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The Black Templars Space Marines use Marshals to direct a crusade. So who, mind you, directs the entirety of the chapter itself? Well that is the High Marshal of course! The angriest motherfucker in the Imperium that could put Gabriel Seth some pause. The current High Marshal is Helbrecht, who is just one octave short of being a loyalist Khornate worshipper.


In simple terms, a High Marshal is equivalent of a Chapter Master, but whereas a Chapter Master is in control of a single Chapter, a High Marshal is in control of an entire demi-legion.

A High Marshal is, therefore, the commander-in-chief and responsible for the progress of each Crusade and must uphold the honour of the Emperor and his Chapter. The High Marshal is steeped in the lore of the Black Templars and is the living manifestation of the Chapter, knowledgeable in all its secrets. Ultimately he is the only one who knows the exact number of Black Templars active in the Galaxy.

Furthermore the High Marshal is one of the most autonomous commanders in the Imperium, decreeing where his warriors are deployed without having to justify himself before the High Lords of Terra.

Known High Marshals[edit]

In chronological order:

  • Sigismund - The first High Marshal.
  • Scharn - early M32.
  • Bohemond - mid-M32, War of the Beast.
  • Sigenandus - Killed in 522.M36.
  • Constantine - Age of Redemption.
  • Gervhart
  • Reinhart - High Marshal in M39. Later was encased in a Dreadnought.
  • Ludoldus - near 645.M39 to around 832.M41.[2]
  • Kordhel - High Marshal throughout much of M41. Killed by a Champion of Chaos. The predecessor of High Marshal Helbrecht.
  • Helbrecht - Current High Marshal.
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