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Horo, in all of her glory.

Horo, known also as Leman Russ, is a character from the Japanese light novel/anime/manga series Spice and Wolf. Although her original form is that of a giant wolf the size of a house, she spends the majority of her time as a 10% furry wolfgirl, possessing the ability to return to her wolf form by ingesting blood or grain. She is a minor goddess and, for a time, she was worshipped by a farming village and presided over their harvests. (though actually, she denies that she is a goddess and doesnt want to be worshiped as such, not unlike Our Manly Man-peror) The onset of more modern agricultural techniques and the spread of Christianity, however, leads the villagers to abandon and even resent her. She thus determines to return to her homeland in the north, and engages the services of the travelling merchant Kraft Lawrence in this endeavour, whereupon they have wacky commercial adventures and make many successful Bluff/Disguise checks involving ears, tails, and marital status.

Horo is sometimes associated with the Space Wolves chapter of the Space Marines, since they have a massive hard-on for wolves and her wolf form is rather similar to the Fenrisian wolves that live on the Space Wolves' home planet.

It is theorized by some people that Horo is, in fact, Leman Russ after getting lost in the Warp. Another thing with which fans are often trolled is the fact that most to all fan art of Horo involves her being naked, when perhaps seven panels in the entire first half of the series (or 10 minutes, if you watched the show) have her anything other than fully clothed. Guess why?


  • Horo also means bitch or ho in Finnish.
  • Her name is properly spelled/pronounced "Holo". Japanese has no “L” sound and makes do with an “R”, which fans tend to forget (like constantly calling Naruto’s son “Boruto” when that’s just an accented way of saying “Bolt”, bet it looks mocking/stupid to actual Japanese). Of course an “R” in Japanese is usually just that and not a ninja “L”. According to Yen Press, the author and original editorial staff insist that "Holo" is the proper spelling. Source
  • To be fair, the very fact this page exist is proof of the work's popularity. That, and the OBSCENE amounts of fan-art. And of course the relation to Russ.
  • Horo is less of an asshole than 95% of Gods.


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