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The High Elves despite being a dying race still possess formidable armies in which painters and warlords fight side by side with tenacity borne of the knowledge that defeat could mean the end of their race. Great monsters that too fight for survival bolster the High Elf ranks, and it is rare to find an army without a spellcaster of fearsome power.

This is a detailed fluff-only list of units available that will tell you all you need to know to make an army that not only looks bad-ass, but actually makes sense. If it's crunch you're looking for, you can find it here.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Princes: Princes represent the highest ranking of the nobility of Ulthuan. Some are government officials or even the leaders of the kingdoms, some are badass heroes known for getting shit done, some are military commanders, some are just Nobles who bought a fuckton of magic crap and intend to get a medal so they can elevate themselves in society. Whatever their backstory, they're the finest amongst the elves who can fight in melee.
  • Archmage: A spellcaster of great renown amongst the High Elves. Most Archmages come from Saphery or have a home in Saphery. Invariably every Archmage has spent time at the Tower of Hoeth. While there's some indication that there's an official way to become an "Archmage" or that it is a title awarded by somebody (likely the High Loremaster of Hoeth), it's unknown presently. For now just assume they're Mages who you could probably recall the name and lore of choice of with an average difficulty Knowledge: High Elves skill check.
  • Anointed of Asuryan: Not much fluff to go with these guys, other than they're badasses amongst the Phoenix Guard. Interestingly, despite the fact that Caradryan is the personally hand selected champion of Asuryan he is a Hero choice while these guys who are likely in his inner circle are Lords. Chock it up to the fact that Caradryan is a bro who's a lot more likely to show up and lend aid than a redshirt officer perhaps?
  • Loremaster of Hoeth: While Archmages have specialized in a specific lore, these guys want to learn everything. They know a good amount of knowledge about each lore (fluff has them knowing more than the tabletop, where they only know the single most important spell that all casters in that lore should know) in addition to the art of war as described in billions of fucking scrolls penned by elven generals over the years, as well as the kind of martial arts badassery that makes House of Flying Daggers look like House of Plastic Forks. Loremasters primarily focus their energies on the Tower of Hoeth itself, training new Mages and defragging the magic computers there. They also wander Ulthuan (with Swordmasters accompanying them of course) to reinforce the magic of the land, to root out Dark Elves and those tempted by Chaos, or to offer the kind of sagely advice that only a High Elf Monk/Bard can to whoever will listen.
  • Noble: Not much to say, they're bluebloods amongst the elves but in your army are probably the bitch to whatever Lord choices you've made, just carrying their flag and looking pretty.
  • Mage: It's a High Elf spellcaster. Has more magic in his toenails than Empire wizards can even call upon when TRYING to miscast, but on the tabletop he's just a spellcaster. That being said, it's the upgrades that make the elf caster more than that. Also worth noting how the boon from Asur spellcasters "Lileath's Blessing" that grants a bonus to the Lore of High Magic has the subtext that the more elf casters you have in one place the more the gods are paying attention and lending support.
  • Dragon Mage of Caledor: So while most dragons hibernate and prepare themselves for the final battle where their race will be wiped out and the coin that decides if Chaos can be truly beaten or it Warhammer Fantasy becomes just another section of the Warp will be flipped, there are dragons with ADD or headbutted the egg too many times while hatching and are a little too wound up to care about that. Said dragons cannot be counted on to not do a barrel roll because some smartass Beastman shouts to and drop their rider straight onto the cock of a Minotaur, so as a result it's only the elves with ADHD and are more likely to blow themselves up than actually do something useful that are put on them. Of course, such elves invariably come from Caledor *SLASH* SLANDER FROM THE MOUTH OF A LOWBORN FROM ONE OF THE UPSTART KINGDOMS! In 7th edition, these were a gamble worthy of the Skaven but with 8th they now can take magical equipment, and are cheap for what they can do making them a very nice option. If this is reflected in the fluff, it's due to the Dragon Mages who survived being essentially a nuke with a flamethrower on top for so long that enough blunt force trauma from ranged attacks to the head rendered the dragon and the rider to be of average intelligence, and thus worthy of riding the regular sized ships to battle instead of the short ship with the Ellyrians *Crunch* HOW'S THE VIEW FROM UNDER MY SWEET MOUNT, MON'KEIGH?
