…I don’t know…I was just told to either to do this or…or face summary execution…”

“Worthless. Worthless SCUM,” she spat, turning and leaving the hold. As she passed her wyches on the way back to her own ship, she ordered, “Bring the mon’keigh, along with enough spoils to warrant a return trip. Then, burn this entire convoy. I will be dealing with the mon’keigh *personally* when we get back to Commorragh.”

Main Story[edit]

Chapter One[edit]

When Avitus awoke, he found himself strapped to a chair in the middle of a stark gray room. Square in design, and small in size, the only fixture besides the door was a single light directly above him. Like the walls and door, the chair he was bound to was made of a featureless, cold metal that seemed to sap his willpower. Struggling, the acolyte tried to free himself to little success, only to be interrupted when the door swung open.

“Hmph, already awake I see…” scoffed the supple-bodied alien as she stepped inside. Though Avitus had spent weeks trapped onboard the freighter containing countless homages to her, seeing Lelith like this was still a sight to behold. Clad in her wychsuit, the Succubus lived up to her title, if only by appearance alone. Little was left to imagination: her lush breasts were contained by a string bra, and her womanhood by a similarly scant adornment. The dark fabric was a stark contrast to her pale flesh, which was further amplified by armored thigh-highs, garterbelt, and a single arm sleeve. She was barefoot, and her fiery hair was kept from her angular face by a strict ponytail. To top it all off, the Dark Eldar’s lips were painted ruby red, and her green eyes emboldened by careful penciling and makeup. All of this served to cause the acolyte to gulp, unsure as to what the striking xenos before him was about to do.

“Not in a talking mood?” Lelith purred, walking slowly around Avitus’ chair as she spoke. “That’s perfectly fine. You need only to listen.”

She paused for a moment, standing directly behind him out of sight. “I did a little ‘housekeeping’ when I returned home. Do you know what I found? Twenty-three separate devices planted in my furniture and objects I took from my raids. All of them were transmitting to one place in particular, which I promptly ‘cleaned.’”

Avitus’ mouth opened and closed several times, his dry throat and nervousness making it difficult to speak. Finally finding his words, he stammered, “…I’m s-sorry. The Inquis…”

“Bah! When I get my hands on him…” She trailed off, the malice in her tone perfectly making clear what fate awaited the man.

“But that wasn’t all I found. I had the Haemonculus look over you. Do you know what they found?”


Walking around to his front, she leaned down to be at his eye level.“Your ‘Bastion of Humanity’ had you implanted with a recording device, designed to perfectly transcribe every sensation inflicted upon you. My guess? The mon’keigh thought there was a chance he’d recover you, after I had my way with you. Pitiful, and pathetic.”

Avitus’ eyes tried to remain on Lelith’s face, but the breasts swaying sensually beneath her made this extremely difficult. “I…I didn’t know…I s-swear!”

“Of course you didn’t. But it is of no matter now. I had it removed. If your dear Inquisitor wishes to experience my hospitality, he must do so first hand.”

“…So what comes now?”

Lelith straightened out, resuming her pacing about the man. “Oh, that I’m still deciding. I could easily flay you alive until I absorb every ounce of your tortured soul. But that wouldn’t be fun now, would it?”


A sultry chuckle passed her lips, and once again she paused behind him. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Lelith bent in and whispered into Avitus’ ear. “You see, you’ve seen a side of me that only two others have in my centuries of life. And you know what? It has been a very…very long time since I’ve been able to share it with someone.”

“I…I don’t follow.”

Nipping the skin right below his ear, Lelith continued. “I could make you my pet, my plaything. Someone who I can be myself around, instead of the public face of Hesperax. You would be well cared for, but you would find that the experience will be far…far more intense than anything your pitiful females could offer you…”

A small “eep!” escaped from Avitus’ lips at the light bite, and his stammer worsened. Had he heard her correctly? “W…W…What?”

“I don’t repeat myself often. You have a choice. Either service me in private, or sate my other needs and perish. The choice is yours.”

Her hands began to massage his shoulders, her breath against the skin of the acolyte’s neck hot and heavy. Avitus found himself trying to find a way out of the situation, but he came up with no other solutions. He was trapped, unable to return to the Imperium, and stuck between a life of shame or a painful death. Still, a life of shame was still a life…

“…W-What do I have to d-do?”

Chapter Two[edit]

Avitus’ question was met with Lelith briefly licking his nape. “Oh…well…for starters,” she purred, moving around to stare down at him, “We need to get you all cleaned up. So why don’t you go ahead and disrobe yourself for me.”

“But I’m…”

“Restrained?” The Dark Eldar held up the wire that had previously held the acolyte firmly to the chair.

“Right…” he grunted, slowly rising. After stretching his restless limbs, Avitus slowly began to remove his simple robe. He wasn’t exactly embarrassed, but there was something far too intimate about disrobing in front of someone for his tastes. Once free of his garment, the acolyte stood before Lelith, shivering slightly.

“Hrmm…” Once again, Lelith walked a slow circle around the human. With an appraising eye, she noted every single scar, muscular curve, and even freckle on his body. He wasn’t the most attractive mon’keigh she had ever seen, though that was not to say he wasn’t at least somewhat handsome. Still, as she rounded back to his front side, Lelith couldn’t help but scoff at his limp member. “What’s the matter? Is your mistress’s appearance not arousing?”

“N…No…I mean yes! I mean…” stammered Avitus, practically tripping over his words.

“Go on…”

“It’s just…the Inquisitor was very meticulous in preparing me for this role. He didn’t want me ‘flying off the handle’ too early and disappointing you…”

A short silence fell over the pair as Lelith stared blankly at him. “You mean to tell me he purposefully desensitized you?”

Avitus’ head drooped in shame. “Yes. It was not…pleasant.”

Sighing, Lelith pinched the bridge of nose and closed her eyes. “You know, at this point, I don’t even want to think about how much this bastard has probably masturbated over this.”

“…Quite a bit probably…he’s really obsessed…”

The acolyte squeaked as he received a fiery death gaze. “Great. Now I have *that* image stuck in my head. Well, that’s fine. I’ll just have to whip you until it’s gone.”

At that, his manhood twitched, causing the Dark Eldar to raise her eyebrow. “…Let me guess, he planned for this too?”

“Sort of…” Avitus muttered dejectedly. “I was taken each day to be whipped by the Ecclesiarchy on his orders until I had an erection. It just became a subconscious fear reaction…though it never stopped the beatings…”

“Mon’keighs after my own heart. But let it not be said I am not a fair mistress. We will forgo the cleansing for now, but only if you get that in serviceable condition.” She pointed to his half-flaccid member with an air of disappointment.

