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Horizon is a line of five RPGs from Fantasy Flight Games that make use of the D20/Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition PHB and DMG to play. In essence, each is a short "campaign gazetteer" covering the bare minimum of fluff and the necessary special rules to play in the setting. Rare and obscure, you can probably torrent 'em if you go looking hard enough.


Grimdark RPG where your PCs are kids exploring a seriously fucked up fairytale world. A crazy sort of place where an insane, undead Humpty Dumpty is an evil overlord and Rapunzel went back to her tower after her marriage failed, only for the tower to kill her and now use her hair (still attached to her spider-infested corpse) to lure kids inside it to eat them. Somehow, this got so popular it got spun off into its own RPG game.


It's Transformers with the serial numbers filed off. Do you really need to know any more? The rules are convulated, but the default fluff actually is kind of nifty. Of course, we all know you'd rather run a straight up Transformers D20 game than use it.


Post-apocalyptic setting that basically revolves around using vehicles to travel at high speed through the wasteland without getting killed. Sort of Fallout meets Mad Max.


Low-magic fantasy setting mixed with the Wild Western. No 9 level spellcasters here; you get a select few spell-like abilities via the Brands system, and you can't multiclass 'em. On the awesome side, it includes pretty decent D20 rules for Western-grade guns and the fluff is actually pretty cool. Oh, and it's got a race of carnivorous killer horse-things as new mounts. On the downside, there's only one new race, and that's anthro wolf totally-not-American-Indians called the Gray Runners, who sort of rip-off the Lupins.


Because of the low-magic setting, spellcasting classes in Spellslinger are replaced by "Brands", which are mini-classes; you give up your first level to take 1 Brand, which affects your class skills and hit dice, but gives you access to magical abilities based on that Brand, which you gain at the appropriate levels - your secondary class is "counted as" for levels, so a Magi 1/Gunslinger 9 is treated as a 10th level Magi. Three Brands directly correlate to the original classes; for these, you need to take the "X Circle" feats to give yourself spells (1st Circle for 1st level spells, through to 5th Circle for their most powerful (5th level) spells, and they all cast spontaneously and without the need for material components. The other Brands just have access to feats that build upon their magical traits.

All Branded characters need to display their stigma, the physical manifestation of their magical talent, before they can use their powers.

Blackhands are anti-mages, marked by a jet-black hand and the innate ability to detect magic, bestow the Magekiller property to weapons, and resist spells. Any weapon a Blackhand wields counts as a Magekiller, but they can bestow this ability temporarily on other weapons by smearing them with their own blood. Feats augment them with the ability to cast Greater Dispel Magic, augmenting that trait, permanently draining the magic from enchanted items to heal themselves, and increased spell resistance.

Magi correlate to the Wizard class of old; marked by a milky-white "evil eye", they can detect magic at will and are the only Brand to have cantrip spells. Magi spells focus on destruction, mind control and unnatural forms of travel. Their feats augment their evil eye, allowing them to hypnotise others, unleash bursts of force, and see through illusions.

Padres are the legacy of the Cleric class; welcomed wherever they go, the "divine spark" (a flame-like birthmark on the forehead) is a welcome sign, as they have an innate healing touch and the ability to bless allies and their own weapons, even without acquiring Padre spells. Padre spells focus on healing, cleansing and empowering. Their feats augment their healing touch and blessing abilities, and allow them to scry via mirrors.

Pale Riders are the closest things in the Spellslinger universe to Necromancers. Marked by a blatant ghost-white handprint on their face, they can kill with a touch, have a terrifying glance, and can summon ghostly steeds to ride them, hence the name. They can gain the ability to sense life and death at will via a feat, but most of their feats focus on improving their killing touch and ghostly steed.

Skinwalkers are the Druid counterpart to the Magi and Padres; a crescent moon mark is present on their forehead at all times, and even when shapeshifted, they can't get rid of it. They have lesser shapeshifting abilities, akin to the Alter Self spell. Skinwalker spells focus on animal, plant and a handful of elemental magics. They use their feats to augment their ability to shapeshift, mainly to turn into animals and talk to animals.

Steelhearts are marked by a large hammer-print birthmark on their chests and have a preternatural affinity for metal and technology. Working metal comes naturally to them, whether to make things, fix things, or even break things, and they have the inherent ability to create magical items despite not casting spells. They can acquire feats to heat metal with a touch and turn their skin into super-hard steel.

Gray Runners[edit]

These are basically expies of the "tribal" Lupins of Mystara, and it shows. They're described as 6-7ft tall humanoid wolves, similar to gnolls or hybrid-form werewolves, though sleeker and more graceful than either race. Their culture is basically a mix of Amerindian and lupine stereotypes.

+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +4 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence
Medium Sized
Base Speed of 40 feet
Weapon Familiarity: Treat Tomahawks as Brawling weapons rather than as Exotic weapons
Track by Scent
Bite Attack: 1d6+Strength bonus
+4 Racial Bonus to Knowledge (The Pack) checks
Nature's Brotherhood: GSpells with the Natural descriptor cast by Gray Runners ignore Spell Resistance and cannot be dispelled
Level Adjustment: +1


Ever heard of a Disney movie called "Tron"? Ever wanted to RP life as one of the programs inside? Well, this game will fill that craving.