  • Lothern Seahelm: These guys are the commanders of Lothern's forces, and represent everything from the captain of a single ship all the way through the Prince of Eataine (and thus Lothern) himself, Sea Lord Aislinn. However if you field one, you can fluff it as the naval forces of whatever kingdom you're fielding, as a Cothique escort from the ship that brought your army to wherever it is away from home, or just proxy another kind of elf in it's place if you aren't into naval themes at all since really all they represent is a Hero level elf with a spear and shield who can take a bow and shouts commands at his underlings who obey without question (note that no BLAMMING is required to get this to happen, once more proving the superiority of the Asur to the mon'keigh).
  • Handmaiden of the Everqueen: Formerly (and still in the fluff) called the Maiden Guard, they are the 100 best and brightest amongst the females of the High Elves. There's literally no higher honor other than this to be had. In prior editions they were a combination of Spearmen and Archers who were like a buffed Lothern Seaguard. They were pretty good, but Alarielle was not and she had to be in the army to take them so they were often pined for but saw battle rarely. Thank goodness that's changed. She's the top ranking member of the Sisters of Avelorn, and after being selected (either from being best in the Sisters or by personal appointment by Alarielle) she breaks all allegiances except to Alarielle for 7 years after which she can go back to civilian life as a hero of Ulthuan forever or continue until she retires or dies. This is actually new fluff, since formerly the Maiden Guard were rotated every year before. There are 100 at any given time, and they are the official representative of the Everqueen and Avelorn wherever they go be it to send a message or be on a council of some kind. They get MAJOR respect from any High Elf, even Caledorians, due to the fact that if they're around then your army has the support of the Everqueen. If all 100 show up in once place...well, it's time to write a will and stock up on bodybags. Korhil is to Finubar what the 100 Handmaidens are to Alarielle (although without the homosexual undertones) *FWIP* THE QUEEN MAY DO AS SHE PLEASES, ALL LOVE IS NATURAL AND WELCOME IN AVELORN!


  • Archers: All elves of Ulthuan from butlers and maids to farmers and musicians all the way through the highest of the high high society high elves (who are sometimes high) serve in the military in some capacity, and draft cards drop on a dime when Finubar gets the chills. If they're terrible and can't afford to buy enough magic shit to pretend to be a Noble , they usually end up as a nameless faceless bowelf. While in the service of the Ulthuan army, all previous allegiances (like from said butler to the gentlemen who's manor he serves in) are expected to be left at home. They still cloth themselves in the colors of the kingdom they hail from, or the post they're assigned to, or the commander they serve under, but white is the standard color of all High Elves and usually on the uniform somewhere (with blue, red, or both to accompany it). The best archers are put into elite archer divisions and given light armor to wear (as opposed to just their uniform/red shirt), otherwise once they've seen enough action from afar or been trained enough that they can be trusted to be a bit more disciplined in the face of death, they graduate to be Spearmen.
  • Spearmen: Mostly archers who have earned the right to be armed with full armor and weapons, or guys with really shitty aim who have finished their time fetching the REAL archers water and more arrows. While you're looking at the acceptably competent chumps of the High Elves here, each of these fuckers has spent several hundred years (about 1-5 years or so in mon'keigh years) in mandatory military service Israeli-style. The fruitiest among them can still out tactic, out nerve, and out discipline any other army's middle to high grade troops (fluffwise).
  • Lothern Seaguard: Final tier of the red shirt elves, these guys (fluffwise only) are masters with bows, spears, and shields (compared to the ALMOST mastery the spearelves and bowelves have apparently). They hit the beach USMC style, and pave the way for all other elf forces on the attack. While the minis are called "Lothern Seaguard", any coastal force would have a Seaguard equivalent (although not in the numbers Lothern and Cothique do). Elfmarines are also the best disciplined troops among the elves (but since everyone is Ld 8 anyway, mon'keigh like you don't notice a difference). Since elfmarines are expected to get up and close into the action, they don't bother with longbows and instead rely on the idea that anything outside arms distance deserves more arrows in it, and anything too far to shoot is the spearelf's problem. "From the halls of Thorgrim Grudgbearer, to the shores of Lustria..."
