Historical References

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This is a hub page for all of our pages on history. This is useful for DMs who want to bring a little more realism into their games, or else look for inspiration by finding some lesser-known feature or weapon that they can use. Or maybe you just want to educate yourself because history is really damn interesting.

Here we've got everything organized by category, so if you have an idea of what you're looking for, click the links below.

Time Periods[edit]

For a general overview on different points in history, here are some of the major time periods.


Seeing as how wargaming and hack-n-slashing takes up about 90% of this wiki, you're going to see a lot of references to combat stretching from ancient times to the far future.

Types of Warriors[edit]

For different flavors of killy people.

Small Arms[edit]

For when that motherfucker over there needs to die.

Personal Defense[edit]

For protecting your vulnerable bits from the baddies.

Siege and Vehicle Warfare[edit]

For when a sword or gun just won't do the job.

Places and People[edit]

For when you want to travel to new and exciting locales and meet (and/or murder) new people.


For everything else that goes into a setting.