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This page is a general index for Hordes tactics pages.

General Tactics[edit]

Look at the Warmachine/Tactics page. There shouldn't be so many differences between the two systems expect Beasts vs. Jacks and Fury vs. Focus. The games are cross compatible and both Hordes and Warmachine are balanced against each other.

Starting a Hordes army[edit]

Read up on the factions and find the one that most appeals to you: note that each faction can play multiple army archetypes ('Beast heavy, infantry heavy, attrition, etc.), although most factions are better suited to certain archetypes than others (e.g. Trolls and Skorne for infantry heavy army).

Unless you've played before and have a definitive idea of what you want, buy your faction's battlebox (or the two-player starter if you're looking to play Circle/Legion and have a friend to split it with) and learn the ropes. Once you have some idea about what you're doing, you can start building up to 35/50 points (or whatever your group plays normally).

A common question is what books to buy: Hordes rulebooks work in an anthology format, which means that every year or two a new book comes out with models and rules for each faction. The current released books:

  • Hordes Primal Mk II/mini rulebook from the two-player starter: Both the original and mini rulebooks contain the basic game rules, while the full-size rulebook also includes some basic background fluff as well as a listing of a number of models/units for each faction. (Note that all the models listed in the main rulebook are also listed in their respective "Forces of" books as well.)
    • Another Note: All units come with a card listing their rules and stats, as such The main rulebook is really all you need if you're not into the fluff.
  • Forces of Hordes:(Your Faction Here): Roughly equivalent to a 40k/Fantasy codex. Contains the faction's background information, model/unit stats, warlock tier lists and a short story that will probably make zero sense to you if you haven't been following the fluff since Mk I (downside of having fluff that actually goes somewhere). These books contain the lion's share of a faction's playable models, so if you're debating between this book and the anthology books below grab this one first.
  • Hordes Domination: Introduces Battle Engines and their rules.
  • Hordes Gargantuans: Introduces Gargantuans and their rules. Also includes the rules for Unbound, Hordes's Apocalypse equivalent that no one plays because no one has the time.