  • Silver Helms: Welp, the nobility needed a purging anyway. These fuckers are rich enough to own well bred horses and full armor, and when the call of war came simply organized the boy's club hunt this year to, instead of for foxes and magical flying lions and the other standard Ulthuan game, to be for whatever race is currently the enemy. Silver Helms are about as proud as a High Elf can be without being a dick to other High Elves as well. Most of the common folk look at them as the best of the best that the high Elf race can offer, most of the popular elven fictional stories and poems depict Silver Helms as the heroes who slay Daemons and rescue princesses. Most of all that you need to know is that these guys make the Bretonnian knights look humble. The High Elf race is the center of their worship instead of a "mysterious magical woman with mysterious magical fluid from a mysterious magical cup" (*ahem* Wood Elf drug dealers *cough*), and they actually believe they've already won in any given conflict they're involved in. Any kill made on the battlefield that isn't a Silver Helm kill will end up with these fuckers complaining about kill stealing at the end.
  • Ellyrian Reavers: While Silver Helms are the preppies of the cavalry, the Ellyrian Reavers are the Boyscouts. Elves are notorious for being bros with horses, and Ellyrians more so than anyone. These bastards just LOOK at a horse and know it's "inner name" and whatever it's feeling and shit like being born in Ellyrion makes you a horse-whisperer. These guys spent more time outside than inside as children in dangerous forests, their houses and apartments and manors are designed to let more of the outside in that keep it out and as a result Reaver Knights make Eagle Scout Boyscouts look like germophobic city slickers. They can live off the land wherever you put them, and with absolute fearlessness go on hit and run attacks that can wipe out entire armies before they even taste melee (once again, fluff only. But if you field Reavers, imagine that the army your opponent puts on the table is a quarter of what he started with when the Reavers met him and you're just dealing the finishing blow now). Unlike most troop types where the musician and standard bearer are better trained or veterans, Ellyrian Reavers derive that status purely as a matter of "who got the most kills last battle?" and the champion is the one who is personally favored by the elf god Kurnous currently.


  • White Lions of Chrace: A long time ago, when Caledor the 1st was first told by telegram that he won the popular vote and the recount was expected to come in his favor, he was in the middle of a hunt. He immediately set out for the Temple of Asuryan to walk into the magic fire and be crowned King. Suddenly, a Dark Elf street gang showed up and since Caledor didn't know the right gang signs to flash, they moved in for the kill. Apparently the Chracians, who are like the elf version of hill folk, don't like Darkies in their neck of the woods because they moved in with woodcutting axes and skullfucked the assassins. They followed Caledor all the way back to the pyramid to be crowned, and Caledor immediately established them as an order of High Elf bodyguards. So now that the hillfolk were crowned CIA operatives and given a license to kill, they wandered around the kingdom protecting anyone rich and pale enough to warrant armed escort. Many of the White Lions are descendants of those original woodcutting elves who are still carrying around their logging tools as magical weapons that never need sharpening. Others are just Spearelves who have gotten enough XP to advance, and chose "White Lion" prestige class instead of going into the "Lothern Seaguard" multiclass. Either way, the trial of becoming one of their order is to travel to Chrace and kill a white lion, who's pelt they'll continue to wear for the rest of their lives. That may seem cruel, but apparently white lions aren't an endangered species. To the contrary, they breed far faster than elves do and when there's enough of them they raid villages (even animals think they can fuck with High Elves), so it's an actual legitimate concern to keep their numbers down. The white lions pelts they wear grant them a good resistance to shooting damage, and look snazzy. White Lions don't really have a set pecking order, instead they kind of wander Ulthuan killing monsters and bolstering any local armies that they find need some balls to go with their spears. As such, like that sexy beast Korhil, the White Lions can be found in a fluff-friendly way among any kingdom's armies (which is great, because they're a nice addition to all non-full cavalry High Elf lists). Usually they don the livery of whoever they're currently protecting (so if they were protecting the Everqueen green with red hearts or if following Finubar then white with red dragons coming out of blue water). Otherwise, they stick with red and white themes.
  • Lion Chariot of Chrace: Sometimes White Lions of Chrace find cubs who's mother they killed. Instead of letting them go back to the wilderness, they spay/neuter them and hitch them up to chariots. Not much to say other than that, except that they can be found anywhere White Lions of Chrace go and that you DON'T want one of these on top of you due to obvious reasons. Namely, two lions bigger than a horse and two guys with axes longer than you.