“I’ll…I’ll try…”

“I’ll try *mistress.*” Lelith added, a playful tone once again seeping back into her voice.

Gulping, Avitus stammered, “Y-Yes Mistress. I w-will try Mistress.”

Chapter Three[edit]

As the mon’keigh started manhandling his meat, Lelith had to bite her lower lip to prevent herself from laughing. It was almost cute how determined he was trying to get his package ready for delivery, but she didn’t feel like mocking him. Instead, the Dark Eldar walked over beside the door and open up a hidden panel there. Inside was a wide array of instruments of sexual pleasure and torture, along with a few switches which would mold the room to her liking. Grinning, she flicked a few switches before removing a length of rope and turning back to Avitus.

Absorbed in his task, the acolyte leapt in surprise as the sound of metal scrapping against itself briefly met his ears.

“Calm down. It’s only the hooks lowering,” whispered Lelith, slowly walking back over to him.


“Mhm, for this.” She offered out the bit of rope, then glanced down at his mostly hardened member. “Is that the *best* you can do? Pathetic…” Placing the rope on the floor, Lelith pushed Avitus back into the chair and kneeled down between his legs. “…Want something done right…have to do it yourself…”

Not giving her toy a chance to react, she slid her hands along his thighs and began to breathe across his shaft. Slow, steady, warm breaths only a few inches away from the pulsating flesh. “I bet you wish your mistress would take this inside her mouth…teasing the tip with her tongue…” Lelith moaned, pleased to see her teasing was having a positive effect.

When she was satisfied with the state of Avitus’ manhood, she removed her hands from his thighs and slid her G-string off. Humming, the Dark Eldar used the fabric to bind the base of the acolyte’s shaft. “There we go. Now you won’t go soft in the middle of my fun…”

She stood, not caring that Avitus was given free rein to stare at her moistening folds. Grasping his left arm, she quickly folded it at the elbow before binding forearm to bicep with the rope. With a flick of her hair, the tiny hooks woven into it severed the length from the makeshift restraint, allowing her to repeat the process on his three remaining limbs.

“What are you…” Avitus stammered as he found himself lowered from the chair and placed onto the floor. His limbs as they were, he had little purchase to move except on stumps, but that was the least of his concern. His host had thrown the remaining rope up near the overhead light, apparently latching the two strands around a hook hidden there.

“Now…” Lelith murmured, easily picking him up like a child. “You and I are going to experience the Drukhari version of the missionary position…”

She attached the four ends of the rope hanging from the ceiling to his existing binds, then stood back to admire her handiwork. It had been quite some time since she had had the opportunity to practice her rope work, but she was pleased with the result. The mon’keigh was left suspended several feet above the air, swaying gently as his limbs involuntarily strained against their restraints. Ignoring his grunts of discomfort, Lelith removed the rest of her armaments adorning her lower body.

Avitus’ mind raced as he tried to discern what the Dark Eldar had meant. His thoughts were short-lived, though, as he soon found the woman’s weight upon his crotch. As he was tipped up by the ropes, Lelith wrapped her arms around his neck and purred, “Just sit back and relax…it will be easier that way…” He nodded, only to moan moments later as she took his manhood deep within her. The succubus’ folds were near perfection – tight, moist, and practically massaging his cock. She was not content with this, however, and she began to grind her hips against him.

Each thrust and little movement from Lelith caused the pair of them to rock back and forth. The acolyte noted, with dismay, that he had been turned into a human swing-set. It was…pleasurable, in a way, but his limbs were flexing uncontrollably with the action. They were beginning to burn and cramp as they hyperextended. His groans turned to a mixture of grunts and growls as he was forced to endure countless minutes of the agonizing ecstasy. Avitus’ vision began to blur as tears formed in the corners of his eyes, but it was clear his mistress had only begun.

Lelith noted, with quite a bit of satisfaction, that her methods were proving fruitful for the both of them. Her charge’s battered body was sating her innate desire for tortured soul energy, and his shaft was hitting her G spot in just the right way. She leaned in, nipping at his neck as she whispered, “I want you to cum for me, little mon’keigh… Cum for your dear mistress…”

And cum he did after a few more minutes. Lost in the haze, Avitus was unaware that he had stared orgasming until the wave of delight caused his entire body to spasm uncontrollably. Bound as he was, this served to triple his pain as rope after rope of thick cum was shot inside Lelith. Each moment was a concoction of conflicting sensations, which the acolyte soon found himself drowning in.

When he was finally able to see straight again, he realized that the Dark Eldar had stopped grinding against him. Chuckling, she lapped his salty tears from his face before leaning back. “It’s been so long since I’ve been able to share this with someone. But…you see…*I* haven’t cum yet…and you’re not off the hook until I do…”

Chapter Four[edit]

A myriad of senses crept into Avitus’ mind as he found himself slowly awakening. Every muscle in his body was on fire, practically and literally cramped after being subjected to the “pleasure” that was his Mistress’ hospitality. The acolyte had lost track of time after the third time he had been made to cum, but Avitus hazarded a guess that he had been a glorified human swing for close to several hours before he had passed out. All the while, Lelith had not once cum, or, at least, had not admitted to doing so. She merely continued to purr and scratch at him, which served to both put him in his place and keep him aroused far more than any human any business being. Still, as Avitus cracked open his eyes wearily, he couldn’t help but smile at remembering the one time his Mistress had bit her lip and gone silent for a few minutes.

The sight that met the acolyte was not at all what he had expected. Instead of the cold, gray, featureless room, he was instead looking out at a rather ornate and regal bedroom. The floors were made of what looked to be pure mahogany, and the walls plastered with a majestic shade of red. Sheer glass windows punctuated the wallpaper, offering a view of the twilight-colored spires of Commorragh outside. The furniture in the room was similarly magnificent: an imposing wooden dresser that could have held a suit of power armor, several chests made of pure wraithbone, and several full length mirrors to name a few. It took a moment for Avitus to realize he was viewing all of this not from a bed, but from floor-level. In fact, as he turned his head (warranting a twinge of pain as he did), he came to realize he was laying curled up in an oversized dog bed. It was a rather comfy sort of thing, but the curved shape and large paw print adorning the center of the crimson fabric made it very clear the bed’s original purpose. Grumbling somewhat at this revelation, Avitus’ eyes were drawn upwards to the actual bed which his own lay at the foot of. What he saw momentarily baffled him.

