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(Currently under development. Don't hurt me. This page is open to editing.)

/tg/ got tired of homebrew spess mareen chapters one day, so they decided to give the beloved Tyranids some upgrades.

Essentially lava-loving, geolithic Tyranids that deep-strike via meteors, hibernate under the planet's surface, and emerge as massive, ash-spewing, magma-gushing towers of flesh and organic crystal. Nothing to do with the vidya about fencing.

First, we decided a name. We stuck with Goliath Atlas Nidhoggr (named for the giant serpent in Norse mythology that chews the roots of the Yggdrasil, (Wrong. Thats the midgard serpent. Nidhoggr is indeed the dragon that chews on the roots of Yggdrasil, Jörmungandr is the Midgard Serpent.) which would've been a good name for something else like the gigantic hive fleet formed by the rest of the tyranids outside the galaxy, but oh well.). All excellent names, but this one was the best.

Tyranid Evolutionary Motivation: Fire hurts. Let's make it stop doing that.


Physical Description[edit]

Identical to other Tyranid sub-species in biology, except about two to ten three times as large, with the addition of various pores that secrete an obsidian-like substance over their bodies. The substance has been known to withstand melta bombs and flamer damage. Venom glands that are either normally dormant or inactive in some of the larger sub-species have been adapted to release a dual-chemical reaction, known to react with hydrogen and oxygen in the air with pyroclastic effects.

Many bioforms emit an orange heat glow off of their claws and within their jaws. The very few specimens that have been captured and dissected have had immense internal heat that does not die with the creature. They also seem to have a predilection towards eating rocks, armor and other inorganic substances.


Mycetic Spores are disused for Deepstriking. Instead, they invade the planet via meteor storms in order to remain inconspicuous, allowing the Tyranids to infest the crust of the planet with Monstrous Creatures who remain in a hibernation state until activated by the Hive Mind. The deeply seeded planet is activated, causing tectonic damage on a local, and depending on planetary faultlines, global scale. The awakened Tyranids are often likened to "Volcanoes and mountains born upon the backs of massive creatures", who proceed with incinerating the planet before consuming it completely. As other Tyranid fleets have been known to scour planets of life, the Nidhoggr Hive Tendril has been known to eradicate whole systems from existence, hence earning their title based on the ancient devourer of the World Tree.



Note that these rules are meant to be used alongside Codex - Tyranids: /tg/ edition

Ranged Biomorphs[edit]

  • Flame Spewer
Range S AP Type
Template 6 4 Assault 1, Torrent, Phosphorus Marker, Hot

Phosphorus Markers: Choose one model in the template. That model takes a -1 penalty to armor vs biomorphs with the keyword 'Hot'.
  • Dragon Cannon
Range S AP Type
Template 4 5 Assault 1, Torrent, Twin-Linked, Phosphorus Marker, Hot

Phosphorus Markers: Choose one model in the template. That model takes a -1 penalty to armor vs biomorphs with the keyword 'Hot'.
Twin-Linked: Twin linked flamer weapons reroll missed wounds

Upgrade Biomorphs[edit]

Magma Claws: A model with this upgrade deals a -1 penalty to armor in close combat.

Internal Furnace: A model with this upgrade deals a -1 penalty to Ld when in base contact.

Pyroclastic Hide: A model with this upgrade gains a 3+ Invulnerable save vs melta and flamer type weapons. The model cannot use this twice in a row (the shell is cooling). The same applies when using a biomorph with the keyword 'Hot'.

Geothermal Jets: A model with this upgrade has its charge distance doubled.

Feeding Pods: The model loses one wound from its total and may replace one wound of an allied model within 2" at the cost of one wound to itself.

Molten Core: A model with this upgrade has a fifty percent chance of recovering a wound after successfully removing a hull point from a vehicle.

Accessible Units[edit]

HQ: Hive Tyrant, Balor-Class Hive Tyrant, Swarmlord, Tyrant Guard (in a Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord unit without the Wings Biomorph), Suam'O
Elites: Haruspex, Zoanthrope Brood, Pyrovore Brood, Hive Guard Brood, Ignis-Class Pyrovore Brood
Troops: Warrior Brood
Fast Attack: Shrike Brood, Harpy, Hive Crone, Trygon, Mawloc, Linnorm
Heavy Support: Biovore Brood, Tyrannocyte, Sporocyst, Exocrine, Carnifex Brood, Tyrannofex
Lords of War: Heirodule, Harridan, Heirophant, Magma Corer

Please note that this is not a classic Nid army. It is supposed to allow you to field more Monstrous Creatures, whilst balancing it out by getting rid of the classic Gaunt spam/tarpit. Nidhoggr is a shock and awe style Hive Fleet, where Gaunts are regarded as weak and pointless compared to the sheer terror inspiring might of the larger bioforms.