  • Swordmasters of Hoeth: Trained for hundreds of years, memorizing thousands of different combat routines and maneuvers, being sent against monsters born straight from Chaos itself. Wielding giant blades, balanced to everything from their height, shoe size, genital size (isn't that the same?), finger lengths, hair length, eyelash weight, and so forth so that they are able to swing something that weighs hundreds of pounds like it's as light as a twig, the force going straight into the swing. Not even the priests of Vaul make greatswords as fine as those forged beneath the Tower of Hoeth. Oh yeah, they can also deflect arrows so if you want to field jedi knights, you field Swordmasters of Hoeth. Swordmasters have three main jobs. The first, guard the Tower of Hoeth and continue to train and be badasses. Job number two is escorting Mages and Sapherian nobles as bodyguards. Final job: CIA/FBI. They maintain the intelligence offices of the High Elves in the Tower of Hoeth, and root out Dark Elf spies, the Cult of Pleasure, and anyone else that can be considered a terrorist in the eyes of the Phoenix King. Whenever the Phoenix King sends his forces, in defense of a kingdom or to attack a foe, the Swordmasters of Hoeth send detachments along to collect intelligence on the foe and the battle for Hoeth to further refine their documentation of military strategies, and of course to let off some pent up steam by obliterating 100+ hordes of Clanrats in two turns.
  • Shadow Warriors: While the civil war of the High Elves/Dark Elves was brutal, the Nagarythe who stayed loyal to the Asur suffered the most. Forced out of cities, with entire lineages destroyed or turned traitor, the survivors resorted to hit and run tactics to continue the fight. They swore oaths to their gods that the traitors would be wiped out to the last, oaths that certain gods (okay, mostly just Khaine) hold them to. It's possible that the first Dark Elves might have destroyed the High Elves had any Dark Elf force not at least a hundred strong or more that left the safety of a city been slain before the first fork in the road, their bodies hung (sans internal organs and eyes, with their genitals sewn into their mouths and lives snakes sealed in their bellies) from the trees outside the cities they sallied out from. When Dark Elves invade Ulthuan, they are never not being picked off by Shadow Warriors from all sides including above and below. When there are no Dark Elves on Ulthuan to fight, the land of Naggaroth becomes even more dangerous as huge bands of impossible to find killers poison water supplies, kill livestock and mounts, destroy fields of food, and assassinate important figures. Also steal babies to raise as their own, they do that shit too. Shadow Warriors aren't forces you give orders to, you can send a request for assistance from Nagarythe and receive nothing but after the battle find more dead enemies with black arrows that twisted through the body of the corpse than those fired by your Archers of Sisters of Avelorn.
  • Phoenix Guard: In the Chamber of Days is the name of every elf who will ever become a Phoenix Guard. Underneath the name is the events that lead up to their decision to become one, and after that is everything they'll do, and finally when and where and how they'll die, then a little blurb about what'll happen to their soul. If the entry says "assraped and soul eaten by a Keeper of Secrets while waiting for reinforcements" they grimly come to grips with this and fulfill their duty with absolutely no fear, just dedication to Asuryan and loyalty to their race through him. Every Phoenix Guard memorizes this wall of text about themselves. As for what usually leads an elf to become one...having a sad. Girlfriend break up with you? Join the Phoenix Guard. Mom die? Join the Phoenix Guard.*SPOILER ALERT FOR SONS OF ELLYRION/DEFENDERS OF ULTHUAN* Attempt to betray your brother, marry his fiance, find out he's alive and batshit insane almost causing the deaths of Teclis and the Everqueen against his will via Dark Elf mindfucking, confront him and have him shrug and go "you ain't worth it", rekindle a friendship with him, watch your wife fall for him all over again, survive an almost apocalyptic battle only to hear they sacrificed themselves into a fate worse than death because they knew at least they'd always be together? Caradryan shows up at your door holding your armor already fitted for you . They fight with magic granted directly by Asuryan, magic that burns enemies who dare touch them and absorbs the blow from anything all the way up to the force of rushing liquid Slaanesh's biggest orgasm itself. Phoenix Guard aren't a force you ask for, they simply show up. When they do you know you're in for a fucking assreaming, and just because they show up doesn't mean you'll