The bed, like the rest of the furniture, was made up of a rare material one would not normally expect to find in the Dark City. A shadowy oak, in this case. Though it was larger than any king-sized bed Avitus had ever seen, the way it was covered simply confused him. The mattress was adorned with extremely pink, silken sheets, along with a multitude of frilly pillows. There was even a stuffed grox resting among the numerous cushions, like one might expect to find a teddy bear in a child’s bedroom. All in all, not exactly the sort of bed one expected a Dark Eldar to have, much less the Queen of Commorragh. Groggy as his thought process was, it took a moment for Avitus to comprehend that Lelith was nowhere to be seen. He had the entire room to himself for the moment, which brought him a strange sense of comfort. Sure, he was practically the prisoner of a sadistic xenos, with no hope of rescue, but at least he hadn’t awoken to find himself strapped to another chair or table.

Left to his own devices, Avitus tried his best to work the tension out of his weary body. Stretching best he could, the acolyte marveled at how well his body had held up to what he was sure was only the tip of the iceberg. The thought of what might lie in store for him both scared and aroused him, the latter of which made him blush profusely. It was true, he had been rather “prepared” for this task by his Inquisitor, but the fact that such deviancy had taken root in him was something Avitus was still struggling to accept. Before being plucked from his studies in the Schola Progenium, the acolyte had been extremely sheltered. Back then, he might have cringed at the thought of being made to have sex with someone, let alone be their pet! As these feelings and memories washed over him, Avitus couldn’t help but shiver before curling back up into a ball. His rest, however, would be short lived.

Chapter Five[edit]

“Avitus? Oh Avitus! Where are you my pet?”

Lelith’s sensual humming caused Avitus to twitch in surprise, and he found himself cursing the pain that came with it as his Mistress flung open the bedroom doors. Like before, the Dark Eldar was adorned in the extremely scantily clad outfit that wyches favored. However, unlike before, Lelith’s hair was down, devoid of the barbed hooks and daggers once hidden inside of it. Stunning as she was, it was the item in her hands that drew Avitus’ attention as she strode toward him.

“My my… I see you’re finally awake. How are you doing? Hmmm?” mused Lelith, coming to stand mere feet away from the ball that was the acolyte. “Sleep well? I wouldn’t want my newest plaything to get worn out on his first day…”

Before Avitus could reply, Lelith set the bowl she was holding down in front of the human’s bed. Sensing a theme, Avitus stared at the dog bowl with a slight frown before realizing it was full to the brim with freshly prepared steak and bacon. Without thinking, he began reaching out towards it, only to have his wrist grabbed moments later.

“Now now, I know you’re hungry, but I haven’t told you you can eat yet…”

The acolyte’s gaze wandered up from the floor, blinking at the bent form before him. Lelith had kneeled to be on his level, her face a mixture of both motherly care and obvious superiority. Even her eyes exuded a sort of confidence and control that made Avitus’ heart skip a beat, for multiple reasons. To make matters worse, the way his Mistress was leaning afforded him quite the eyeful of her bountiful cleavage. She had not exposed her succulent mounds to him yet in all the time he had been her “guest,” but the bra that made up the wychsuit’s upper half left little to the imagination.

A sharp flick on the acolyte’s nose brought him out of his momentary stupor. “Well? Your Mistress asked you a question. Several in fact…”

Gulping, Avitus did his best to offer one. “Y-Yes M-Mistress. Sorry M-Mistress. I’m… okay. Just weary after…” He trailed off, his chest beginning to match his flushed cheeks.

“After what? Hmmm?” Lelith purred, leaning in ever closer to breathe across the right side of his neck. “Be specific…”

“After we...you...I…” stammered Avitus, agonizingly aware of the fact his member was already beginning to harden in response to Lelith’s teasing. “...after we...you know…”

Sighing, Lelith pulled back, and, for a moment, the acolyte could have sworn there was a look of sorrow in her eyes. “Come now. You mustn't be so flustered with such things. Surely this was part of your ‘training?’”

“N-No! It wasn’t! The Inquisitor thought I would be gagged most of the time, so he…” Avitus found his response cut off by a strip of bacon being forced into his mouth. Chewing on it slowly, savoring the taste, he stared back at his Mistress with surprise.

“Shhhh… I can see I’ll have to add this sort of thing to your training regiment. Still…” whispered Lelith, reaching over to the bowl to pick up another strip of bacon, “If you wish to be allowed to eat, you had better answer my question fully. So, I shall ask it again: After what?”

Her fiery, passionate gaze made Avitus’ face and body burn. Gulping the mouthful of bacon down, he tried once more to wrestle out a proper response. “After...you let me try to make you cum?”

A moment of silence fell over the pair, only for it to be broken by a bout of laughter from Lelith. Cringing, Avitus buried his face with his hands, only to have it pried free by the still laughing Dark Eldar. “My boy, either you are really trying to impress me, or you are the most innocently honest human I have ever met.” As her laughter continued, Avitus found himself smiling somewhat, after realizing that it was not mocking in nature. In fact, as he watched his Mistress closely, he was almost positive she was genuinely pleased with his response.

“I...I’m glad…” he murmured, eyes falling to the floor in sheer embarrassment. He found his heart skipping a beat once more, though every neuron in his brain was wishing he could hide from his own awkwardness. To his surprise, he was given another strip of bacon, along with a pat on the head.

“See? Was that so hard? Still, if you’re going to be my pet, you’re going to have to learn to overcome this silly mental block you have. How else are you going to beg for me to ravage your body, hmmm?”

Lelith’s purrs only deepened the flush across Avitus’ upper body. By now, his fully erect shaft was throbbing betwixt his loins, seeping small droplets of precum onto the fabric of his bed. “I…I don’t know…” the acolyte offered, after finishing his second strip of meat. “B-But...I would like it very much if you…”

Another pat on the head cut him off. “All in due time, my boy. All in due time. But first, I think you’ve earned yourself a little treat before I get you set up for today’s main event…”

To Avitus’ amazement, Lelith stood up and began stripping bare in front of him. Beginning with her leggings, she slipped off the dark fabric like one might tease a lover, taking just enough time to leave the acolyte hanging on her every movement. By the time Lelith reached her thong, she noted with amusement that her toy’s mouth was hanging slightly ajar. Her mirth doubled as the thong concealing her womanhood was cast aside, resulting in a rather large throb and drool of precum to emerge from the mon’keigh’s member. Reaching up, the Dark Eldar removed her bra with a flourish, exposing a pair of gorgeous breasts and perky nipples begging to be played with.

Bending back down to Avitus’ level, Lelith leaned in and nipped the left side of his neck. Meanwhile, her fingers lightly danced up his thighs to brush against the base of his shaft before coming to knead his balls lightly. “Now…” she whispered, punctuating every fourth word with another bite, “You are going to have the privilege of eating from me. And then you are going to lick my entire body clean...Understood?”

