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Hochland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Aldebrand Ludenhof
Province capital Hergig
Runefang Goblin Bane
Specialties Marksmen and forest skirmishes
Commerce Timber, hunting and tourism
Primary military colours Red and Green

Hochland is a very heavily forested province in the center of the Empire and is well known for its hunting, timber and hordes of mental goat people, as the forest that makes up most of the province is the god damn Drakwald.

Hochlanders and their Culture[edit]

Hochlanders are pretty friendly, as their province is heavily traveled by people crossing or visiting so are a pretty nice bunch of people to be around, though other provinces have suggested that this if from open-eyed naivete because Sigmar forbid someone in the Empire is just nice to other people. Hunting is very popular in Hochland and most of the population take part in it, both for sport and so they can eat something other than turnips or rats and so the province has grown a reputation for game and sport hunting.

Hochland is pretty diverse in the gods worshipped, as Taal and Rhya are obviously both very popular due to the forests covering the province, but a significant following of Ulric and Sigmar can also be found throughout the province. This has purposely been done by the Hochlanders to try and attract religious pilgrims and tourists of all people to come to the province and spend their money, as they don't have the open spaces to raise cattle and can't rely on their timber and pelt trade alone, so they needed to try and attract tourists to visit their dark, miserable, Beastmen and Goblin infested province. And it worked. Hochland has lots of inns and travel services, which provide and have lots of sites which bless pilgrims, and even groups of men who arrange hunting trips for rich Nobles from other provinces.


The province capital and a relatively small city like most of the cites in Hochland are, it is walled with artillery and multiple arrow slits and embrasures to make use of ranged weapons during sieges. The city has a small college of magic, so is capable of training their own wizards and has a quarry nearby that produces the stone for rebuilding and repairing the city. There is also a small population of Dwarfs who live in the city, giving their services as black smiths, inventors, engineers and masons for the city and its residents.


Fantastic trackers and hunters but with all that Christmas red on their uniforms, they're not great at hiding

Hochlands armies differ from most of the empire's armies found in other provinces like Reikland and Ostland, since its military is primarily suited for small skirmishes and forest fighting, rather than the large open battles that would take place elsewhere in the Empire. This is primarily due to the large forests that cover most of the province that grows thick and dark making the movement of large blocks of infantry and cavalry next to impossible and so smaller units with quick-moving marksmen to support them became necessary specialization. And since most Hochlanders hunt, both for food and to control the local pests, bowmen and Handgunner make up a significant portion of Hochlands forces, with those of particular skill making use of the Hochland Long rife. Officially called "Leon Todmeister's Fantabulously Far-reaching Harquebus of Unforeseeable and Unperceived Bereavement", this is a muzzle-loaded sniper which is typically given to the leader or most skilled member of a Handgunner regiment, and then used by the Hochlanders (and other Empire forces, but mostly the Hochlanders) to target the leaders of enemy armies, such as Goblin bosses and Beastlords, and put a 42 bore lead ball between their fucking eyes.

The Drakwald patrols[edit]

Due to the amount of nasty wildlife in the Drakwald, Hochland has dedicated forces that patrol the roads between towns and constantly enter the forests to cull populations of Beastmen and Forest Goblins. The patrols are primarily made up of Halberdiers, with other state troopers backing them up, primarily Handgunner and Archer regiments. The patrols also make use of artillery, such as Mortars and a few Hellstorm rockets to lay down a blanket of "get fucked" to any approaching enemy forces. This artillery is quickly set up by horses and fires a volley or two, before being moved again to get new firing angles at parts of the enemy forces and to avoid getting charged.


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