win either. Could be that they're there to buy time for the force that will REALLY beat the enemy to assemble. Or they just showed up to discourage someone from attacking you, because the reputation of the Phoenix Guard is WORLD RENOWNED. Seriously, it's the PGs and the Archmages and the Sisters of Avelorn that the world thinks about then they think of High Elves as a military force. Only three beings can give orders to the Phoenix Guard, and in order of rank from highest to lowest: Asuryan, the Captain of the Phoenix Guard, and the motherfucking Phoenix King himself. Asuryan himself takes their fear from them, and in combat resolution if they break ranks it is because they were instructed by an entry under their name in the Chamber of Days that they were to do so and they were just waiting for when to do it. When a Phoenix King dies, the Phoenix Guard of the world are present at the battle to whisk his body away for preparation for his funeral. It's worth noting that the Sons of Ellyrion/Defenders of Ulthuan novels have Caradryan and the Phoenix Guard showing up to a massive battle between Finubar and the combined forces of eastern Ulthuan against Malekith and most of the Dark Elf race where he grimly salutes Finubar. After the battle ends without Finubar dying, Caradryan has a massive fucking smile on his face and when asked by Tyrion what the fuck is so damn funny Caradryan gestures to a giant statue of Finubar that was destroyed by Malekith during the fight. The Phoenix Guard then depart. So yeah...is the Chamber of Days that vague? Does Asuryan intentionally mislead the Phoenix Guard sometimes? Did Caradryan use an excuse of misinterpretation to march and turn the tide of the battle more in the High Elves favor than before, possibly even saving Finubar? Who the fuck knows except Caradryan and Asuryan. Either way, the Phoenix Guard are fucking badasses.
  • Dragon Princes of Caledor: In the Golden Age and during Aenarion's reign, the Dragon Princes of Caledor were all linked by the bloodline of Caledor and rode dragons like Ellyrians rode horses. But then the magic of the world had to be contained and dragons slept for long periods of time, and Caledor II died without an heir. So now they ride horses, burying their shame at the idea of what their ancestors would think of them beneath 300% pure concentrated dickishness. As far as a Caledorian is concerned, an elf of another kingdom may as well be a human or an orc. The Phoenix King might rank as high as a private, and the Everqueen is pretty to look at (about as pretty as a Caledorian cousin AKA fiance *SLASH* SECOND COUSINS DON'T COUNT YOU UNDEVELOPED SCUM!) but her words have no meaning in Caledor. Only a Caledorian may give an order to a Caledorian, all else is a suggestion that will be considered. Dragon Princes never salute a non-Caledorian, they never offer compliment unless an insult is attached to it, and any supposed "ally" that gets in the way of a unit of Dragon Princes and the most dangerous and therefor worthy challenge on the battlefield is just part of the scenery. Despite all this, they really ARE good at what they do. The common Dragon Prince has armor the likes of which a Lord level Prince of another kingdom would bring to battle, their martial prowess and training is on par with that of a Swordmaster, and while they are the absolutely most unlikeable assnozzles off the battlefield, during a fight they would jump in front of a lowly Spearman from the poorest elven village to save their life. So yeah. High Elven Bretonnians.
  • Lothern Skycytter: Since Lothern forces are the "elf marines" they needed a chariot that can fight on both land and water, so at some unknown point in the fluff they used magical boat-shaped chariot wagons and make a roc (not a Giant Eagle, although there's absolutely no creativity on GW's part in the model to distinguish the two) pull one in the air. Lothern Sea Helms ride them to shout orders to the army, but aside from ignoring dangerous terrain there's absolutely no bonus to doing this so it's a purely fluffy choice to do. Otherwise, it's a standard chariot which goes in small skirmishing groups on patrols around the shores of Ulthuan, or supporting the ground forces in beach landings (or wherever it's needed really). It can also be outfitted with a small Bolt Thrower, with is awesome. It's not specified in the fluff if the Asur have begun to use them for paratroop deployments, but now that I've mentioned it you are currently envisioning a scenario game where you get to do this D-Day style. Make it happen, you know you want to. It's worth noting the Warhammer 40k model Dark Eldar Raider can be converted and stuck on a chariot base as a nifty looking Skycutter (since the Roc gets an attack, you may want to stick something on it to represent that).