A squeak was all that Lelith needed to hear before she leaned back and withdrew her hands. Picking up several strips of bacon, the Dark Eldar carefully twirled them about her areolas and lower neck. After the meat was properly applied, she plucked several chunks of steak from the dog bowl and placed them down her stomach and about her vulva. Once finished, Lelith looked back up at her acolyte and winked, “Well, come get your breakfast then...”

Chapter Six[edit]

Inexperienced and stunned as he was, it did not take long for Avitus to gingerly begin advancing towards his Mistress. Moving towards Lelith on all fours, he paused after placing his hands on either of her sides. “A-Are you sure? I don’t feel like I earned…”

Another flick on the nose and momentary frown met his self-depreciation. “Stop being so hard on yourself. I cannot stand when you mon’keighs, or anyone, for that matter, can’t realize when I am being sincere. You would not be given such an opportunity if I did not think you deserving.” The hardened tone to her voice shifted, and once again Lelith smiled up at her acolyte. “Plus, it’s not every day you get to eat from such a special platter, don’t you think?”

“N-no Mistress! I mean yes...I mean…”

Giggling, Lelith reached up and pulled the stammering man’s head so that it was buried in her cleavage. “Relax my boy, or you’re never going to be able to handle what’s in store for today…”

The wicked overtone did not make Avitus feel any better, but by now both of his brains were screaming for him to act like the man he was. With a gulp, he opened up his mouth and began licking and lightly prying at his Mistress’ pale skin. Starting with the food about her neck, he slowly worked his way down and around her right breast, making sure to get every scrap of meat along the way. Concentrated as he was on his task, the acolyte was unaware of Lelith’s breaths becoming more labored and pronounced. Still, as he finally reached her nipple, he found his hair being pried and ruffled by one of the Dark Eldar’s hands. Taking this as a sign he was doing well, Avitus doubled his efforts, swirling his tongue about the tip of the hardened peak after gobbling down the morsel resting there. It was then that the acolyte heard something that utterly confounded him: His Mistress moaned for the first time since he had met her.

It was unlike any of her previous utterings. Before where such airy offerings were meant as stimulation and teasing, this was something else entirely. Pure passion and arousal were all that the moan contained, and it served to drive Avitus to double his efforts. He wanted, no, he NEEDED to hear Lelith moan like that again.

And moan she did as he switched focus to her other breast. Meanwhile, Lelith’s body seemed to relax somewhat at the assault it was enduring. In the back of her mind, the Dark Eldar couldn’t help but feel overjoyed that, for once, she was receiving a source of sexual stimulation that didn’t involve copious amounts of pain and agony. After all, all her previous lovers had been her own kind, and the bread and butter of sexual encounters with them was a large amount of sadism. But here and now, with her new plaything, such matters were entirely cast aside, for the moment anyways. So what if she was enjoying this? So what if she had accidentally allowed herself to become more aroused than she intended? She was the Mistress, after all. She was in complete control, wasn’t she?

Driven by his new-found need to please his Mistress, Avitus quickly found himself slurping up the small bites leading up to Lelith’s womanhood. By now, Lelith was practically tearing at his hair, her crotch almost grinding into his face as he worked to lick the area clean from the mixture of juices that had seeped across it. Minutes into this, and to both of their amazement, the Dark Eldar’s back suddenly arched as she omitted a cry of ecstasy.

Lelith’s nails dug sharply into the acolyte’s scalp, pushing his head away as she writhed about in an unexpected orgasm. She HAD become far too aroused after all. But why? Why was she so stimulated by a simple mixture of licks and nips? This wasn’t what she had in mind at all. Though, as she came down from her high, Lelith couldn’t help but allow herself to grin for a moment. This just meant that her pet would receive double his training for the day. And maybe a couple extra bites of food.

Chapter Seven[edit]

Stunned as he was, it took being pushed back into his dog bed for Avitus to properly realize what had just happened. A sense of accomplishment and pride washed over him. Maybe he wasn’t so horrible at this after all, though he certainly didn’t feel like he had done anything special. Still, the way his Mistress squirmed brought him immense joy, matched with a particularly prominent throb from his shaft. Looking down at it, Avitus realized his manhood had all but leaked a small puddle across the floor, but that was just the beginning of it. To his amazement, Lelith soon leaned up and began licking every drop of the precum up before pushing the acolyte down onto his back.

“Y...You…” she breathed heavily, trying to form the words past her panting. “Just...Don’t say anything…” As her breasts swayed beneath her, Lelith leaned in and gave her pet a lustful kiss. Pouring every remaining ounce of arousal she could into the dance of tongues, it wasn’t until the Dark Eldar had calmed herself that she pulled away. “Now then…” she whispered, standing and bringing Avitus with her, “You are going to experience one of my favorite methods of pain: denial.”

Not giving the man a chance to respond, Lelith led him from the bedroom and into a rather smartly decorated hallway. After taking a few turns, the pair soon arrived at the stark gray room from before, much to Avitus’ slight dismay. Lelith pushed her pet into the middle of the room, then turned to the panel from before. This time, she activated the switches necessary to cause a table to rise from the floor, and a pendulum to fall from the ceiling. The table was made of the same metal as the rest of the room, but came with slots where one might bind an occupant to it.

“Lay down,” ordered Lelith, of which Avitus quickly obeyed. Stepping over to him with a speed unmatched by any human, his Mistress quickly bound his limbs and head to the flat surface so as to give his body absolutely no wriggle room. Once again, the acolyte found his manhood strangled by an instrument designed to keep his erection, though this time it was a simple leather sleeve of sorts that wrapped around his base and ballsack. In addition, a ball-gag was stuffed somewhat roughly into his mouth, as if Lelith was letting off a small bit of steam for embarrassing herself earlier.

Once properly bound and gagged, Lelith maneuvered the pendulum such that it rested directly above her pet’s pulsating cock. After attaching a small feather to it, she tapped a button on it that sent it into continual motion. As it began to sway the feather this way and that way across the acolyte’s manhood, Lelith walked over behind his head to stare down at him.

“Like I said earlier, you’re going to have to get over your mental block to survive today’s training. You see, I plan on leaving you like this until you’re fit to burst, and then some. I know what you’re thinking: ‘It’s just a feather, Mistress. How is it supposed to do that?’” Pausing, Lelith leaned down to whisper into the man’s left ear, “Well, my dear pet, you’ll find that after a few hours, you’ll be cursing that very same feather for not allowing you a release. And you will not have that release, not until I allow it. And guess what? I'm not going to allow it until you beg for it in the most obscene manner possible...”

