Heterosexual Sex in the Missionary Position

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"You were holding hands in public! You perverts!"

– Kanna
None so vile!

The life-long goal of Macha is to enjoy this with someone that isn't a fucking Callidus Temple Assassin. Despite her alleged racism, she would cheerfully fuck a human or Dark Eldar if it meant she didn't have to be a virgin anymore. So she did, albeit roughly.

Also the goal of many a fa/tg/uy (the ones who aren't frequenters of /d/ at any rate).

It's vanilla sex. Really, there's not a whole lot to say.

Someone once laughed at this tired joke several years ago, but neo-4chan continues to spam it at every half-assed opportunity like the Pavlovian untermensch they are, because if it was funny for a short while it must be funny every day year after year.

A Meme on /d/[edit]

One of the rare few genuinely hilarious memes on /d/, the gist of which is a very simple premise:

  • Someone posts a request for Heterosexual Sex in the Missionary Position between a consenting married couple with the purpose of bonding and procreation.
  • /d/ talks about how that's absolutely disgusting and how the poster is a sick fuck.

Hilarity through irony ensues.


There exists something so abominable that even Slaanesh is unable to fap to it...

Platonic Lewds: Two persons of different gender, both of which are in pajamas, lie in the same bed and... Just sleep... They don't do anything... Truly abominable...

Handholding: a truly despicable act by which the arm tentacles of one person are entwined with those of another, specifically someone of the opposite gender.

This meme doesn't have to be completely adhere to the fetish above as the gallery shows below. The core element is that a fetish that is truly vile is recognized for what it is by most users.


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