High Warlock

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High Warlocks, also called Athesdans, are a class of Warlocks and Harlequins. The most senior Warlock in the masque becomes the High Warlock, who may step in to overrule directions issued by the Avatars, up to separating them from their troupes and banding them together as a unit; although this rarely happens in practice. It is not unknown for a High Warlock to take the Warlocks from the troupes and form them into a separate unit under his or her own command. The High Warlock also acts as direct support to the High Avatar, on and off the stage.

In performance, the High Warlock leads and co-ordinates the other Warlocks as they play the role of a supporting chorus to his Storyteller; in battle, the High Warlock may co-ordinate their grenade barrages, or act completely independently

Due to the fact that they're senior Warlocks, High Warlocks are masters of both psychic and physical combat. They can use their psychic abilities to boost their physical prowess, making them enchant and bewilder the foe. Their mastery of psychic combat makes the High Warlock highly versatile, able to adapt and strike critical weak spots in an enemy. High Warlocks are typically garbed in the typical Harlequin uniform, which has an inbuilt holo-emitter that makes the High Warlock appear to fracture apart to opposing eyes. They are also armed with a Shuriken Pistol and Lightning Claws.

Forces of the Harlequins
Command: High Avatar - High Warlock
Shadowseer - Solitaire
Troops: Black Guardian - Death Jester - Master Mime
Mime - Troupe Master - Trouper - Warlock
Vehicles: Black Guardian War Walker - Black Guardian Vyper
Jetbike - Skyweaver - Starweaver
Venom - Voidweaver
Allies: Dark Eldar - Eldar