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Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee.

Hornets are a light scout vehicle used for reconnaissance missions and hit-and-run attacks. They usually operate alongside Eldar Jetbikes and Vypers and act as a spearhead for armored assaults.

Operating in squadrons of one to three craft, the Hornets are the Eldar personification of speed, which is quite an accomplishment when it comes to Eldar warfare. Star Engines combined with its aerodynamic structure give this craft amazing straight-line speed. How fast are they? They are reported to travel up to 600km/h, which is enough to allow for limited short-range atmospheric flight. Hornet pilots will have typically served time piloting jetbikes and Vypers beforehand, making them masters of high-speed combat.

Hornets are usually equipped with twin Shuriken Cannons or Scatter Lasers for usage against infantry while against heavier infantry they may swap it out with twin Starcannons or Eldar Missile Launchers. For the occasional tank hunting, the Hornet will use twin Pulse Lasers or Bright Lances. Some Hornets are also upgraded to include a Holo-Field, Spirit Stones and Vectored Engines for extra power and protection.

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