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The Hexmark Destroyer Glock-topus is the proverbial and literal lovechild between a Deathmark, a Destroyer and a six-armed Western gunslinger. These bad brotherfuckers are armed with six Enmitic Disintegrator Pistols to proverbially fuck shit up whilst looking cool at doing it.

Hexmark Destroyers are six-armed Necron Deathmarks who are part of the Destroyer Cult and want nothing more than to kill everything around them. In battle, they burst from their dimensional oubliettes, and the Destroyers' corrupted engrams aid them in targeting and dispatching nearby enemies in a hail of enmitic disintegrator fire.

Seeing as how they are Deathmarks who had fallen to the Destroyer curse, the Hexmark Destroyer takes the Deathmarks’ propensity for surprise attacks to epic levels.

The Hexmark is not a Plasma-gun Terminator[edit]

You'd think with a design this cool and a model this hyped up by the community, it couldn't be complete trash. And yet.

The Hexmark has a solid frame, pristine 2+ ballistic skill and rerolls on your 1s for good measure. Even in melee he isn't bad with 3+ weapon skill and 4 attacks. Here's the thing: his weapon is trash. Sadly, our boy is the proof that you cannot in fact give the ultimate gunslinger terrible guns and have him perform.

With him, you get 6 pistols which are each S6 AP-1 and 1 lonely damage. Since he doesn't have a melee weapon either, his hits are gonna be S5 AP-0 damage 1 as well. His rule of getting an extra shot off if he kills a model is cute, but seldom going to come into play against MEQs. And Necrons just don't have problems dealing with hordes with their basic units.

Hitting things is not the issue with him, it's that his best case damage against low toughness, low save models is relatively alright. But against Primaris? Hell, against the 2 Wound Firstborn? He averages less than two wounds. This is for a model which cannot be taken in squads and takes up the extremely valuable elite slot (incredibly crowded in 9th edition). Hopefully he can get improvements in future erratas.

  • Counter point: Sure he isn't going to earn his points back very well against marines but marines aren't really his target anyway. His targets are squishy stuff like guardsmen, dire avengers/guardians and fire warriors. Otherwise the Hexmark's fate will very much depend on the ebbs and flows of the meta, and he could become a valuable source of buffs and damage in some lists (being a character means he can dispense Command Protocols as long as a Noble is on the table).

A little quick math notes that against marines you're looking at about one marine dead per shooting phase. If the marines try to charge him, he's killing another one in overwatch (bs 2+ with rerolls), and surviving the initial fight phase unless they're extra killy. His melee won't do much, but he will then get to shoot again (pistols in melee!). By this point he's up to three-ish marines. Against most line MEQs, this isn't points-efficient... But you're not sending him at 'most MEQs'. You're supporting Flayed Ones or Deathmarks on a flank to kill Devastators (against whom three models is absolutely points-efficient), or drop a Command Squad while contesting an objective, or mowing down some unfortunate Eldar that assumed the backfield was safe. If you look at this guy as a deep-striking meltagun squad, you're likely going to be disappointed. But if you're looking for a sudden distraction carnifex with an actual answer to melee, especially against 1w models? You could do a lot worse for 75 points.

If you really want to lean on the guy, bring friends. Deathmarks, Flayed Ones, Ophidian Destroyers, hell even Monoliths can deep strike, and every single thing there is a bigger and more immediate threat than the Hexmark. Put him and a cheap group of flayed ones near somebody's fragile fire support and watch them squirm.

Just don't compare him to the Kelermorph, who does exactly what the Hexmark does but is way better at it. GW...


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