Pyrovores are made to not suck...somehow. Torrent would be a good place to start.

Special Units[edit]

An effort to give the nids some personality.

'Balor' Hive Tyrant[edit]

See that page. The leader of the fleet and an adaptive foe.


A massive Trygon wreathed in flame, this particular bioform is a unique individual that consumes inorganic matter and uses this as fuel to power its rampages. First spotted at the vanguard of a Nidhoggr assault, the Linnorm burnt through and under groups of vehicles, melting their undersides and immobilizing them.

230 pts.


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Linnorm 6 4 6 6 6 5 5 10 3+ Monstrous Creature (C) 1 (Unique)


  • Bio-electric pulse with containment spines
  • Two pairs of scything talons.

Special rules:

  • Deep Strike
  • Fleet
  • Know No Honor
  • Shadow in the Warp
  • Synapse
  • Terraform: During the Shooting phase a unit with this rule may opt to devour an inorganic terrain piece (buildings, rocks, wreckage etc) it touches. If it chooses to do so, you may move models in the unit to any point wholly within that piece of terrain before removing it from the field. This counts as Run move for all intents and purposes. This action adds a fuel token. Up to three tokens can be spent for a +2" total movement increase or any number to increase Attack by +1 in the Movement phase and Fight subphase of the Assault phase, respectively.
  • Subterranean Assault: If, when a Trygon (or Trygon Prime) deploys via Deep Strike, it scatters on top of impassable terrain or another model (friend or foe), reduce the scatter distance by the minimum required to avoid the obstacle.
After the Trygon (or Trygon Prime) has emerged, mark the position under the creature’s base with a suitable marker – this represents the tunnel left by its emergence. Any friendly Tyranid Infantry unit that arrives from reserve in subsequent turns may emerge from the Trygon’s tunnel instead of arriving from reserve as normal. Only one unit may emerge from each tunnel marker each turn.
If any unit chooses to do so, place the entire unit so that all of its models are wholly within 6" of the centre of the marker and in unit coherency. These models cannot be placed within 1" of enemy models or within impassable terrain; if any models cannot be placed, these excess models are removed as casualties. A unit may not move or charge on the same turn it arrives from a Trygon’s tunnel, but may shoot or Run.
  • Extreme Omnivore: The Linnorm gains tokens for damaging vehicles, up to three for any single model
  • Magma Furnace: The Linnorm can perform a single attack as if it had a Dragon Cannon biomorph. Requires four tokens.


  • Lurker: Trygon Prime with this upgrade automatically enters from Reserve on the first turn.
  • Prepared Tunnel Network: Up to two units per turn may emerge from the tunnel, left by the Trygon Prime with this upgrade.


  • Mutations: (WS:10/BS:15/S:10/T:20/W:15/I:15/A:15/Ld:-/Sv:35/Psy:-/Syn:-)
  • May take items from the Biomorphs, Thorax Biomorphs and Apex Biomorphs lists.
  • May replace one set of scything talons with crushing claws - 30 pts
  • May take any of the following upgrades:
- Prepared Tunnel Network ···························· 10 pts.
- Lurker ······················································· 15 pts.
- Psyker (Mastery Level 1) ···························· 40 pts.
  • May take one of the following:
- Heavy spinefist ··········································· 10 pts.
- Spine banks ··············································· 10 pts.
  • May take one of the following tail biomorphs:
- Prehensile pincer ········································ 10 pts.
- Toxinspike ·················································· 10 pts.

'Ignis' Pyrovore Brood[edit]

While most Hive Fleets are content with merely leaving the Pyrovore to consume at its own leisure, its fire cannon being too inefficient for combat. However, Hive Fleet Nidhoggr would begin adapting Pyrovores to become more effective after a nearly-disastrous battle against the hordes of Hive Fleet Leviathan on the volcanic wastes of Musfell. The result was the Ignis Class Pyrovore, a breed of Pyrovore that harnessed the igneous power of magma to become capable of dissolving near-anything with its magmaspurt cannon. Although the brood is still relatively new, prospects from what few combats saw these beasts used has proven to be favorable.

COST: 50 points


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Ignis Pyrovore 3 4 4 4 3 2 3 6 4+ Beast 1 Ignis Pyrovore


  • Acid Blood
  • Acid Maw
  • Magmaspurt
Range S AP Type
Magmaspurt (Spurt) Template 6 4 Assault 1, Torrent, Soulblaze, Spurt
Magmaspurt (Blast) 18" 9 1 Heavy 1, Melta -

  • Spurt: A weapon with this rule can be used to make d3 hits in each combat subphase in place of the unit's attacks at double the wielder's Initiative.