  • Tiranoc Chariot: Tiranoc Chariots embody the spirit of High Elves from a bygone age. Using ancient and deeply magical works of art made from trees now extinct or else found only in the forests of Avelorn, the riders form into ranks wheel to wheel that stretch as far as the eye can see while sending an endless rain of arrows into the forces of darkness, and instead of crashing into an enemy they ride around them, reforming flawlessly as soon as they are through the enemy lines (which are now considerably smaller, having been lanced clean through for the most part), then turn as one body without a single overturned carriage, and do so again. All the while crews sing battle songs that literally paint a picture of the glory days of the elves through the magic of the land and that found within the spirits of the elves. while the Chracian chariots bring ferocity, the Dragon Princes bring pride, and the Lothern Skycutters bring superior strategy and range, the elves of Tiranoc bring something far different to the battle: art, beauty, and hope.


  • Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower: The only warmachine High Elves use, both in fluff and on tabletop. It's extremely accurate, each one is probably worth more than is contained within a city of The Empire. You can do whatever you want with it too, from fixed positions on warships and fortifications to mobile ones in the field. They're designed to be easy to move and load, so only 2 crewmen are needed for each one and they can fire then be ready to fire again in only two seconds. All of them are produced in Lothern, but all High Elves have access to them and use them to great effect.
  • Great Eagles: "So why didn't they send an army of Great Eagles to kill the Dark Elves?" The answer is because Great Eagles aren't troops you summon from the barracks and send on patrol. They're very intelligent, and very proud. They see things even Shadow Warrior eyes don't, and in the fluff it's not uncommon for the commanders at the 5 Gates to wake up in the morning and see a pile of Druchii assassin bones that have been coughed up in his courtyard. Great Eagles just kind of show up to battles that happen in their area and do whatever they feel like doing (always to the benefit of High Elves though). Badasses can talk to them in their own language (although Great Eagles understand Elvish, they'll actually care what you say if you speak to them in their own language understandably), and such guys actually get to make requests. Even amongst High Elves there's dicks who think the Eagles are just animals showing up for free food though. Those guys don't tend to survive for long. The first king of the Eagles, Talyn, is Asuryan's buddy and keeps Ereth Khial from coming and raping him in his sleep.
  • Flamespyre Phoenix: Since they're new for High Elves, they don't have much fluff outside the rulebook. They're called Flamespyres because the flamespyres are giant alabaster pillars around the Shrine of Asuryan where these guys make home. Those pillars help guide the winds of magic of the Fire lore towards the Island of the Dead. Thanks to the fact they roost on these, Flamespyre Phoenixes burn hotter and longer than any wild phoenix does. When they're killed, they explode and leave a fiery vortex which, if the winds of magic are strong enough, rebirths into a Phoenix. Like Great Eagles they're intelligent, but since the only guys around have taken a vow of silence it's unlikely there's Elves that can talk to them in their own language.
  • Frostheart Phoenix: Not even Phoenixes survive forever. When they cool with the ages, they begin to absorb heat rather than give it off. The older they get, the more they drain heat from things around them until they can fly overhead and make it snow. They move from the flamesypres to chill (no pun intended) all around the Eataine coastline (although it's possible they can be found elsewhere, since there's only so much coastline really) until one day they freeze solid and become a statue. Some of them avoid this fate by actively engaging in battle by serving the Phoenix Guard. The skin of the Frostheart is like glass, and the magic that surrounds them is like steel. If they die though, they die for good.
  • Sisters of Avelorn: The Sisters of Avelorn are new in the fluff, and are basically Handmaidens of the Everqueen trainees. Recruited from all kingdoms and all walks of life, even the peasantry, being chosen to be in the Sisters is a place of honor that grants them status as a fucking glorious badass forever. They're the personal guards and warriors of the Everqueen, doing literally whatever duty is required. When Alarielle sends them to war, they show up and aid the High Elf forces. They're peacekeepers in Avelorn, they maintain the shrines to Isha and the other gods in the region, and they keep the Chaos beasties away from the populace as well as guarding secret sites that contain great artifacts and/or curses. When they show up there's nobody who outranks them, and nobody who gives them orders since they answer only to the Everqueen herself. They are the best archers in the world both in fluff and the tabletop, but unlike their older incarnation they don't fire regular arrows from regular bows anymore. They now use bows made of living blue fire that burns Chaos things even hotter (look up how hot fire has to be to be blue, now realize that we're talking about 40k levels of purging here). The Sisters answer to the Maiden Guard AKA Handmaidens of the Everqueen, which are 100 in number at all times. Sisters of Avelorn are the Avelorn equivalent to the White Lions of Chrace.

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