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High Avatars are known to indulge in severe 80's fashion.

High Avatars, also called Ardathairs or Great Harlequins, are the super clown kings and psychedelic uber trolls of the Harlequin. They are the leaders of a masque, who perform much the same role as the lesser Avatars, but on a grander stage. They will take on the role of the Laughing God when the masque performs as one company, with Avatars playing the roles of the other Eldar Gods.

Their costume choice is notable in that High Avatars favour face masks that either display daemonic or angelic visages, or that of the Laughing God himself. In a more specific sense, High Avatars can switch their mask, wearing the smiling face of the Laughing God, a snarling face of daemonic aspect, or a beautiful but impassive Eldar face.

As leaders of an entire masque, High Avatars are impressively powerful, having skills on par with many Eldar Phoenix Lords or Exarchs. They combine grace, speed and agility with strength, fear and chaos. High Avatars can be identified by their more elaborate clothing and hair piece, sometimes looking like a marble statue or a rainbow dash. Such striking colours inspire both awe and confusion among the enemies of the Harlequins. Due to their high status, High Avatars are given the best equipment, weaponry, and armor to further help them in combat. Sometimes they may even be blessed by the Laughing God himself.

High Avatars are elusive and rare, and outside of their performances, they are rarely seen in the battlefield, allowing their underlings to lead the troupe instead.

Forces of the Harlequin
Command: High Avatar - High Warlock
Shadowseer - Solitaire
Troops: Black Guardian - Death Jester - Master Mime
Mime - Troupe Master - Trouper - Warlock
Vehicles: Black Guardian War Walker - Black Guardian Vyper
Jetbike - Skyweaver - Starweaver
Venom - Voidweaver
Allies: Dark Eldar - Eldar