Special rules:

  • Instinctive Behavior (Feed)
  • Tank Hunters
  • Very Bulky
  • Fireproof: Strength of all flame weapons and weapons with the Melta or Soul Blaze special rules fired at Pyrovore Brood is halved (round down).
  • Volatile: If an Ignis Pyrovore is slain by a wound that inflicted Instant Death, every unit within D6" of the slain Pyrovore (excluding Pyrovore Brood itself) suffers a Strength 4 AP- hit for each its model within that range (resolve damage as a shooting attack from the Pyrovore, before removing it as a casualty). If the Ignis Pyrovore Brood is within Synapse range, at the end of any Combat sub-phase you may choose to detonate any number of models within it - resolve it exactly as they were slain with a wound that inflicted Instant Death.


  • Mutations: (WS:-/BS:15/S:-/T:15/W:15/I:5/A:5/Ld:5/Sv:20/Psy:-/Syn:-)
  • May take up to 4 additional Ignis Pyrovores - 50 pts/model
  • May take items from the Biomorphs list.
  • May take a Tyrannocyte or Mycetic Spore as a Dedicated Transport.


Called "Commander of Flame" in the Tau language, this tyranid first appeared on a heavily defended Tau world. The Tau had taken many painstaking weeks to purge the Nidhoggr forces from their planet, utilising the heavy Riptide battle suits to clear the monstrous creatures from afar. Once every tyranid bioform had been driven back and destroyed, a single carnifex-type fell from the sky and ran directly at the weakest point in the enemy defence. The creature used a grappling hook like tentacle to grab the closest Riptide and render its range advantage moot.

Suam'O shows remarkable intelligence for a carnifex, being fit for the highly autonomous hive tendril. But when a Riptide appeal, the beast reverts to a level of rage unseen in carnifexes. It is believed that the individual was built by the Hive Mind to destroy the advantage the Tau have in range. It is also believed that sheer rage gave the creature self-awareness and synapse abilities.

(Drawing coming soon)


200 pts.

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Suam'O 9 3 9 6 4 4 3 10 3+ Monstrous Creature 1 (Unique)


  • Dragon Cannon
  • Crushing Claws
  • Hunting Tendril
Range S AP Type
Hunting Tendril 24 User 2 Tow

  • Tow: If the Hunting Tendril managed to remove hull point from vehicle or wound from monstrous creature move it 2D6" directly to Suam'O. It makes another tendril attack if the target is pulled through cover and 50% chance to lose hold of the model. When the model reaches the biomorph, the user of the biomorph counts as having charged and deals D3 Hammer of Wrath Attacks.

Special Rules:

  • Fearless
  • Synapse
  • Instinctive Behaviour (Feed)
  • Living Battering Ram: When this model charges, it inflicts D3 Hammer of Wrath Attacks, rather than just 1.
  • Kaiju: This model gains a +2 bonus to attack vs Walker vehicles (dreadnoughts, battlesuits etc)
  • Preferred Enemy (Tau)
  • Blot in the Hive Mind: Suam'O's rage is so great it inspires creatures within its synapse range. They get a a +1 bonus to AP vs vehicles and add 2" to their total movement.
  • Flames of Rage: Every model within the Dragon Cannon's template is affected by Phosphorus Markers and the area becomes rough terrain for one round.
  • Aims for the Weapons Models in base contact take a -1 permanent penalty to BS and Walkers take 1d3
  • Hot-Blooded: Suam'O's rage is a terrifying weapon in its own right. It automatically issues challenges when using the Hunting Tendril.


  • Mutations: (WS:10/BS:15/S:5/T:20/W:15/I:10/A:20/Ld:10/Sv:30/Psy:-/Syn:-)
  • Any model may take items from the Monstrous Bio-cannons and Biomorphs lists.
  • Any model may take any of the following:
- Pyroclastic Hide ................................ 10 pts
  • 5 more pts to include plasma weaponry
- Spine banks ······································ 5 pts
- Bio-plasma ······································ 20 pts
  • Any model may take one of the following tail biomorphs:
- Thresher scythe ································ 10 pts/model
- Bone mace ······································· 15 pts/model
  • The unit may take a Mycetic Spore or Tyrannocyte as a Dedicated Transport if it have two or less models.

Magma Corer[edit]

See that page.

(Apparently once a real Nid unit, but disused by other Hive Fleets)


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