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Aximand after getting his face chopped off by a samurai...

"You always were the wrong Horus."

– Garviel Loken, right before ramming his chainsword through Aximand’s sternum

Horus "Little Horus" Aximand was Fifth Captain of the Sons of Horus legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy and a member of the Mournival, alongside Garviel Loken, Tarik Torgaddon, and Ezekyle Abaddon. His sobriquet came from the fact that, while all his fellow Sons of Horus looked like dear old dad, he had the greatest resemblance to him.

Known as a level-headed and wise Astartes despite his gloomy demeanor, Aximand earned his place as Fifth Captain and later as part of the Mournival during the Great Crusade, fighting in many battles, including the Compliance of Sixty-Three-Nineteen and on Murder against the Megarachnids. While Aximand was loyal to the ideals of the Emperor, he was corrupted by the warrior lodges within the XVI Legion and followed his primarch to damnation at the hands of Chaos.

During the Battle of Istvaan III he killed Tarik Torgaddon in a duel, which caused him to experience the closest thing to PTSD a Space Marine could feel, as he was thereafter haunted by the fact that he'd murdered one of his closest friends and witnessed the death of another (or so he thought). Later on the planet Dwell he got his entire fucking FACE sliced off by Hibou Khan of the White Scars in an attempt at Chogorian plastic surgery. After getting it reattached (getting his face stitched back on only increasing the resemblance), he hopped on the party bus to Terra. During the fighting within the Saturnine Wall, he was killed to death by Loken, who impaled and eviscerated Aximand with a chainsword, and in a display of extremely satisfying dickery, hoisted Aximand up as he was still stuck on said chainsword and revved the motor.


  • You have probably noticed the disproportionate size of his blade. Forged on Cthonia, it was a relic power sword known as Mourn-it-all. Following his death on Terra, Loken took up the weapon.
  • He was one of the few who was able to wound Sigismund in a duel. Though this is also entirely offset by the fact that he first surrounded Sigismund with fresh Sons of Horus, waiting for them to tire out and wound him before intending to swoop in for the kill. Even with all that, Aximand still failed to kill Sigismund, even getting his hand sliced off in the attempt. (To be fair, Fafnir Rahn and reinforcements teleported in to rescue him. Even then they could not retake the ship and are forced to teleport out.) Wait, why was this cool again? Hey... Attempting to stack the odds in his favor, yet still failing in his objective, and losing his hand in the process? He's just one top knot and lost hand away from mirroring another certain armless member of the Mournival...


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