Standing upright, she grinned knowingly and wickedly down at her charge before walking towards the room’s exit. “I’ll be back later in the day. Try not to go insane while I’m gone…”

Chapter Eight[edit]

You just HAVE to be so manipulable. So eager. So willing to please. Even in the Imperium you were more concerned with the well being and happiness of others than your own. And look where that’s gotten you now, Avitus: Strapped to a table Emperor-knows-where in the Dark City being driven mad by a simple feather…

Four hours into this his stay in the featureless sex dungeon, and already Avitus was nearing tears. True to Lelith’s words, the feather had grown from a simple annoyance to a full-blown source of agony. Each swing of the pendulum across his oversensitive member kept him right at the edge, with no means to achieve release. To make matters worse, a deep ache was growing somewhere between his testicles and prostate, making it hard to focus on anything but the stimulation he was receiving. At this point, the acolyte wasn’t sure if the harness about his crotch was even necessary to keep him hard, given the amount of precum practically spilling out onto it. His muscles were beginning to burn from preparing for a release that never came, and sweat beaded across his skin. All in all, Avitus was left a quivering, trembling mess on the cold table, but his torture was only just beginning.

When Lelith finally returned from her errands about Commorragh, she made a point to specifically ignore the fact that she had left her human pet tied up in her special room. Instead, the Dark Eldar took the time to make dinner and shower, even going so far as to enjoy a few chapters in her latest literature conquest. It was some eight hours after her original departure from Avitus that she finally returned, adorned in a simple pink robe with her hair down.

“Oh my…” she began, practically purring. “Someone’s eager to see me…”

Avitus grunted through the gag, but otherwise offered no other response. Much to his relief, he saw the pendulum rising back up into the ceiling past the single light above him. This would be short-lived, however, as the acolyte felt a weight on his chest as Lelith came to straddle and stare down at him. The Dark Eldar was completely naked beneath the robe, or so Avitus guessed, given the soft skin of her womanhood and thighs rubbing against him. But that was the last thing on his mind.

“So…Where should I begin…I almost feel bad leaving you for so long unattended...almost…” Lelith’s hands gently traced idle patterns through the human’s chest hair as she continued her musings. “But enough of that...I’m sure you’re practically bursting with desire and lust for your Mistress at this point. Isn’t that right?”


“No? A shame… And here I’d thought I’d reward my precious pet…”


Lelith giggled lightly, then slowly slid her hands up to Avitus’ face to remove the gag. Once his mouth was free of the foreign object, the acolyte took several deep breaths and worked his cramped jaw before offering a reply.

“T-T-Thank y-y-you...M-Mist...” was all the man could stammer out before he suddenly felt a wave of emasculation ripple over him. Up to this point, Avitus really hadn’t felt subservient, more a prisoner rolling with the whims of a sadistic warden. Yet, as he stared back up at Lelith with a face marred by tears and other various fluids, it was quite clear that this was an entirely different situation. The Dark Eldar’s eyes contained a playful glint, and the right corner of her lips were tweaked upwards just enough to form a joyful smirk. She was in complete control of his fate, and they both knew it.

“Hmmm? Thank me? For what exactly?”

“F-For getting r-rid of the feather…” Avitus’ entirely body shivered once more, the motion of which reached Lelith quite easily.

“Oh yes...THAT. Such a simple, yet effective tool, isn’t it?” Winking, the Dark Eldar raised herself up just enough to spin about on top of Avitus. With a hum, she wound her way downward so as to be at eye-level with her pet’s throbbing manhood. Though this positioning had the added bonus of hovering her own crotch above the man’s face, Avitus had little time to enjoy that fact before the sensation of cool air hit his over-sensitive flesh. No longer inhibited by the gag, a groan of mixed agony and delight came unbidden from the acolyte’s mouth, much to Lelith’s delight.

“He he… Look at you… so ready to cum…” Another breath, though this time it was accompanied by hands caressing the interior of the human’s thighs. “I bet you wish your Mistress would just bend down a little bit closer and…” A drop of saliva fell onto the very tip of Avitus’ cock, driving him almost insane.

“P-Please! Just t-touch it! I-I’ll be a good pet! J-Just let me cum! I can’t...I need to...Please…” Avitus pathetically begged, crying all the while. “I need...I want to…”

His mumblings were interrupted by Lelith lowering her crotch into his face, her womanhood pressed firmly against his nose and mouth. “Hush...I know…” she mused, getting ever closer to his member. “And I’m in a good mood, so I’ll make you a deal. Use that tongue of yours...and I’ll match whatever you do…”

Chapter Nine[edit]


Avitus’ back arched and he strained against his bonds as Lelith made true on her promise. Though his own tongue had only briefly brushed against the exterior of her labia during his muffled question, it was matched by a similarly quick lick across the underside of his tip. A frenzy began to overtake the acolyte, driven by the first real stimulation he had had in hours. At first, he stuck with the basics: teasing licks, light sucks, soft nips, a gambit to see just how diligently his Mistress would duplicate his efforts. Almost maddeningly, they were doubled, if not tripled each time, driving the man to rougher and more vigorous acts.

Mid-way through a particularly long and slightly painful draw (Avitus had accidently bit Lelith’s clit in his zeal to be given release) on his cock, Avitus’ vision suddenly went pure white. It took a full five seconds for him to realize that he was finally cumming, by which time his entire body was flailing against the bonds. Abandoning his attack on Lelith’s crotch for the time being, Avitus practically screamed in pain and delight as his Mistress continued to suck him off throughout the entire affair. After what felt like an eternity, the acolyte’s body finally ceased its machinations, leaving him panting while tears of joy streamed across his face.

Below, Lelith happily made it a point to noisily suck up every droplet of cum that her pet produced. She would never admit it to anyone, but she had secretly thought about doing this the entire day. It had been decades, if not centuries, since she had last had a partner, and there was something positively alluring about not having to expect broken bones the day after. Her species had always been infamous for its sadistic nature, which extended to all matters, including the realm of sex. Needless to say, “intimacy” wasn’t something a Dark Eldar typically experienced, let alone shared with another. Affection was a sign of weakness, something to be exploited, or so the common line of thinking went. Yet, as Lelith swallowed the last dregs of Avitus’ semen, she couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit of desire to be closer to this human. Only for a moment, though.

The Dark Eldar let out a giggle as she once against spun around on the acolyte’s chest and leaned in to bite his lower lip. “Tell me my pet...how was it? How did it feel to finally be allowed to cum after being denied for so long?”

“It was...I…” Avitus lacked the proper lexicon to describe his true feelings. He was flummoxed, torn between emotions and desires. He hated the fact he was being treated like a toy, but another part of him was loving every single moment of it. His sexual experiences and relationships prior to joining the Inquisition were...limited, but it was enough to compare to. Unlike those, this “arrangement” allowed him to completely relax, to completely give in to the sensations wracking his every fiber of being. He couldn’t do much else, after all, since each time thus far he’d been made to cum he had been completely bound up. It was severely intimate, in a way, to have to trust and rely on someone else in such a fashion.

