Hierophant (Inquisition)

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Member of a Hierophant.
Hierophant model. Also, THIN YOUR PAINTS!

Hierophants (no, not THOSE Hierophants) are servants in an Inquisitorial retinue. These are pious holy men of the Ecclesiarchy such as Priests or Banishers, able to join the Inquisitor in prayer and boost his enchantments against Daemons. They also spread the word of the Imperial Cult to whoever the Inquisitor may come across.


Inquisitorial Hierophants are often fiery members that are considered immense moral boosters; they boost the faith of the Daemonhunters they are in service to and chant exorcisms and prayers that can cause agony to nearby daemons. If you want a team that can both turn your squishy Guardsmen into a Emprah-blessed supermen as well as burning and spanking daemons in their corporeal asses, then the Hierophant is the way to go.

It is not know explicitly why a Hierophant is a different class from your regular space pedos other than the fact that they do more in getting their hands dirty in warp-tainted heretical shitstains. One answer is that a Hierophant can only be inducted to a Inquisitorial retinue if he is one of pure exception; brimming with charisma, zealotry and faith that can make other Ministorum Priests and Banishers look as ignorant on Ecclesiarchal doctrine as a Feral World mud fucker. Such loyalty to the faith means that, if we take into the theory that the worship of Golden Boy acts as a psychic conduit for bonus status affects; would grant the Hierophant a form of faith-based psychic shield that protects and harms Warp Creatures like that of the Grey Knights Purifier's psychic ability called Cleansing Flame.

It is not known whether the Inquisitorial Hierophant team has actually faced against an actual Hierophant, although if they do meet, then chances are the A-team of Super-Priests may need some backup in the form of Titans.

These guys have not been seen since the days of Codex Daemonhunters 3rd Edition. Although a few fan rules has been made to make these units much more up to date. Their models (If any) were notorious for its absolutely Derptastic looks, resembling more like an angry hobo from a Monty Python sketch.

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