Hive Fleet Draugr

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The Hive Fleet Draugr is a splinter of the great Leviathan Hive Fleet, first appeared in the Khardus System during the 999M41 in what is known as the Ambush of Khardus III.


The Assault on Eden[edit]

The florid planet of Khardus III, a jewel of the Imperium for its collection of flora and fauna is attacked by a fragment of the Hive Fleet Leviathan that appears seemly out of nowhere. Four regiments of the Imperial Guards and a subchapter of Adeptus Astartes, along with any orbiting ship available, are dispatched to counter the assault while the population is being evacuated. In three days the combined strength of the ground and space forces has wiped out more than 70% of the hive fleet's bio-weapons. At the dawn of the fourth day the last biomorph, the Swarmlord leader of the attack, is slain by the subchapter's Chapter Master as the orbital defences shoot down the last remaining hive ship, the Mother Ship. The population of the planet rejoices, unaware that a piece of the incubation chamber, containing an alive Norn Queen, has crashed into an underground cave system.

An infection under the surface[edit]

The remaining piece of the defeated hive fleet now lies deep under the planet surface. Undisturbed, the Tyranid queen begins to strip bare the caves' ecosystem, adapting her creatures to the dark tunnels. Meanwhile, the Hive Mind's emissaries begin to corrupt the population from the inside, infecting influential figures and starting riots across the globe. The seeds of the chitinous spires sleep in the dirt while waves of digging bio-weapons make their way up the surface. The reborn forces of the Great Devourer are ready to take their revenge on the Imperium of Man.

The Ambush of Khardus III[edit]

Three months after the invasion, the planet is undergoing a visit from the Inquisitor Teredius, headed there to suppress the uprisings of a xeno-worshipping cult. To resolve the crisis he immediately decides to go after the leader of the rebellion, the Bishop Martil, head of the Emperor's Church on the planet, that has recently begun to incite the population against the Inquisition. After making his way to his private chambers, slaughtering any cult members that tries to block him, he breaks down the armoured door to the bedroom, discovering a slender xeno form attached on the man's back, moving him around like a puppet pulled by strings. While confronting said abomination the earth begins to shake as enormous structures erupt from the ground, reaching the skies. Swarms of serpentine beasts flood the streets, quickly submerging the confused opposing soldiers. The mysterious biomorph wounds him, tearing his leg off before escaping. Trough the windows the newborn hive ships can be seen soaring across the sky, watching over the unfolding carnage. The paradise has fallen and the shadow of the Draugr now hunts the stars.

Other conquests[edit]

Ghosts of Sahlen'Sy[edit]

Strategy of the Draugr[edit]

Peculiar Biomorphs[edit]

Special Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

Hive Fleet Adaptation[edit]

  • placeh(super WIP):
    • During deployment, units with this adaptation that can't Fly can be set up underground instead of on the battlefield. At the end of any of your movement phase, they may erupt from the shadows to strike the unsuspecting victims. Place the unit wholly inside a piece of ruin and at least 9" from enemy units, every model that cannot be placed is immediately slain. If any Ravener, Ripper Swarms, Trygon and Mawloc unit or a model equipped with the Snake Body biomorph is set up using this rule they can also be set within 9" of an enemy unit but still 1" away from them. Note that if set this way units can't activate abilities such as Subterranean Assault and Terror from the Deep. Only a third of your army can be set up using this rule.


  • placeh(super WIP):
    • Every aura ability from enemy units that within 12" of this model doesn't have effect.

Warlord Trait[edit]

  • placeh(super WIP):
    • Roll a dice every time you or your opponent use a stratagem, on a 5+ you get a command point.


  • Prey Priority (2cp):
    • Chose one enemy unit that has the Character keyword or that is within 3" of an objective. Every friendly Draugr unit can re-roll hit, wound and charge rolls against that unit until the end of the turn.

Special Upgrades and Biomorph(super WIP)[edit]

  • Snake Body:
    • This upgrade may be taken by Draugr Hive Tyrants, Tyrant Guards and Carnifexes. Add 3" to the model's movement characteristic, in addition, during deployment, you can set up that unit underground instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement phases, you can set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models. A Hive Tyrant can't have both Wings and a Snake Body.