In any case, the acolyte panted for a few more minutes while Lelith preened his hair and nuzzled against his face. Once he found his voice again, Avitus offered, almost dejectedly, “...I-It was incredible…”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me...But we’re not done yet...not by a long shot…”

A yelp escaped Avitus’ lips as Lelith bit his cheek hard enough to pierce the skin. His blood staining her lips, the Dark Eldar pulled back and slid down off the table near the acolyte’s feet. After undoing the bonds holding the man’s legs to the table, Lelith flicked a few switches on the underside of the surface that caused everything below the human’s waist to return into the floor. As such, she was given free reign to take up his legs, one in each arm, and walk forward so as to press her crotch against his.

“Now, my pet...You’re going to experience the flip-side to being denied. I believe you mon’keighs call it ‘milking?’”

Before Avitus could reply, his Mistress finally discarded her robe, revealing a stunning pair of black lingerie complete with garterbelt. Such eye-candy was only briefly enjoyed, however, as soon the man’s cock was enveloped by the Dark Eldar’s own yearning folds. It was again an emasculating experience: to be on the receiving end of what was the classic human missionary position, but Avitus was not about to start complaining. Far from it, in fact, as the vigorous thrusts from Lelith soon but erased all else from his mind.

Chapter Ten[edit]

Avitus’ tune quickly changed after being forced to orgasm for what felt like the tenth time in an extremely short time period. Even given the extreme build-up he had been subjected to, it was not long before he stopped producing cum. If anything, he had traded one ache and source of hypersensitivity for another. To make matters worse, Lelith had made it a point to leave numerous deep scratches along his thighs and lower abdomen with raking strokes from her nails. His mistress had seemingly gotten lost in the drive to drain him completely, and had long since stopped responding to his pitiful moans of agony. Still, as she switched positions yet again, Avitus noticed a certain lag to her movements.

Some forty minutes later, Lelith collapsed on top of her pet, panting. The alluring cloth that had once clung so diligently to her flesh now hung loosely from her sweat-drenched skin. Various fluids spilled from her reddened slot, and her entire lower body trembled slightly. Almost subconsciously, Avitus made to try and hug her closer, only to be stopped by the bindings keeping his arms bound to the table.

“O-Oh...R-Right…” stammered Lelith, deftly removing the leather straps and freeing the acolyte completely. For a time, the two simply lay with one another, weary from the exertions of the previous few hours. It would be the Dark Eldar who would break the silence, once she had caught her breath.

“Just think...that’s just the tip of the iceberg...but for now…let’s go get cleaned up, hmmm?”

A grunt was all Avitus could muster, given how drained his entire body and mind felt. He found himself being gently pulled upright, half-supported by his Mistress as the pair left the dungeon behind. It was all the acolyte could do to remain conscious, and, as such, he was barely aware of his surroundings.

“No silly. It’s this way...Just a little further...that’s a good boy…” cooed Lelith, maneuvering her charge into the expansive master bathroom. Designed in a style resembling that of the ancient Japanese of Earth, the tiled bath was practically a glorified hot spring. After propping Avitus against one of the walls, Lelith bound away and returned with a bucket of various oils and soaps. As she plucked up a green bottle, her eyes roved over her pet’s body. She couldn’t help but take note of the gashes she had left across her pet’s body with a grin.

“Awww… poor thing. I really did a number on you didn’t I? Oh well...You’ll get used to it, eventually…”

A soft grunt was all she received in response, but Lelith was pleased either way. Though Avitus wasn’t all “there” to appreciate it, his Mistress knelt down and began to lick each little nick and scratch clean. When she finished with the impromptu tongue bath, Lelith leaned back and winked. Using the bottle from before, she poured out a generous amount of the viscous, soapy liquid out across her breasts. The Dark Eldar then made to rub herself against the human, working her mammaries to build a thick lather across both of their skins.

“...isn’t this nice?” she purred a few minutes later, before turning on one of the many faucets along the wall. Warm water began to cascade over the pair of them, washing away the built up suds. Avitus groaned at the sensation of the water hitting him, but otherwise was unable to offer a response. Lelith did not require one, however, to know what the dumb grin plastered across his face meant.

Turning off the water, the Dark Eldar plucked up Avitus once more and half-carried him over to the steaming pool of water that took up a majority of the room. After depositing him in it, she took up a spot next to him and lay her head on his shoulder. For a time, they simply remained in that position, enjoying one another’s company in the warmth. It was all too much for the human to bear, though, and he found himself drifting off to sleep. Just before he slipped into the realm of the unconscious, Lelith whispered in his ear:

“I’ll see you in the morning...my sweet…”

Chapter Eleven[edit]

“Would you like one lump, or two?”

“Two, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, my pet.”

Lelith hummed as she strode over to the kitchen table where Avitus was seated, tray in hand loaded with all sorts of delectable delicacies. Placing it square in the middle of the glass, the Dark Eldar made sure to give the mon’keigh a good glimpse of her cleavage before taking her own seat across from him. As usual, she was not wearing much at all. Today saw her in a pair of plain red panties a size too small, with the rest of her “covered” by an open-backed apron. Her counterpart was just as scantily clad, having been permitted the privilege of wearing a pair of pink boxer briefs.

A week had passed since Avitus’ first session of denial. Much to the acolyte’s simultaneous dismay and delight, each day had started with a different form of orgasm control. Following the countless hours of not being allowed to cum, his Mistress had exposed him to more Dark Eldar sex positions, all just as alluringly agonizing as the first. Though Avitus was scared to admit it, the “shining spear-crouching scorpion” had been the highlight of their debauchery thus far, despite the dull pain that still lingered in his thighs. Such pain was easily ignored, however, given the almost motherly care and concern that seemed to radiate from Lelith this morning.

“You seem...brighter than usual,” he offered, slowly taking up his cup of recaf from the tray. To his surprise, this elicited a small blush from his Mistress.

“I thought we could enjoy a normal meal...for once. Not that I don’t *love* our little ‘eating competitions,’ mind you!” Lelith blurted, quickly reaching for her own cup and burying her face in it.

“Oh… I umm… well whatever you want, I suppose. Mind if I…?” Avitus pointed at a plate laden with a strange, pink meat the human had never seen before.

The Dark Eldar shook her head, peering at him over the rim of her mug. “Go right ahead. I normally don’t cook such rarities, so I hope it all turned out okay.”

Confusion overtook the acolyte as he wondered what had put Lelith in such a mood. This had to be a lead up to a new form of torturous pleasure, he thought, though such musings did not stop him from digging into the food he had taken. It was chewy, almost like…

“...Where did you get this?” he asked as his body started to feel very warm. Below, the cloth that was restricting his manhood tightened.

