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Aliases Champion of Evil, Herald of Hell, Scourge of Battle
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio War, Discord, Massacres, Tyranny, Conflict, Fitness
Domains 3E: Destruction, Evil, Law, War
5E: War
Home Plane Scourgehold (Acheron)
Worshippers Tyrants, Conquerors, Fighters,
Favoured Weapon Flail

Hextor is the God of War, Tyranny, and Fitness in the Greyhawk Campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. He is the sworn enemy of his half-brother and fellow war deity Heironeous. His mother is Stern Alia the Goddess of Law and Motherhood and is the one responsible for starting Hextor's slide into Evil after she gave her blessings to Heironeous instead of Hextor. He also had a second brother named Stratis who was killed by a host of heroes lead by the elf Marinn.

Hextor generally appears as a grey skinned monstrosity with six arms, each of which wields a different type of weapon. In his more relaxed moments or in his duties as the God of Fitness Hextor prefers to appear as a well built human. In this second form he looks very similar to Heironeous but saying so to his face will likely get you slaughtered. However when this bad ass of the battlefield needs to get to wrecking he shifts to his final form which kind of looks like Ganon if Ganon was actually threatening and not a complete tool.

He has a few clerics and temples in cities and, unlike the followers of other Evil gods, they seldom bother to create secret societies or hide their natures from the people they serve. However, despite the LE moniker, they tend to focus on status and honor. They prefer humiliating those who fall short in their eyes rather than torturing them to death.

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