“Hmm? Oh one of my wyches plucked it from a passing cargo ship not two days ago.” Lelith lowered her cup, revealing an almost wicked grin. “What’s wrong? I thought you mon’keighs normally enjoyed oysters with breakfast.”

Avitus gulped. “That’s...no, that’s salmon! But what did you do to make it…”

The Dark Eldar waved a hand, barely containing her mirth. “That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. But go on.” She dropped to a whisper, pouring lust into every word. “Eat up.”

By the time he was finished, the man could barely sit still. He knew he wouldn’t be allowed to masturbate while in his mistress’ care, but he had to do something to relieve this pressure. Luckily for him, Lelith made the first move.

Standing, the succubus took their plates over to the sink, then turned to face him, face entirely flushed. “W-Well, are you just going to sit there, or do I have to force myself against the wall? Stupid mon’keigh, c-can’t even...eep!”

Avitus didn’t have to be told twice. He had practically sprung from the table, taking up both of her wrists in his hand as he almost slammed her into a nearby wall. Part of him knew this had to be a trap of some sorts, but that did not stop him from greedily tearing the apron from his Mistress before starting to bite at her collarbone.

She, of course, returned her own sort of oral affection, which resulted in a few small trickles of blood trailing down the mon’keigh’s chest and face. Reaching down, she tore the bulging fabric from his pelvis, and began to grind against it. “Oh...such a naughty pet…” Lelith moaned between bites. “I’m going to *have* to train you *all* over again, aren’t I?”

Another squeak of surprise came from the Dark Eldar as her mouth was forced open with the human’s own. So as not to completely surrender herself, Lelith wriggled out of Avitus’ grip and took the man up by his thighs. As he wrapped his arms around her neck, she removed her panties in a surprising show of dexterity, using only her foot. She then made to envelop the acolyte’s throbbing member with her own yearning folds, while spinning the pair of them around so as to reverse their positions. Both of them moaned into the other’s mouth as they connected, and Lelith further pushed the man up against the wall.

Neither ended up lasting long in the throes of their feral lust. As Avitus began to pour his seed inside of her some two minutes later, Lelith’s legs gave out as her own orgasm began to wash over her. Falling to the kitchen floor, the pair dug into one another’s skin as they cried out in simultaneous joy. For a time, they simply lay trembling against one another, gasping for air.

Finally, Lelith managed to squeak, “Hah… s-so, d-did you like breakfast, or not? S-should we go back to the old version?”

Avitus thought for a moment, then gently planted a kiss on her cheek. “No. And I am sorry I lost control, Mistress. I could not help myself…”

She laughed, patting his head. “It’s okay, my pet. You act like I’m going to chain you down again today.”

“You’re...You’re not?”

“Nope. I wanted to see if the new drug the Haemonculi developed was worth fielding at all.” She leaned back, then winked. “Clearly, though, it’s not potent enough yet.”

“I...what do you mean?” Avitus managed to mutter.

Lelith purred, “Well, you were supposed to be reduced to a trembling mess. It’s designed to send the victim into a paralyzing ecstasy, while making them easy to tear and gut. The soul energy is much more delectable that way.” She pulled the man against herself once more, then started to lick his cheek. “I got the idea from you, actually. My wyches cannot afford to court their slaves, and the energy offered by pleasure is…”

“So...I’m just a source of energy to you, then? A test subject even? Not like I can really complain I suppose…”

He was interrupted as Lelith squeezed him tight and kissed him briefly. “No. No my pet,” she whispered into his ear. “You are something very special, as hard as it is for me to say that. I’m sorry if I angered you. To be honest, I hate using such chemicals myself.”

“...Then why did you...?”

“For your training, of course. I wanted to see if you were strong enough to be… well…” She paused, then murmured, “...sometimes… I... I wonder what it might be like to be a pet for once…”

“I...I don’t know what to say.” It was true, Avitus’ mind had gone entirely blank. She wanted *him* to dom *her*? Had he missed something? "You could have just asked..."

“P-Perhaps. But you can't tell me you didn't enjoy *that*." He grunted, and she giggled. "Come on, let’s go get cleaned up and I’ll try to explain what I have in mind...”

Chapter Twelve[edit]

“...I guess I’m still a little lost. You mean to tell me that most of your race reproduces by growing new young in vats?”

Lelith sighed and looked over the top of her reading glasses at Avitus. She had brought her pet into her study after they had bathed, and all the while she had taken it upon herself to begin explaining the nuances of Dark Eldar society.

“Yes. Your mon’keigh concepts of ‘intimacy’ and ‘family’ don’t particularly work out when both parties are vying to gain leverage over the other. Everything is a battle: a test of wills, strength, and endurance. Even sex. It’s rather hard to produce children when you have to worry about the person closest to you slitting your throat in the middle of the night, on top of the normal, everyday dangers…”

She trailed off rather awkwardly, and lowered her eyes to stare back at the dataslate containing the inventory of her Cult’s latest raids. With all the time she had devoted to breaking in Avitus, Lelith had fallen slightly behind in her normal Succubus duties. While it was no trouble at all to maintain her appearances in the coliseums, the paperwork never seemed to stop piling up.

“Hrm… Well, for what it’s worth: You don’t have to worry about that with me,” Avitus mused, shifting in his chair across the desk from the Succubus. “I’m more likely to end up cutting off my own hand in the process.”

His Mistress smirked at that, though she didn’t bother looking up from her work. “Mhrm. You certainly are the most combat-inept mon’keigh I’ve ever seen.”

“Perhaps, but I do have other skills. For example…” Avitus pointed at three dataslates that he had been idly reading upside down. “My knowledge of your script is shaky at best, but this ‘Dracite’ here is pocketing quite a bit from your raids. Probably more than you expect, if I had to guess.”

Lelith blinked, then picked up the slates in question to scan them over. “Well I don’t believe it. You *are* right. That’s 15% more than I told her she could have. Seems I’ll have to have a talk with her…” She placed the pads back into the stack, and resumed her earlier reading. “By the way, my pet, you have something on your cheek.”

Avitus raised an eyebrow as he scraped his fingers across his face. Holding them a few inches from his face, the acolyte grinned at seeing the traces of Lelith’s lipstick on his digits. He hadn’t even seen her form blur, yet somehow she’d managed to kiss him nonetheless. “I’m not exactly sure I deserved that, but thanks.”

A small tinge of red became visible on the Dark Eldar’s cheeks. “O-Of course you do,” she whispered, setting the pad down and burying her face in her hands. “Just… I envy you, you know. Being able to relax and simply enjoy the loving care I provide. I’ve never had that opportunity, ever. It’s always been a fight for survival and maintaining dominance. But… just once…”

The acolyte shook his head and slowly reached over to pat her head. “Look, Mistress, no, Lelith. I…” He wasn’t able to finish his sentence before his hand passed through the space where her head used to be. In the time it had taken him to blink, she’d taken up residence on his lap and curled against his chest. “Umm...hi.”

“Hi…” she murmured, tracing a circle around one of his pectorals with the tip of her fingernails. “I uh… I want to make you a deal. If you handle all this paperwork for me, I’ll… I’ll…”

“Go on…”

She closed her eyes and cringed. “I’ll be your pet for a day…”

“I’m flattered, really. I’d be happy to try and help you with the paperwork, but I don’t know the first thing about being a good Master. Especially at the level you probably expect. Wouldn’t you rather…gah!” Avitus yelped as he felt his collarbone being bit.

“No,” Lelith pouted, pulling back to stare into the man’s eyes. “I-I don’t care about all that. Just do whatever it is you m-mon’keighs do with your mates, and I’ll be content. Just one day… one day not having to be ‘The Queen of Commorragh.’ That’s all I want...”

Flummoxed, Avitus could only wrap his hands around his Mistress’ back and pull her into a hug. For a time, the two remained as such, though Lelith couldn’t help but tremble in the acolyte’s embrace. Finally, the man replied:

“I’m going to need another cup of recaf and another pair of boxer briefs if you want all this done by tomorrow.”

Chapter Thirteen[edit]

“H-Hey! I-It’s time to w-wake up…”

Yawning, Avitus began to stretch his upper body, only to pause in bewilderment. Rather than waking up in his usual oversized dog bed, he was laying underneath the silken covers of Lelith’s grand bed. To his left, the Dark Eldar was standing there waiting for him, adorned in the most alluring outfit Avitus had seen on her yet. The simple, white fur-lined bikini was enhanced by the matching stockings, but what really caught the acolyte’s eyes were the collar, tail, and the cat ears. The former was made of dark leather, and even had a small bell on it. As for the latter two, they were both made of the same material as the rest of the clothing’s fur.

“You uh…” Avitus stammered, trying to find the right words as he sat upright. “You really take this whole pet thing seriously, don’t you?”

Lelith fidgeted, casting aside her gaze and rubbing her shoulder. “I...I’ve never been able to wear this before. Is it alright?”

“It’s...It’s perfect. But you didn’t need to…”

“I w-wanted to…” They stared at one another for a moment, then she stuttered, “So...so what do we do first, M-Master?”

Avitus tilted his head in thought, then patted the bed beside him. “Well, come here and I’ll show you.”

Lelith obliged, joining him on the bed as the flush on her face creeped down across her chest. Trembling, she closed her eyes and waited, only to squeal when she felt the man’s hands begin to rub and scratch her ears. “W-What are you…?”

“Shhh, my kitten. Just relax.”


“That’s the spirit.”

For a time, Avitus focused on massaging his Mistress’ ears and neck. Lacking the proper training, he simply followed the curvature of her skull and muscles, much like one might do with an actual cat. Just as Lelith’s breathing grew hot and heavy, he switched tact. Taking up the Dark Eldar’s shoulders, he pulled her close and gently started a trail of kisses down the right side of her neck. Meanwhile, his hands ran down her back, working and teasing the skin along her spine.

“This...This is nice…” she whispered, nuzzling against Avitus’ head as he switched sides. “I… I mean, M-Meow…”

The acolyte snickered, and lightly bit her collarbone. Using his grip on her back, he led Lelith to come to straddle him. Casting aside the covers, he then pulled her downwards and intertwined their legs. “Now, we’re just going to lay like this for awhile, but we’re missing something… aren’t we?”

Lelith nodded, practically purring as she felt his mouth trail back up her neck to begin teasing her ears. Melting against him, she made no effort to resist the hand that gently pushed her panties aside, revealing her reddened, moist folds. Instead, she took it upon herself to work her hips to bring the man’s shaft inside of her, moaning into his neck as she did. Her hands found their way to Avitus’ sides, scratching them lightly as she lay against him.

Their bodies now a warm tangle of limbs, the two simply enjoyed the other’s company. Neither was making any effort to make the other cum, but, as an hour passed, cum they did. It was the most erotic sensation either had ever experienced, to be stimulated to orgasm simply by laying with a partner. Avitus did not stop there, however.

Taking up Lelith’s hands with his own, he interweaved their hands and flipped them over. As his hips slowly began to work against hers, he whispered into her ear, “Sorry this isn’t as rough as you expect…”

“Shh… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I… I mean…Me...Meo… Oh shut up and come here…”


“Buuuttt Dad!”

“Don’t you ‘Dad’ me, Reri. Your mother is right. You can’t go flaunting being a Trueborn just to get what you want from others. It’s a sign of weakness, hiding behind your mother’s accomplishment like that. Do you think it was easy for someone like her to hide that she was carrying you? How many attempts on her life, and mine, do you think we had to deal with?”

The small Dark Eldar pouted, crossing her arms and pursing her lips. “Mom did all of that. You just sat there and…”

“Enough,” interrupted Lelith. “I will not have my daughter turn out to be disrespectful too. Your father contributed in his own way. You know that there are other forms of strength and that not every field of battle is physical.”

Reri opened and closed her mouth several times, then let out a puff of air. “Finnnnee. I’m sorry, Dad. I won’t do it again…”

“Good. Because otherwise I know for a fact your mother’s favorite Corsair needs its hull repainted.”

“But...But that’s slave work!”

“Reri…” growled her mother, drumming her fingers on the table before her.

“Hmph… I know… I know. Alright… I’ll stop using mom’s name then…”

As Reri’s head dipped, Avitus reached over and propped it back up. “Hey, none of that. You know we’re just trying to do what’s best for you. People expect a lot from ‘the Princess of Commorragh,’ so you have to set an example. Doubly so, since you’re part human. Now, run along.”

His teenage daughter did not waste time in slipping away, leaving the former-acolyte with his beloved. Before he could speak, though, her head came to rest on his shoulder. “I seriously hope I was not that uptight when I was young…” Lelith grumbled, closing her eyes.

“No, you were probably worse. But she’ll come around, in time.” That earned Avitus a quick nip on his neck, but he had come to expect that sort of thing by now. Silence fell over the pair, only broken when Reri popped her head back into the kitchen.

“Since we’re trying to set examples, would you two mind being a little more quiet tonight? I’d like to get some sleep without hearing you two going at it like…”

The girl giggled with joy as a dagger embedded itself in the doorframe mere millimeters from where her face was, and she scampered off before her mother could chase after her. Such was life in the Hesperax household.